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  1. I’ve definitely seen enough of berrios on punts
  2. I’d try to find a playmaking lb or maybe a safety these guys drop in drafts because of position value hopefully you get a Parsons and not a D Lee
  3. Can’t help but think we’d be 9-2 at worst if he started the whole season
  4. I’ve seen enough of berrios give all his plays to moore and punt returning, no more automatic fair catches from berrios
  5. I’ve never seen a guy take sacks like he does he makes Eli look elusive
  6. Don’t you get the feeling that if he leaves, Iowa will be like tennessee(besides this year) after Fulmer, or Michigan st after dantoni and after a few years after ferentz is gone, you’ll be wishing for a 8-4 season again I really think this is the best you can do with that program
  7. One guy is a blue chip prospect who’s been groomed to be a pro since the 8th grade, and played at a high level at the top level of college football the other is a one hit wonder, no one heard of until his final year because he beat up on some mountain west teams the only decision easier than this pick was Wirfs over Becton
  8. That last punt seemed like it would come from the coaches. because of the wind, blast a line drive deep, puzzling decision because it sets up a nice return 20 seconds left 10-12 seconds after the play, should’ve just booted it out of bounds
  9. No looked like they were both like can you fning believe this he did yell at zack though
  10. They’re chipping huff now, and still can’t stop him
  11. Dtr is pulling a Vince young on them stroud and Young aren’t half the player Williams is
  12. SC will have to beat ucla, ND, then probably Oregon or Utah in the championship tougn stretch, but a lock if they do it All the moneys on baylor, might have to go against and bet tcu
  13. He was one of the most annoying players I ever saw on hard knocks
  14. This is one of the few talking heads that I would actually listen to on this topic nice to hear
  15. I’ve seen him get burnt multiple times every time it was somehow not his fault
  16. Mims is slowly becoming one of my favorite players I can’t remember another receiver blocking the way he does
  17. Does zack have the option to run there jf he does, it was a bad read by him
  18. Looked like he thought he might still throw it even though he was 5 yards past the line of scrimmage
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