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  1. All I remember from his horrific tenure here was many, many men in motion
  2. Obrien2Toon

    McCown says Darnold is the right QB for the job

    What did he say about Hackenberg?
  3. My childhood was wasted on Walton and Coslet Herm was still the worst I’ve ever saw and that includes Kotite
  4. Obrien2Toon

    July Madness sign up

  5. Obrien2Toon

    Madden Rookie Ratings.(Darnold got snubbed)

    Feel like Barkley got snubbed
  6. Don’t want McCown anywhere near the field if Bridgewater is as good as they are saying start him, until we’re out of it, then darnold if Bridgewater is done, start Darnold day 1
  7. Obrien2Toon

    Waldman on Duck's imperfect mechanics

    Ha! Darnold Duck I never realized that
  8. What’s the deal with Pryor? People seem to hate him everywhere
  9. Obrien2Toon

    Duke Johnson Contract

    I like Johnson a lot more than Crowell
  10. Knew Cincy would be on there but at least they take shots on discipline guys during the draft and hit on some of them we stay away from them and still end up with sh!tbags
  11. Obrien2Toon

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    I like herndon and leggett but neither of them can block
  12. Obrien2Toon

    Excellent Bucky Brooks Article

    Probably 2 of my favorite players in college and draft process, but Vaccaro’s been a bust, and Badger’s done, his knees are shot
  13. Wasn’t his story also his father was a brick layer and used to toss him bricks to help, and that’s how he got such soft hands
  14. Somewhat disappointing career so far far from a bust and there’s still hope for bigger things