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  1. It says one will be the HC and the other the OC or am I reading it wrong
  2. Wow I didn’t know that about the schedule so maybe they weren’t so bad
  3. Obrien2Toon

    Next HC and Next GM — who ya got?

    All in on Harbaugh but did you really say Reece and turner?!?!
  4. Obrien2Toon

    This is an all time low!

    First Tomshane dies and now this i can’t take anymore!!!
  5. Obrien2Toon

    Joe McKnight's son...

    Who are the other 2 in the photo That’s White to the left right
  6. Yep, finally have a QB to match the rest of the talent everywhere else
  7. Obrien2Toon

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    Herm is still the worst in my book
  8. This is on the Johnsons, instead of hiring “consultants” with no skin in the game, you hire a VP to make these hires.
  9. Obrien2Toon

    The REAL Idiot

    I thought Morton was really good last year still not sure why they got rid of him
  10. Obrien2Toon

    Gambling thread

    Washington Texans Chargers Rams Pats
  11. Obrien2Toon

    Bruce Irvin to be released.

    Now this one makes sense for us
  12. Obrien2Toon

    TOP 10 Worst Jet Losses of All Time

    86 browns was the worst for me maybe because I was 8 and cared more back then, and cried
  13. Obrien2Toon

    Kirby Smart

    A lot easier at the college level

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