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  1. Am I misremembering him acting like a semi lunatic, and always yelling and needing to be held back when he was the dc of the niners?
  2. Wonder in the history of the trade deadline, how many teams with an under .400 winning%, made trades to add players
  3. Was the Hack pick that much worse than the Morgan pick?
  4. Do we take into account who they could’ve had instead Because guys with decent careers, so not technically busts come to mind obrien K Brady farrior- a whole another story Maye
  5. Refs 2 favorite teams playing having a hard time deciding who to cheat for
  6. We’ll get a bunch of those cheap wins at the end of this year when the teams who thought they might be good this year, but aren’t, start giving up and we keep playing hard because of the excitement of a new staff, QB, etc, just like the 19 Jets
  7. Was watching a betting show prior to the game on fs1, and two of the guys best bets of the night were over 22 for the Eagles Even though the statistics show it’s smart to go for 2 down 14, hardly ever do you see a team do it and then the eagles do it last night to get to 22 Thought it was interesting
  8. Nfl fans= amateur hour, nye partiers
  9. Where’s the option where you wouldn’t have drafted him in the first place and took Fields
  10. So Toney is everything we thought Moore was going to be
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