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  1. Hello Brenjetsfan, I respectfully direct you to pure boxing sites such as fightnews.com and boxingscene.com. The fight is a mere rumor. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  2. Dear Brenjetsfan, I will discuss boxing, all day, all night. Unfortunately for you, Nicolay Valuev, the WBA champion (farce) and his management, have called the proposed December 20th fight an unsubstatianted rumor. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  3. Hello Jetsrule128, I am not familiar with any of the instructors at Hofstra, therefore, I do not have an opinion. I do think Long Island is a great place to protect the mainland US in case of a Tsunami. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  4. Hello DMaynard, The 1400s have little bearing on morality these days. So I will answer your question, with a simple I have no opinion. I will respond to questions about Wladimir Klitschko, however. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  5. Dear Friends, You can discuss the draft if you like, but I do not believe that should be judged at this point. In addition, the season is young so things can change. As for the other transactions: Trading of Vilma and Robertson (was that a trade?), addition by subtraction. Calvin Pace---no blunder here Alan Faneca---no blunder here Damian Woody---not a blunder, not a big upgrade as of yet, but cannot call a blunder Kris Jenkins---no blunder here Brett Favre---no blunder here Tony Richardson-? RB has cement legs so who knows Extending Chris Baker---that was recent, correct? That is a blunder. Bye
  6. Hello Kelticwizard, you forget that kicking in the NFL is mostly mental. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  7. Dear Warfish, that doesn't sound very moral on the surface. I hope that I am wrong. Please provide lyrics. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  8. Dear DMaynard, can you provide a link, please? I am most interested about learning more about the circumstances regarding Got Milk's injuries. He was in the Wu-Tang Clan if I am not mistaken. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  9. Hello Garb, yes ma'am. I am new. I am sure the board administration can attest to this. I have viewed this board a few times over a few months. I am basing my response upon your response in the "have you no morals" thread. I shall refrain from jumping to any conclusions henceforth. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  10. Hello Garb, I have to say hearing this from you is a bit mind-blowing. But, to get to your point, I believe the Towne Crier has a nostril fetish. He likes them large and flared, or at least it would appear that way on the surface. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  11. This game will not be close. The Jets have been doing a much better job of blowing out weak non-division opponents at home. Cincinnati is a very basic team, Jets coming off the bye are in great shape to cover.
  12. Hello Blackout, thank you for posting this article. I send out my well wishes to Ya Boy. I am not familiar with this person but that is not important. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  13. Hello Alk, it's apparent you didn't make it through the second half. There is no need for foul language. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  14. Hello Garb, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting down to work. This board will presents a unique opportunity. It would appear to me that there is no moral authority figure amongst the board members. That has changed, however, as of today. The tide is turning folks, I already can feel that a few of you are doing double takes in the mirror. This is only the beginning. One day we will all be moral. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  15. Hello Borgoguy, please don't use asterisks in the middle of a word. Please use all letters, I am unable to respond to such jargon. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  16. Hello EY, Before you called the mod a lunatic, did you ask yourself, is this moral? Probably not. It is time to turn the page, you are entering a new chapter in your life, it is time for you to reach higher ground. I have but one question of you, if you would be so kind to respond. Did said mod tend to use fonts like this...DID HE FEEL THE NEED TO USE CAPITALIZED WORDS FREQUENTLY....was a he a big fan of ? Imagine venturing into your favorite local bookstore. Imagine the horror if every novel you glanced at was written in a similar fashion. A worthy novelist gets his or her message across to the reader without such blatant READ ME overtones. But maybe this is a different mod. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  17. Hello Bob, when responding directly to me, please refer to me by my name. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
  18. Good Day Fellow Board Members, It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the board. I am Mister Morals. I have recently started observing various NY Jets fan boards. This is the first time that I have registered on any particular one. Each of the boards, including this one, seems to be suffering from a complete lack of morals and integrity. In some cases, it seems quite certain that the plague of immorality has trickled down from the top, from board administration on down. In other instances, I have seen evidence of a trickle up effect. The administration has been susceptible to the vermin that frequent their very board, and they now appear to suffer from the very same, sad lack of morals. Why have I chosen to register here? That is a good question. I think the board members here may not be a complete lost cause yet. I think with sufficient time and effort, I can bring about a real sense of morality to all of you. All that I ask is that you follow in my footsteps, look to me for guidance, I will show you the way. Everyday, in countless numbers of situations, I ask myself one simple question. Is it moral? Before you start your next thread, ask yourself, is it moral? Before you make a quick witted reply to a post, ask is it moral? This is not going to happen overnight, people. You can't put a band aid over this wound. It can heal, however. I look forward to discussing morals with you in the future. Warm Regards, Mister Morals
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