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  1. Let’s not everyone here jump on the Costello bandwagon like they did with Falk Leach can do this with anyone
  2. Rattler looked horrible the last few drives
  3. Have to get 3 first rounders if I’m giving up the rights to draft the top prospect in a decade
  4. A lot of the ones when I was a kid hurt the most, because you care more back then the 86 season loss to the browns sticks out But has to be Vinny T achilles, one time in my life when we were the best team in the league heading into a season, and it was over in a second
  5. Wow, I never heard that story just looked it up
  6. https://1045theteam.com/qb-coach-jordan-palmer-expects-big-things-from-christian-hackenberg-audio/
  7. Any reason for optimism that Cam Clark will be any better?
  8. Sam had one good year his sophmore year maybe it was just a nice hot streak and this is what he is
  9. I’m guessing you were also in favor of the Bell signing and if JD did what you wanted, we’d be saddled with 3-4 similar “Bell” contracts for the next 3-4 years just to go 7-9 JD has a plan, it’s going to be long and painful to get there, but he’ll get there

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