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  1. This wouldn't have happened if I was still with the Jets.
  2. I think that was a joke. Of course he knows more, at least he should. That'd be scary if he didn't.
  3. Still at it? I got off that. I've only been responding to madmike because he was saying stuff about me. But, I've apologized to him for hurting his feelings -- twice.
  4. I don't know. Someone drafted that high and someone who was healthy all year, should have at least been able to rush the passer on obvious passing downs. The guy only had 13 tackles all year and most of those were assists. Something is really screwed up with this kid if the coaches won't even bring him in to rush the passer, his supposed strength in college.
  5. Look, like I said, I already got off his mom. I was wrong and I'm not going back there.
  6. Again, my apologies to you and your mother. I should not have resorted to that, friend. I did not mean to hurt your feelings or hers.
  7. So is this what we have resorted to? This is like the 4th or 5th thread like this. I think some of us here are more anti-Dolphin and Anti-Patriot fans than we are pro-Jet fans. I guess I should be be too, there is a better chance of the Pats and Dolphins not winning a Super Bowl than the Jets actually winning one.
  8. You're the best, Brett. The way you just gunned those passes into the Dolphins players' hands. But, you do realize you play for the Jets, right?
  9. Who's attacking you? It's called a response. What you don't want people to respond to your awesome posts?
  10. Stop being such a whiner and madmike lover and talk about the topic? Do you want Ryan or not?
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