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  1. No! 1- he’s a safety 2- he’s missed a lot of time the last 2 years 3- he’s a safety 4- almost all his stats this year came in 2 games, fsu and Purdue, completely nonexistent whenever they played ranked teams 5- he’s a safety
  2. Joe buck just saying he’s at his house in Cabo do one game every Sunday, head to Cabo for the week some life
  3. Odds of a 400 lb man becoming a consistent performer was slim odds of the same man on the jets was 0%
  4. Giants because the nfl is semi fixed and the league wants/ needs the Giants to be good
  5. Fool me once, shame on you Fool me, you can’t get fooled again
  6. I don’t think you have to worry too much about the last part kids that ND recruits aren’t going to LSU and kids didnt go to ND for Kelly, they go to be at one of the best universities in the country I would go for Fickell, and if that fails, go Freeman. Nobody else could be funny, nd and Cincy both in playoff without coaches or coaches about to leave
  7. Just put the game on in the 4th quarter, watched for 20 minutes, and had no idea Jackson had 4 ints until I looked up the game stats on my phone are nfl announcers and ESPN under strict orders to not talk about Jackson’s deficiencies
  8. Ammendola has the look of a guy who is going to be an all pro in 3 years i don’t know how you hold on to him until he gets there but probably best not on your active roster
  9. Stoops acting as interim wondering if he’ll just stay on permanently Can’t think of anyone else they can get Sonny van dyke is supposed to go to tcu, would be messed up if he backs out and goes there
  10. Not sure if you are right or not but I would start questioning yourself just based on the the two people who keep liking your posts on the subject
  11. Is this official i only saw they are “targeting” him
  12. Michigan proving they’re for real if Bell didn’t get hurt, they would’ve been legit NC contenders
  13. You already had McNeil and hector first and second rounders
  14. Lol, I don’t. just giving you my experience and why we would care if flacco is vaccinated or not
  15. Don’t want to get political at all, because I don’t know enough about it but why does it matter weather or not flacco is vaccinated or not, as far this goes ive had covid twice, once before there was a vaccine, once after I was vaccinated i just recently got it from a dad on my kids team who was also vaccinated, he gave it to two others, besides me who were also vaccinated I brought it to my work and gave it to two people, one vaccinated, one not so why do we care if flacco is vaccinated, besides for the stricter contact rules the nfl has if anyone, vaccinated or not
  16. Nagle benched O’Brien a year too soon they were ready to go on a run that year
  17. I used to work with an nfl ref And I’m a firefighter, so these guys aren’t exactly brain surgeons on the side always thought it was strange that such a highly scrutinized job was “part time” anyway, the guy was really smart and went on to become chief i think he is still a replay ref, has to be in his 70’s by now
  18. Both, but more white for me both are young and get me a little excited to see how they do and possibly be part of our future
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