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  1. I still hate this signing, but if I was forced to see a bright side, the combo of Sanchez/Stanton is probably better than Sanchez/Brunell...not by much though.
  2. I'm with you 100%...I was completely disgusted today when I heard of this signing. It ruined my whole day
  3. I get what you're saying...and forget competition for a minute, what if Sanchez gets hurt? Having a good veteran backup sure helped us in 98' back to my original argument, I'd much rather have a guy like Orton than Stanton
  4. I'm definitely NOT on the Sanchez hate train like a lot of Jet fans...I think he's capable, and hopefully "the guy" that can get us where we want to be. But he's definitely NOT there yet. As a fan I want the best option out there so we can win games, not throw pick 6's. Yes, there is an alternative option, and it's called a capable backup QB...which we still don't have. ...and what's wrong with a QB controversy???
  5. yeah...because Sanchez is every bit as good as Rogers & Manning that's such a ridiculous argument...
  6. I guess you guys are all correct...the idea of one athlete competing against another athlete in professional sports is preposterous. What was I thinking?
  7. I realize Sanchez is the guy...I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with a little competition in camp. A guy like Orton would have provided that...not Stanton. The Jets will have to live or die with Sanchez...
  8. I just don't see how Stanton will give him any competition whatsoever, he poses no threat. A more experienced guy like Orton on the other hand definitely would drive Sanchez to work harder. The combo of Sanchez/Orton looks much better than Sanchez/Stanton
  9. Orton is a better QB...if you think otherwise you're a fool
  10. the Jets really missed the boat this off-season when it comes to the QB position...and it's not a knock because Manning is not here. Forget Manning. What kind of competition will Stanton be???? I just don't get it. The Sanchez extension was completely unnecessary...and they should have brought in Kyle Orton to compete for the starting spot. Kyle Orton, right now, is worlds better than Sanchez.
  11. I know it was rough with Chad a lot of times, and I hear what you're saying...and I see your point. I just kinda feel the same as Max.... Remove Sanchez from Rex's 1st two years and insert Chad. See what happens, or what would have happened. The guy seemed reborn down in Miami, played well for them. Here's a hypothetical for you, if Favre had stayed with the Jets under Rex with his defense...do the Jets win one?
  12. in hindsight, the Favre siging was kind of a detriment to the organization and may have cost us a super bowl in the following years with the release of Pennington. I know there was a lot of excitement with Favre and they sold a lot of jerseys, but Chad's release really hurt us the following 2 years. He played pretty well for the Fins. It was a bold move by the Jets and Mike T....but ultimately a bad one
  13. I agree and have thought about this on more than one occasion... 2 AFC championship games with Chad and our defense at the time...I think we would have at least 1 Super Bowl. I always liked Chad and I think he got a raw deal with the whole Favre thing...just wished he was more durable.
  14. this 2 AFC championship games and this year the playoffs are in grasp...what could be better? We are playing meaningful games in December, and as a Jets fan that's always a good thing.
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