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  1. Obrien2Toon

    NFL Eliminates Single-Header TV Rule

    I only watch red zone when the jets aren’t playing anyway
  2. Obrien2Toon

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    A Glenn being the best?
  3. Obrien2Toon

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Victor Green Kyle Clifton and of course Freeman McNeil was one of the best backs of all time
  4. Obrien2Toon

    Is the real.winner here ....

    I get the feeling Mac knew he was in way over his head as a GM
  5. Obrien2Toon


    I love polls
  6. Obrien2Toon

    Gase and Bell - what an idiot Gase is

    Bell was a bad signing and Gase is out of his mind we’re going to waste at least the first 5 years of Darnold, and if the Johnsons don’t sell or learn anything, probably his whole career
  7. Obrien2Toon

    Top 5 best Jets Backup QBs

    Rick mirer browning nagle
  8. Obrien2Toon

    Would you trade a 1st round pick for a Top GM?

    Should’ve hired Dorsey when he became available
  9. Obrien2Toon

    Jachai Polite

    Quit on team and tried to recruit other players to do the same Yikes!!!
  10. Obrien2Toon

    Mission: Get Sam Darnold a hot, rich wife!

    He seems like the type that will marry his high school sweetheart
  11. They were rolling at the end fricking Mirer didnt tupa start a game too, he was even better than Mirer that was the most depressing season, and rollercoaster, with how well they finished
  12. Obrien2Toon

    MailBag - jets edition ~ ~ ~

    That Jets-Raider collaboration idea was interesting
  13. Obrien2Toon

    Fat Mike Fran

    Rangers, he hates the islanders, even though he’s from Long Island and his son in law is an islander

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