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  1. this idea sucks drago how would you like it if somebody pretended to be you on a forum i dont think you would 128 has been banned why do you have to abuse him
  2. but cricket makes baseball look interesting af2 is football and its on now
  3. no sir last time i checked you werent a mod so i dont have to do anythign you say and if you dont like it ead
  4. well gob can i please carry on with af2
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090415/tv_nm/us_vick Michael Vick seeks reality-show deal LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)
  6. what part of i am not 128 do you not understand your a fool go back to your soccer
  7. so can 128 come back please he says jn is better than ji and he wants to post here again
  8. so gob can i start a new af2 thread please
  9. EAD no why dont you go choke on a dick i dont give you greif all you do is wish bad things on me get a life and leave me alone
  10. you will have a great time gainzo i wish i could go to that game
  11. can i please have one thread to post af2 news in i promise i will keep it there after all i was keeping it in one thread the pass few days please
  12. whats so funny

  13. personal attack mods lilbit special personal attacked me
  14. i feel really bad for the firebirds they didnt deserve to lose that badly Shock win season opener, 59-42 Courtesy: arenafootball2 Release: 04/04/2009 Courtesy: arenafootball2 For the fourth consecutive season, the Spokane Shock came away with a 59-42 victory on opening night in front of a sold-out crowd, their 20th straight regular season sell-out. The Shock (1-0) overcame a game Stockton squad that saw its record slip to 1-1 in defeat. In a see-saw first half battle, the Lightning drew first blood on a 28-yard pass from QB Andy Collins to WR Troy McBroom, his longest of the night. Collins added four more touchdown passes and ended the night with 311 total passing yards. Although Collins did not make many mistakes tonight, he did make a crucial mistake at the end of the first half that proved to be a
  15. no sir i just want to see the right thing done for 128
  16. umm what have i done to you i agree with you on 129
  17. since gob doesnt like me starting new threads i will post this in this thread Pioneers impress again in 70-28 win against Albany Courtesy: arenafootball2 The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers improved to 2-0 with a convincing 70-28 home win against Albany Friday night in front of 5,067 fans at Wachovia Arena. The Firebirds drew first blood using 1:54 as Albany QB Adam Bednarik completed a 41-yard touchdown pass to Mike Wall. But after unsuccessful series by both teams the Pioneers got onto the scoreboard when QB Ryan Vena completed his 400th career touchdown pass to JJ Outlaw with 5:37 left in the first quarter. The Firebird offense answered by driving down to the 1-yard line and letting Bednarik take it in for their second score of the night. Vena only needed :05 to connect with WR Rich Musinski for a 28-yard pass with :26 left on the clock to tie the score at 14-14. The seesaw battle continued into the 2nd quarter with a 22-yard pass by the Firebirds and the Pioneers answers back with Vena capping off a 4 play 40-yard drive with a 2-yard scamper into the end zone. Bednarik came back with a score of his own to put the Birds in the lead and make the score 28-21 with 5:13 left in the half. Vena completed an 8-yard pass to Irving Campbell breaking his second record of the night. The completion put Vena over the 20,000-yard mark for his career. J.J. Outlaw kept the show rolling as he reached the end zone for the second time of the night catching a 13-yard Vena pass with 1:06 on the clock. The Pioneers defense took the field looking to keep the momentum and that they did. LB Larry Kendrick intercepted Bednarik
  19. i agree thank you ben nice to see there are some god people here
  21. then stop following me round the threads insulting me
  22. i think gob abused his power in banning evan i mean all evan was doing was talking football af2 or nfl its still football
  23. max can you get gob to lift evans ban

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