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  1. Greetings, As always, looking forward to today's football game. I will be paying special attention to any personal foul penalties. Those are not moral and have no place in the game. I believe any personal foul or unsportsmanlike penalty should result in automatic ejection from the stadium. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  2. Horrific, haunting story. Hello PhinHater How can I donate to the Human Fund, can i receive a receipt? Warm Regards Mister Morals
  3. Hello 27, I observed a few Jets sites, determined this to be best bet to overcome immorality, low and behold some sort of intranet fight became front and center... a bunch of immoral, attention whores spread their vile seed and it is what it is. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  4. Hello 27, it has been said...I have not registered on other Jets sites. I registered here. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  5. Hello Friend, who gives a **** at this hour? I have party drugs. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  6. Hello Friends, 4am separates the snowblowers from the rest of the dullards in society. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  7. Hello Friends, I do not believe Favre has an arm injury that prevents him from going downfield. I have issues with Brian S, however, he is dealing with the hand he is dealt. The WR corps is pathetic. Coles is on the downside. Cotchery is a great possession receiver that couldn't get open today. This team needs a downfield threat, badly. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  8. Hello LadyJet, I like your dog. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  9. Hello ladyJET, please show some self respect. This is not a dating site...at least not for straight females. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  10. Hello EY, How disgraceful. It is Filipino. You are immoral and disrespectful. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  11. Good Morning Friends, I do not watch Boston Red Sox playoff baseball. I have nothing against Boston. I liked the Departed, I liked Larry Bird, and i liked Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  12. Hello Friends, the early votes are in There have been numerous cries for help. I shall remain for the time being, at least for the next five minutes. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  13. Hello Fellow Board Members, I have not posted recently. I have glanced at the goings on from time to time. As I look at the threads on page 1 of the Lounge, I see some pretty tame and rather boring topics. I feel my influence has been well received, it is obvious. I ask of you....has Mister Morals achieved his purpose here? Are you questioning the morality of your posts? It appears so. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  14. Hello Borgoguy, Although I am appalled that you have decided your bedroom is an open topic for conversation on this board, I will admit that your actions were moral. I would like more background, however. If I were to make an assumption, it looks to me as if you have sent an unexpected "gusher" down the back of her throat previously. How did she react? Did she complain? Complaining is not moral. It accomplishes nothing. She should have provided constructive feedback at the time and worked on a common ground gameplan with you to avoid such an event in the future. Perhaps, the gusher could have landed on the linen and you could take turns washing the sheets. Just a thought. Regardless, it appears that things are working out....for now. In the future, you won't even need to think of Mister Morals and ask "what would Mister Morals do?" It will become a natural reflex, much like the gagging when an unwanted gusher hits the windpipes. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  15. Dear Fellow Board Members, I wish you all a pleasant and happy Halloween Holiday Season. When my doorbell rings this year, I will be as prepared as ever. I will be handing out copies of the book "Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong." It is authored by Marc D. Hauser. I have 50 copies on order. If there are more children than that, I will have to give out commemorative bookmarks. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  16. Top of the Day Panzer Division Marduk, I will not fall prey to your psychological warfare, these tactics will not work against me. I did not name myself in the banning thread, so I should not be banned. Believe it or not, this board will come around. I've seen it happen before. A first specific step you can take is to send a request to the moderators to change your screen name. I suggest Moral Marduk. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  17. Hello EY, that is quite the heavy chip you carry on your shoulder. I'm sure everyone has pity for you. You have undergone quite a life changing event. Good luck with that. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  18. Dear Bugg, I don't think any of that is moral, but that is one heck of a Monday. And it's not yet 5pm. You should be ashamed, however. Grow some morals, my friend. Warm Regards, Mister Morals.
  19. Hello LilMickMantle That epitomizes morality. Good for you. That was a selfless, kind act. Thanks so much for sharing Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  20. Dear Fellow Board Members, I would like to share with you an uplifting story from my day. To be quite frank, my day got off to a rather poor start. But rather than dwell on the negative, I turned it into something very moral. I was preparing my morning breakfast, instant oatmeal. I opened a brand new box and tore open the packet. I poured the oatmeal, added water, and put it in the microwave. Boy, was I hungry. I was so excited to eat my favorite Raisins
  21. Hello Moderators, Please close this thread. Better yet, please close all threads. I have not read every thread, but even if there are moral threads, there are immoral posters posting in the moral threads, therefore, there is an influence of immorality within. We must start anew. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  22. Hello Friends, I look forward to the new morning, I am under the assumption that the board will be cleansed of the immoral blights on this otherwise decent message board. I sincerely hope the moderators uphold the moral authority. I must leave now, for my bowels need relief and I do not want to blow out my colon. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  23. there goes your argument that you were just referring to one person.
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