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  1. How many years are we going to continue with this narrative before we finally admit he’s not stud. A good player, yes, but not a star If all you had to do is double guys, which when i watch he never is, why are guys like Donald, still dominating
  2. They really need a coaching change
  3. Calvin Pryor ~ ~ ~

    Kyle Wilson
  4. Because Misery Loves Company...

    Not me i do not want them getting whoever the top qb prospect is deemed to be after the draft process the guy we were supposed to get
  5. Thank you Vets!!!

    Was that ship still out of Mayport back then? I was on the Gettysburg (cg-64) 96-00 Simpson was by us
  6. Kapernick: a way out

    Can you prove there wasn’t collusion against Tebow? It was just nobody thought he was worth the headache. Same with Kap They have to prove collusion, not the other way around
  7. If those are the options, I’d pass on them too
  8. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    Gambling Ill still sit and watch all day on saturdays always loved college more anyway. Sundays only check on games I bet, and come on here for the meltdowns, TomShane posts
  9. Bill Cowher's Wife is a Huge Jet Fan

    Think this is more meant towards the giants as far as Cowher goes, Tomlin, who I think is a horrendous coach, has come in and done just as well Its all about the foundation they have there from ownership down. Anyone will go in there and win
  10. Honestly in today’s nfl when everyone sucks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went 7-0 or 0-7 Whos the best team in the nfl? Maybe the eagles, would you really be shocked if we beat them.
  11. Worst Coaching year

    What’s the common thing between the two? They both went out and spent a boat load of money in free agency. Guys got paid, got lazy, and imploded soon as things started going bad
  12. Is this the Gastineau that’s the movie star?