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  1. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    Rg3 was a lot better
  2. So we avoid possible disciplinary problems like the plague during the draft but after a few years of proving they are a problem, we try to trade for them
  3. My 10 Favorite Jets Players from my youth

    I got all of them except the CB with the Cartoon Network name
  4. My 10 Favorite Jets Players from my youth

    Mcneil glenn clifton toon shuler obrien gastineau v green Walker hector m jones baxter vick leahy sweeny byrd
  5. Free Agency & Draft Mock 2018

    Bruce Ellington???
  6. Kiper's BIG Board

    Not arguing either way but if you listen to interviews from their coaching staff, and read between the lines, they prefer Allen to Wentz
  7. I’d still prefer to draft a QB but not going to lie, this has me a little excited
  8. Vick was a once in a lifetime athlete Jackson isn’t
  9. If everything falls perfectly for Jackson, he’s what, a Vick type. A guy who had a 2-4 playoff record for his career. And Jackson isn’t close to the talent that Vick was
  10. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Vikings or Jax Would’ve been Cards if Arians didn’t retire
  11. Kiper's BIG Board

    McGlinchey’s going to get abused by pro pass rushers and is a future RT with cement feet
  12. Say the Brown's sign Cousins

    That winning culture we established this year > this year and next years #1, a #2 and #4