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  1. ugh...religion? Nothing to do with morals. Not my morals. I have no opinion on religion. Morals, I have opinions. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  2. Arsis, it's more than likely I personally knew more people that died that day than you. Let's leave it at that. I made no excuses for the singular person. This entire thread was made to bash Dolphin fans based on one radio show caller. I do not root for the Dolphins but have enough intelligence to recognize that caller doesn't represent the views of Dolphin fans. Is it that hard for you to understand? Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  3. Hello greengal, I don't appreciate this. Mister Morals----both words capitalized. Please make ammends. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  4. You're very immoral. You are full of hate. You are disgusting. Warm Regards
  5. Hi Faba!!, thanks for the warm, moral welcome. it's too bad i witnessed an immoral act by you earlier. Hopefully you will learn from your immoralities. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  6. Garb looks good from behind. If that was her. Whoever she is. I liked it.
  7. who the hell is condoning it? But if you think it represents Dolphin fans, then you are a mistaken.
  8. Hello BP, I just finished my dinner. I did cough at one point. That must've been when you were spewing your vile hate. It didn't work. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  9. Hello Irish Jet, internet thread closing is not an attribute any of us should strive toward. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  10. Shirley, get over it. I hate the Squids, but that doesn't respresent Dolphin fans. As if there's never been a disgraceful Jet fan...
  11. Hello PDM, No and no and yes. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  12. I'm all for different sets, mixing things up, but the Jets far too often outhink themselves. Schottenheimer seems not to gameplan for the defenses we are against. Jets would have blown this game open a lot earlier with more conventional plays. The team needed the B/S trickery with Chad at the helm, but Jesus Christ they had more downfield playcalls when Chad was at the helm. Schotteheimer is in love with himself. He sucks.
  13. Hello #27, you certainly made the list. You lack morals. The list was purely in a random order. Sorry about the R. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  14. Warm Regards BP, you have a rather short screen name. You may have missed my request (insistance) that BP be banned. Please ban yourself and send me a confirmation via PM. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  15. Gainzo, Blackout, Ganggreen, BorgoGuy, Smizzy, Thor, JetsMoses, Panzer, JonEJet, BP, Faba, Bob, SoFlaJets, ThaiJet, Alk, BrenJetsfan, Bugg, DMaynard, Duane, Arsis, Lil Bit Special, bugeater, #27thedominato I will leave the length to your discrestion. I suggest no less than 30 days. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  16. The simple answer is No, beer pong is not moral. I strongly suggest that you avoid partaking in that activity this weekend. Be a leader, not a follower. I have an alternative for you to present to your group of friends and acquaintances on Sunday. When everyone has arrived, I want you to get everyone
  17. Hello Duane, thank you for the invitation. Regrettably, I will not be able to attend the social gathering. I would ask that you not make assumptions for they can make you look foolish. My morality has nothing to do with a bible. You do not know what religion I am or if I even follow any religion. That part of the discussion must cease. I will ask you one question. Beer Pong. Is it moral? Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  18. Hello, Balls. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  19. Hello GJ&H, the internet name dropping is most impressive. But, for now, we need to focus on your deep seeded personal issues, this thread shall be the beginning of your moral rebirth. Now GJ&H, immorality is not a trait we are born with, such as homosexuality. Immorality is learned. Immorality can begin in the home, with an abusive or neglectful father, a whore mother, or even a small pecker. Do any of these apply to you? That is a rhetorical question, please do not answer in this thread. The causes are not what is important here. The cure is what we are looking for. I will show you the way to higher ground. The bitterness will cease. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  20. Hello EY, chaos brings about the best in nobody. It is time for you to follow my path of morality. It is time for you to follow a clear, strict set of Morals. Follow me. Follow me. I have to take a quick piss, but after that Follow me. Follow me to a life of Morality.
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