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  1. I’ve been completely surprised by Bell the person great guy, and teammate, good player who can do a lot of things but it seems clear to me that Powell fits better with this offense
  2. I think of this scene so many times on here
  3. Are you saying firing Marvin Lewis was a bad move?
  4. The weight room thing is a little silly they don’t lift at Bama? the big jump is your freshman year at college with a real strength program. hell the Bama strength and conditioning coach makes more than most NFL assistants for a reason
  5. Saw 2 plays he was rushing off the edge and of course he looked extremely slow there
  6. Pretty sure if Rhule does want to still come to the nfl, that he’s going to make about double what he would’ve and he’ll be able to pick his own staff
  7. A win has him crawling out from wherever he’s been hiding all season The embarrassment of yelling at everyone all preseason about what an awesome roster this is must’ve worn off

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