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  1. I never like drafting corners in the first round but Stingley is the best college corner I’ve seen since Deion Slovis is super physically limited, he’s a college qb and nothing more. Can’t believe he has him going 2nd overall. He was basically a preferred walk on
  2. Not many top qbs anymore after the top 5 it’s a crap shoot
  3. Smart money would be on Becton and be Becton every year of his career I think he’ll be perennially hurt, mixed in with HOF play throughout his career
  4. Yeah, Brunell, Mccown, Fitz did wonders for our other young QBs
  5. He’s 400 lbs, he’s going to be hurt all the time just hope he can play through most of it and be in the field more than not, in his somewhat short career-7-8 years the obvious reason to why Wirfs was the pick
  6. Make sure you call it Taylor ham in newark pork roll is a southern jersey thing
  7. Are we ranking how good the player is/was or how big a bust were they? Im confused
  8. If you have to stay close to the trains take the path from Newark penn to Harrison, the next town over and stay at the element hotel. Really nice hotel im very, very familiar with this area
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