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  1. Airport guy got slapped a few times before he slapped the nfl guy not sure why the first video put out starts with the airport guy slapping him, when the same video started 10 seconds earlier with the nfl player starting it
  2. Becton is a huge part of the reason why I’m not excited for this draft Douglass had Wirfs handed to him, everyone here wanted Wirfs. and now here we are 2 years later possibly taking a LT with a top 5 pick get rid of him, just like Maye always reminded me of not taking Cook, Becton will always be a bad reminder id take a second and be very happy with that
  3. First team all pro Tristan Wirfs
  4. Always thought will smith was a good dude who just married a horrible person thought similar of Whitney Houston
  5. Wanted Tony Brackens so bad with that second rounder
  6. L Bell T Johnson Revis part 2 cromartie part 2 j mccareins d mason
  7. Idzick also had this same plan idzick also couldn’t draft joe has been slightly better hopefully he keeps progressing
  8. I thought the story with Olave was great route runner, not as physically gifted as the other guys it that’s true, this time just blew that out of the water and he’s going top 10
  9. I think the baseball is dying is a myth amongst us 30-50 year olds Yourh baseball is booming in nj, there’s 20+ facilities within a half hour of my house, with multiple new ones opening up every year kids aren’t playing football and are playing year round baseball, basketball, and soccer instead
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