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  1. Was it? Looked like he extended the ball over the line after he was down.
  2. Kind of tells you there might be something to that whole Sanchez thing.
  3. Nickelback plays forgettable MOR radio rock and they've sold a bajillion records. Seems like a perfectly reasonable halftime act for an NFL game on Thanksgiving in the midwest. Sure, they're not cool, and it's kind of a kick to the nuts of a music scene that's been pretty much the only thing going for that city for the last fifty years or so, but it's not like the preferences of either die-hard music fans or die-hard football fans weighed real heavy in this decision.
  4. Seems like piling on to boo a guy after Sean Young plays him in a movie.
  5. I don't suppose there's any chance that some version of you is an adult that understands why that's a stupid argument.
  6. I think they've handled it great. Revis got paid for a sixth-year option that was never going to be exercised and holdout protection that doesn't actually prevent holdouts, and Tannenbaum got paid for producing illusory results.
  7. I'd like to see Polamalu's hair get caught in Brady's brace.
  8. Regression. As in the opposite of progress. What's the problem?
  9. Harris is terrible. About ten of those fumbles came in the one good season he had by accident. Chicago doesn't get rid of safeties. They're paying Merriwether god knows how much to not play, and this guy they cut.
  10. Holmes and Plax both ran lazy routes, presumably because the play was going the other way. It's possible that Sanchez went right because he saw that Plax was slow getting off at the snap (that's not what it looks like to me, but it's possible), but even if that's the case, McKnight is still the hot read. Holmes wasn't actually running an out there, he just took a real wide turn on his hitch. He's supposed to stop on a dime and freeze the defender but he rounded it off so the guy was still in a position to make a play on a throw to Plax.
  11. You're stupid. There's nothing wrong with the route combination or the receivers' depth. The execution failed because Sanchez didn't make the read, and there's no difficulty whatsoever in seeing exactly what went wrong just by watching the play. 32 is bailing at the snap = odd coverage = hit the outside hitch. It's really just that simple. Taking a wider view one could hold Schottenheimer responsible for the fact that after two years plus Sanchez still can't just make the read and throw the ball without having to get cute and throw an eye fake or a pump or, as here, the old look left/throw right.
  12. The offensive ratings are all a bit inflated because of the adjustment they use that counts red zone plays as worth 25% extra and the fact that we're doing so well there this year. Our red zone performance is likely to regress toward our overall performance, which would cause the offensive rating to decline somewhat. DVOA is pretty clear as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of this team. Sanchez, Greene, Keller, the pass protection, and the run defense all grade out somewhere in the ballpark of average, the pass defense and special teams are awesome as always, and the run blocking and wide receivers have been terrible.
  13. I dunno, but the projection wouldn't have been good as the production wasn't there. The obvious physical similarity to Maybin (4.65 40, 4.41 shuttle, 34 vertical at 6'4" 252 vs. 4.78/4.38/38 at 6'4" 249) makes the thought process fairly transparent. It makes enough sense. Rex loves generating pressure by sending defensive backs from outside the nines, and we're basically using Maybin as an oversized James Ihedigbo rather than as an undersized Jason Taylor. This lets him get by on straight-line speed and hustle in spite of the fact that he's got no size, no instincts, no first step, and no moves. Sapp is faster than Maybin but doesn't display the same palpable hustle so probably won't work out.
  14. It's still some kind of merit. Getting a two-year starter on the offensive line for a sixth round pick, even if it's just for lack of somebody better, is basically a home run by Tannenbaum's standards. I don't necessarily agree that Ferguson and Mangold aren't any better than befits their draft status, but certainly the surplus value isn't big. Even with Revis you're paying for most of what you get. There's no bang for the buck on this roster, and filling a hole with Slauson instead of Faneca is at least a step in the right direction in terms of fixing that.
  15. They both make like ten million dollars a year, which isn't nearly as cool. That we traded draft picks for Cromartie and Holmes doesn't make having them remotely similar to actually hitting on your picks. You build through the draft because rookie contracts are cheap. Anybody can get premium talent by paying premium prices. Good teams get the talent without paying retail.
  16. No, it's easy. You just need the right stats and no shame.
  17. Aten

    Aaron Maybin...

    Yeah, no idea what that's about. McIntyre's lucky if he's an employed old JAG special-teamer this time next week.
  18. Stephen Burton. He was everybody's small-school sleeper coming out of West Texas A&M this year. I think the Vikings drafted him but he might have been a UDFA. They're not crazy about him and I think he could be had. He's a great athlete and I think he has a lot more #1 potential than the other projects we've been kicking around. Turner will eventually be a decent red zone target, Kerley will be okay as a slot guy, but I think we need a real upside play to go with the niche prospects.
  19. It's hard to judge a GM too harshly based on the receiver position. They're just so difficult to find. If you don't luck into a sure thing like Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson, the draft is a crapshoot and talented veterans without major baggage are never available. Tannenbaum has done basically nothing for us here save backing up the Brinks truck to hold on to Holmes and frankly I'd say that constitutes a pretty good job all by itself. Wouldn't mind if we tried to hijack Burton from Minnesota's practice squad, though.
  20. Not gonna lie. I think Miami getting Mangini and Luck would be a total disaster for us.
  21. Aten

    Aaron Maybin...

    There were times when you wouldn't have thought he was an ounce over 215. I think he played at 225 or so most of the time. I don't think it matters all that much. He's fast and plays hard. Worst case scenario we get him a number in the 40s and call him the rush DB.
  22. Aten

    Aaron Maybin...

    I never really thought Maybin was a dog, but I don't remember his motor ever jumping off the screen the way it has the past few games either. This could be the name that fills in the blanks in that player with all the talent in the world who just needed Rex to reach him story everybody's been waiting two years to write.
  23. You keep saying this as though referring to an argument as an excuse is a real good point or something. Pointing out the talent, or more specifically the lack thereof, that Schottenheimer has had to work with isn't an 'excuse' for anything. Over his tenure we've had basically an average offense despite clearly subpar personnel, particularly at the quarterback position. There's a reasonable argument to be made that the offense under Schottenheimer has consistently outperformed its talent, which makes a pretty good case that he's not actually awful at his job. You can say this isn't evidence, or is an excuse, and you can think that doing these things to dodge the essential truth of the point makes you a very clever debater, but I'm bored now and it's way past your bedtime.
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