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  1. Aww c'mon. Lets be friends!
  2. I'm President of the Future Jewish Electricians of America. We're a small group.
  3. Actually that HELPS. Its VERY complicated stuff. Bear with me.
  4. Mods? Is this kind of personal attack allowed here?
  5. Quiet. Its all very "behind the scenes" stuff.
  6. I'm not joking, there were 2 TXs.
  7. The original TX actually died about a year ago.
  8. FF2

    New Here...

    Hello? Is this where all the cool kids went?
  9. Why. Cuz you were so wrong about Welker?
  10. Why. Cuz you were so wrong about Welker?
  11. Well, no one really mentions Welker in the same breathe as Stallworth anymore.
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