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  1. Obrien2Toon

    Would you trade our #1 next year...

    It wouldn’t be bad for us, don’t get why people think it’s a bad idea but can’t see Miami doing this
  2. Obrien2Toon

    Trading out making less sense

    If Bosa is there, definitely stay and take him but I’m not sold on allen and if you really have to take another DT, trade back and take Oliver, who I think is going to be better than Williams
  3. Obrien2Toon

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    Without Barr, Paradis, this is a 4-6 win team with or without Bell
  4. Obrien2Toon

    Lee A Goner

    He was the guy I was most excited to see what Williams could do with
  5. Obrien2Toon

    Thoughts on Jonah Williams with #3 overall?

    I’m good with it
  6. What was julio’s 3 cone we know Metcalf’s was a disaster
  7. Oliver will run in the 4.6’s at his pro day he’s the Donald clone, not Williams
  8. Every time I watched Iowa this year, he was the one you noticed. I didn’t even know who Hockensen was. It was all Fant though he did have some concussion issues, and they made it sound like his brother was a pain in the ass, and wouldn’t let him play because of it someone that knows Iowa football better would have to provide the details
  9. Obrien2Toon

    Can you guys come and join hands..

    Big, stiff, straight line speed that’s very injury prone I’ll pass
  10. Doesn’t he get hurt all the time
  11. I remember a long, long time ago, you said you looked like josh grobans, if Grobans was locked in a basement for a month and only fed jack Daniels and ice cream. And hobbled with a limp So that’s what I always pictured you as in my head
  12. Mac drafting a mid round WR, what could go wrong
  13. Obrien2Toon

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    Yeah Allen finished ahead of Darnold in just about every rating system, though Darnold did finish strong and the knuckle heads on here keep laughing at Allen, I almost want him to succeed as much I want Darnold to
  14. Obrien2Toon

    Calvin Johnson

    Oliver is better
  15. Obrien2Toon

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Best- Faneca worst- Revis

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