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  1. Whatever it takes right??

    This would actually be a great draft
  2. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    I figured this was a post bumped from 2016
  3. Second overall pick is...

    Feel the same except should be Rosen
  4. First overall pick is...

    I think Rosen is the top qb, but it sounds like he’s falling so I take Barkley at 1, and get Rosen at 4
  5. I’m pretty sure they did their homework, and knew whoever it is they want, wouldn’t be there at 6
  6. 2018 Top Ten Average Salaries By Position

    For me, I was surprised the disparity in the numbers wasn’t more and makes it seem like you should take the difference maker, regardless of position the difference between corner and safety is only 3 mil
  7. I think it’s pretty clear to anyone who watched all 4, he’s the safest most pro ready of all them and by a long shot. i think it’s smoke and mirrors that all the off field stuff is scaring teams off.
  8. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    Knowing Mac, he’ll trade back 10 picks for an additional 5-6 rounder. then draft someone projected to go in the 5th round. and both will be out of the league in 3 years
  9. This is good id just reverse Rosen and Darnold on both i give Rosen virtually zero chance of busting, he’s just way too polished though Allen and Darnold both have a higher ceiling
  10. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    Most overrated player in NFL history
  11. This makes it look like it’s a 1 QB draft
  12. Happy birthday, slats