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  1. he told me about this board and how friendly people are. it really is the best Jets board on the internet.
  2. i am not whining. i dont know if evel dick has pictures. it was really funny though.
  3. i am not 128. why do you want me banned?

  4. please believe me. i am not 128. i am a jets fan.
  5. please do not ban me. i am not 128 i just had to tell people about dani getting sick. it was really funny.
  6. i am sorry. but he is a jets fan.why cant we just all get along?
  7. it's cleaner than ben schwartz's house.
  8. Hey everybody, just made it back from the Chargers game. The team flat out sucked and we got nothing but abuse from classless Chargers fans. Hell, your team are 1-2, just like us bozos. Still, we had lots of fun, apart from when Dani managed to throw up all over a Chargers fan. She's off to the doctor, probably picked up a bug on the trip. Talk to you later everybody!i am sorry about having to post this but it is Jets news.
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