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  1. I tend to agee with this when we had a competent Qb in there (Flacco), the line was pretty decent
  2. 2 guys that were on absolutely no other teams list of top 5 potential GMs
  3. I would only do that for Smith Or Pitts, but won’t be enough for him
  4. 3 straight drafts and only Maye left and he’s my least favorite pick of them all because he’s not Dalvin Cook
  5. No, no, no honestly I equate the corner position with the rb position now a days you can have prime revis and Deion and it doesn’t make a difference without a pass rush with today’s league rules plus our history of going D in first round 14 of the last 16 years or whatever it is and our recent history of ruining a top rated rookie QB by not building an offense around him i want O with the first 4 picks, maybe I can stomach a pass rusher, but not a corner
  6. Seems like the value at #23 is going to be a corner which is a huge no-no for me would love a move up for smith seems reasonable, for Pitts will be too much
  7. I like those that was always my favorite logo on the helmet i like white helmets though how about that logo in green on a white helmet
  8. My dream scenario would be trade down to 4 with Atlanta or whoever trades up to Atlanta pick take fields, then move up with those picks to get Pitts Fields/ Pitts
  9. I keep seeing D Smith dropping in mocks seeing around the 12 pick if he really falls there, would love a trade up with all these pick we have for the next 2 years
  10. Mine had to be O’Brien, Glenn, Clifton, McNeil, toon closest as an adult was probably chrebet
  11. When I was a kid I always wanted them to make it for that 2 week lead up to the game Everyone talking about your team for 2 weeks
  12. I have it Lawrence Fields Jones Wilson Lance this is coming from a guy who has Rosen first in the 17 class, so.....
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