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  1. The players on the line are bad we can all agree, but this goes way beyond that there is something very schematically wrong with Gase’s offense ive never seen so many guys coming in unblocked they arent beating blocks, there’s just no one there to block them and this isn’t just Belichick’s genius at work, this has been going on all season
  2. Ump doing what he can to get the Yanks back in it
  3. How many WRs does each team need? seems like a heavy WR draft
  4. By far that charger game totally blown away shocked it went against everything I knew as a jet fan winning that game
  5. It hurts my heart when JiF and tomshane fight like that
  6. We finally get a franchise QB and the league becomes unwatchable fml
  7. He’s only 22 and has a Bradyesque makeup not too many I can think of that I would take over him long term
  8. That channel was on this morning because it had the Yankee game last night only reason I would watch that show but you are absolutely right, he looked and sounded a mess what happened to him since he left espn i mean he always sucked, but now he looks senial
  9. It’s bittersweet because now we know what we have in darnold, if mac was just a bad GM and not the worst GM of the last decade, we’d be right in contention with anyone
  10. Not sure if it’s because of the injury or not but he needs to be on the field more good things happen when he’s out there

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