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  1. http://assets.espn.go.com/pdf/2012/0907/Saints%20Summary%20Decision.pdf
  2. They're tolerated all the time. I'd provide examples if you weren't already perfectly well aware of that. Observing a demonstrated unwillingness or inability to acknowledge objective fact is not a personal attack. I mean, I get it. Somebody put you in charge of keeping me on a short leash or whatever, but this is really a bit much.
  3. Then you missed the good news, because the ruling isn't a green light for bounties as you feared, and the fact that it is being widely misreported and in any event probably too complicated for you to understand doesn't make it a matter of opinion.
  4. I don't know why I even bother sometimes.
  5. This has nothing to do with innocent until proven guilty. The ruling isn't about Goodell's ability to impose discipline under the personnel conduct policy, which the panel recognized, or whether he had an adequate basis for doing so, which the panel didn't address because Goodell is the only avenue of substantive appeal on that. The problem is that the league, in listing the different ways that the bounty program could be construed as a violation of various league rules, included among other things the fact that the cash payments could be considered a violation of the salary cap. Even though Goodell can impose discipline under the personal conduct policy, he can't do it for salary cap violations, which are exclusively the provence of a special arbitrator, and the panel (frankly pretty disingenuously) decided that it was somehow unclear which he was trying to do. Declaring victory doesn't mean that Vilma has in any way been vindicated based on the panel's findings, and he's just going to get suspended again.
  6. I once got a text message from RutgersJetFan.
  7. Considering that the franchise in question is the Jets I'd say he's already got one.
  8. I think 13 wins is a more likely result than most of the projections that are getting thrown around. Then again, so is 2.
  9. I just saw Rampart. It was alright. I was expecting more since Ellroy was actively involved in the project. I hope this doesn't mean that a real adaptation of White Jazz is dead.
  10. Ah yes. The I wanted Faried thread. How much pee are we talking about here?
  11. Jets 0-4 preseason = no problem. Yankees 76-59 preseason = sky falling. You guys are the best.
  12. Can you explain what's wrong with the verbiage exactly? It's a puff piece that people just up and decided to get all butthurt about. There is no possible way it could have been written so as to dissuade those so inclined. Cimini is an idiot but there's nothing remotely objectionable about this.
  13. There are a number of reasons. One of them is that you were also the most intercepted team last year.
  14. It means that people vastly overrate the difficulty of the early portion of our schedule.
  15. Giants. Great example. http://giantskickoff.com/2011/11/15/kevin-gilbrides-conservative-predictable-play-calling-hurts-new-york-giants/ http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/09/16/report-ahmad-bradshaw-unhappy-with-giants-pass-happy-play-calling/ So yes, it is possible for a good quarterback's coordinator to simultaneously get heat for running too much and passing too much because fans and players are morons. I am not sure that this proves anything. I don't know who San Diego's coordinator is but de facto it's Norv, so this is a pretty dumb example also considering that his twenty-year old offense is the foundation for what literally every team runs now.
  16. Cody Carlson would like a word with you.
  17. No it isn't. Not gramatically, anyway. As to your point, yes, of course it's possible for the quarterback to be bad and the offensive coordinator to be bad also. Yet you never hear about what a bad job a good quarterback's offensive coordinator is doing. Ever.
  18. Yeah, better hurry up and declare victory before the season actually ends and the Yankees are in the playoffs as always.
  19. That's good. I'm not. Which is perhaps the reason I don't really understand taking the podcast out of the thread that's pulling ten times as many views.
  20. Makes sense. We already know he likes to clean up after Kanye.
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