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  1. Don’t over think this one you know when you see it
  2. He is scum then he would’ve been the first one saying to ban the guy from the league for putting his hands on a woman
  3. All my favorite memories are from when I was a kid in 80’s and 90’s but S Greene’s clinching td run against the Chargers always sticks in my head it was one of those omg, we’re actually going to do it moments, after you’ve been let down by the team your whole life
  4. Nobody’s going to recognize the nfl players getting away in their Lamborghini sounds like he likes to gamble, but not to lose
  5. He was a guy who I always thought was overrated, until he got here and you got to see him every week and how good he was at so many things, even at the end of his career
  6. This is exactly how I think this is going to go
  7. No. But not because of health reasons i would still go to MLB games, just don’t enjoy the NFL in person
  8. I was wondering why every team doesn’t do this with their free agents
  9. We went WR in the 2nd round some say his hands aren’t too sound it will be a bitter pill when he’s the second coming of Stephen Hill

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