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  1. I can't believe the Jets let Gilyard go. They should re-sign him.
  2. Irish jet is people? And Joe don't blame Evan, he can't control what Ben does
  3. I know. I was demonstrating just how bad your captaincy would be.
  4. Thank you Joe. Your the best mod ever. And Im proud to have 128 as our captain. Can you imagine our record if Ben was captain? 0-10.
  5. Who asked you Ben? And as everyone knows, I am not 128.
  6. is it impossible for you to go a full day without typing stfu to somebody i think it is
  7. because people cant be trusted to neg rep properly they abused it and it got taken away thank irish jet and lurker for that
  8. why are you such an ******* all the time youre nothing but a dick
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