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  1. Who was the one guy that was a great KR for us and then went to the Skins? Morton or something?
  2. What did Cuban predict the NFL would implode in 10 years because of their greediness, about 5 years ago that dude is a genius theyre right on schedule
  3. I always root for them against the Giants every team against the Giants
  4. Kind of shocking that everyone doesn’t have the Castle Domain law i mean do we actually need a law for that
  5. Saw somewhere that Jenkins might be gone
  6. McGuire is just a bad player dont think Powell has anything left Cannon at least has some potential
  7. I was 8 for that one, and my brother still reminds me how I cried myself to sleep that night havent been that upset about a game since
  8. Ages 8-15 was the peak of my fandom gradually gone down since
  9. Seattle, his last year in league

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