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  1. leave me alone i defend you and this is the thanks i get

  2. that was a peresonal attack and you will be reported to a mod i thought we were friends ben

  3. well you keep putting me down how am i supposed toreact oh its okay ben keep absuing me no sir

  4. was that long enough? can i come back

  5. i am not 128. why do you want me banned?

  6. bp can you please give me back good rep please

  7. bp can you get gob to lift evans ban

  8. max can you get gob to lift evans ban

  9. whats so funny

  10. can i have my rep back in the green please bp

  11. that was a personal attack and i have lodged a protest with max you should be stripped of your powers

  12. umm i sent the reply to myself by mistake but i have still creported you

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