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  1. Hello EY, that is rather unfortunate. I kindly ask that you remove the Toyota for Sale heading underneath your screen name. Until you have a Toyota for sale. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  2. Hello BP, I believe we may have had words earlier tonight. Forgive me if it was a direct conversation, the details of which are alluding me. BP, I would like to advise that my name is Mister Morals, please refer to me as such. Likewise, I will oblige. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  3. Hello EY, the circumstances that have unfolded today are surely unfortunate, however, where is the photo of your car? Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  4. Hi Bob, it's nice to see you have awoken from your nap. I look forward to discussing all things moral with you. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  5. Hello GangGreen, did you ask yourself, is that moral before that response? I assume not. At the very least, we ask that you put minimal effort into bettering yourself. Otherwise, we will have to employ a more difficult recourse that noone will enjoy. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  6. Hello Thor99, I look forward to discussing morals with you. I would suggest that you discuss values in your household and leave it at that. Values do not equal Morals. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  7. Hello Gainzo, I will assume your derogatory statement was made because you believe one of your friends is Mister Morals. If Mister Morals was your friend, why describe him or her with such a mean spirited adjective? Gainzo, we will find the path to Morality together. I will support you. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  8. Hello BP, how are you feeling this evening? are you feeling moral? I certainly hope so... I do sense a bit of frustration, could it be the economic crisis? Or is it a moral crisis? Please let me know as I am here to help. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  9. Hello Fellow Board Members, please respond to me by name. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  10. Hello GangGreen, I recognize your cry, you are a wounded quail about to be dinner for a bloodthirsty vulture. You don't have to feed the bloodthirsty, my friend. It is time to stand up. Do the vultures have morals? Do you? It is time to answer these questions in a definitive manner. It is time to start living your life in your own shadow. Answer to yourself. Answer to me. The moral authority.
  11. Hello Brenjetsfan, it is unfortunate that you have succumbed to such unsubstantiated rumors. Valuev-Hoyfield is a false rumor. Every boxing circle has admitted as much. Brenjetsfan, lets discuss boxing when you find a clue. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  12. Vilma is a nice guy. Not in the mold of any of those guys. Not an impact player. Not a game plan changer. I don't think he was a genius or a great leader at the NFL level. Certainly was at UM. I was 110% by his selection.
  13. Dear Brenjetsfan, I would not look to PTI for confirmed boxing matches. This is not confirmed. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  14. Hello Borgoguy, I am not certain your latest post related to the thread starters wishes. I will try to speak with Mr Howell. In the meantime, if you say pee pee, my word association is overflow
  15. Hello Borgoguy, Thank you for the constructive criticism. However, I disagree with your vantage point. Redskin is not in bad taste. However, in the spirit of the thread, since your last words were Native Americans, I will reply with Teepee
  16. Hello Lil Bit Special, you have a faulty dictionary. I am not concerned with weight, I am not in search of pics, I am in search of morality. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  17. Hello Lil Bit Special, please find a mirror. The destitute, the poor, the immigrants are now immoral? Homosexuals? Lil Bit Special, you are why I have arrived at this site. It's time for some morals. Follow me. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  18. Hello Lil Bit Special, I wish no harm on the poor and immigrants. As for the bridge and tunnel crowd.... Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  19. Hello Lil Bit Special, We shouldn't expect a lot of Long Island. Let us hope it hits from the south. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
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