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  1. Phil’s being positive 😮, and you guys are breaking his balls
  2. It’s definitely not a running league you need Oline and receivers, and interchangeable YOUNG backs last back to win a SB mvp was 20 years ago in the last 10 years how many champs had a stud rb, off the top of my head going to guess M Lynch, all I can think of or whoever has L Blount
  3. I feel like Powell and Crowell have been the few bright spots on offense dont get this at all
  4. I didn’t want to laugh at this, because I’m genuinely worried about him but I couldn’t help it
  5. Obrien2Toon

    Interior D tackles

    But Oliver is another interior lineman
  6. Obrien2Toon

    Interior D tackles

    I kind of agree with you but why would you want Oliver then
  7. Cleveland’s D made Big Ben and Brees look bad he’ll be fine
  8. Obrien2Toon

    Todd Haley in 2019

    I’m in! Sans Bell
  9. He was pissed who cares he’s getting better and better each week and is clearly our best player
  10. Obrien2Toon

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    Not his biggest fan but thought he had a good game he controlled the line of scrimmage, often pushing the Oline back into the RB or QB Jenkins also surprised me, looked great Yeah, Johnson is way over priced D wasn’t the problem tonight, just got wore down by the end of the game.
  11. Damn Adams might not have the greatest 40 times but he plays fast
  12. It was the right decision, and what I wanted but I’m still very surprised

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