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  1. Sure he did. Doesn't mean it's a good look. 1. Act like you've been there before. 2. Don't be a baby. 3. 2 applies even when the other guy forgets about 1. I don't see how anybody can take either side here. They're both dipsh*ts.
  2. I think we just disagree as to whether your thoughts warrant much more than a 'nuh-uh,' but here goes. The only constants are three lineman and Schottenheimer? You have to be kidding me. How about uniformly crappy talent not only at quarterback but at all of the skill positions? Seems like that's been a constant that would be relevant to the discussion. I mean, seriously look what he's had to work with. Holmes, half a season of Favre just having fun out there, and nothing. Yes, our offense has been mediocre to awful the entire time Schottenheimer has been here, but I don't think it's been any worse than you'd expect given the actual players we've been putting on the field. The stuff about receivers running to the same place and third down plays short of the sticks is just pointless. If you insist on believing something so ridiculous as that those things have anything to do with how the plays are drawn up and called, I'm not going to argue with you. And every team does the run up the gut for minimal gain when the entire world knows it's coming. They will always do it. It will never go away.
  3. No. But thinking any of this is evidence makes them stupid.
  4. How do things seem? Enlighten me. I watch players play all the time but I've never seen a coordinator coordinate, so apportioning responsibility for the offense's performance other than among the eleven moving parts on the field at a given time seems anything but obvious.
  5. I think the fact that so many people are so much more certain of this than the information available to them can actually justify is a really great reason to reach the opposite conclusion.
  6. After five years of managing just fine without the requested license to keep it real? That would be pretty tough.
  7. You're conflating the points. We can assume for the sake of argument that Marshall's BPD qualifies as a disability under ADA. He'd still need to demonstrate: (1) due to the BPD, he can't perform his job without the requested accommodation of making allowances for bad behavior, (2) he can perform the job with the accommodation, and (3) that the accommodation is reasonable. He'd have a hard time with both 1 and 3.
  8. Almost definitely wrong. Even if it does meet the legal definition of a disability in this instance -- a lot of stuff is case-by-case under ADA -- he's only entitled to a reasonable accommodation, and letting him get away with shenanigans wouldn't qualify.
  9. Neither team has anything to win for, and the Dolphins have something to lose for, so the Dolphins will win. Science.
  10. Seems like we did pretty good on talent when we were putting a premium on drafting boy scouts.
  11. It basically comes down to luck and people's stubborn refusal to recognize how outcome-determinative it really is. We spent years alternating seasons of suprising relative success fueled by soft schedules followed by heightened expectations getting crushed by injuries, Woody overreacting hysterically every step of the way, most pertinently to the present predicament after 2007 when by all appearances he seems to have elevated Tannenbaum over Mangini in the pecking order. That's when everything started to go to hell.
  12. I think Pennington and Sanchez are both terrible.
  13. Hackett calls swing pass to fullback in the flat there roughly 100% of the time.
  14. Aten

    Patriots Week?

    We lose this game and the wheels come off the wagon. No way the Patriots blow an opportunity like that.
  15. I like how he calls replaying a DVR of the game 'film study.'
  16. Just one concrete example, then. What team has done less in the draft over the past four years than we have?
  17. Keller was 2008. Sanchez and Greene are both lousy. Helpful hint: watching a guy hold a clipboard or load a furniture truck doesn't tell you a whole lot about whether he can play football or not. Slauson was a good pick. Contrast that with Connor, which is a crappy pick. That's mah handpicked fullback in thar dur hur. Those two side by side are a perfect illustration of how to, and how not to, use late draft picks. You take the guy who has a 25% shot to be a mediocre starting offensive lineman over the guy who is certain to be an amazing fullback (and Conner ain't that anyway) every single time. The difference in dropoff between late picks and UDFA at the respective positions is astronomical. Vlad is obviously a disaster; score another one for football players play football. Wilson definitely looks better doing his job than he did last year, but it's not a great sign that his role isn't being expanded while Cromartie sucks it up on the outside and we're having such a hard time replacing Coleman and Ihedigbo that McKnight is getting looks as the rush DB. McKnight is a fine lottery ticket; he's obviously got the ability. Whether he pays off is going to depend on whether he can learn to pick up the blitz so he can be a real running back. If not he's going to continue to be the guy you try to get on the field when you're not busy doing more important stuff. Wilkerson seems fine, but I don't see much of a difference between how he's playing vs. Pitoitua and Dixon, neither of whom cost a first-round pick to acquire. Ellis is a planet theory monster and we're deep on the defensive line so he can have a redshirt year. The drafts haven't been fine. They've been horrible.
  18. I don't think it has any meaningful impact one way or another. And at least when Namath feels like running his mouth it doesn't cost us a timeout.
  19. Knowing where Ed Reed is doesn't have anything to do with anything. Reed was lined up as a free rusher on the back side. You ignore that guy no matter who it is because he's not in any position to make a play. He's coming in unblocked by design. The strip sack didn't happen because Reed is so wonderful. It happened because Sanchez held the ball too long. He's supposed to throw it away when the receiver doesn't get inside leverage. There's no time for the pump-fake horsesh*t.
  20. Sanchez ******* pump-faked. On a one step drop. It's not Schottenheimer's fault. It's not the line's fault. Sanchez is a stupid idiot who can't play.
  21. 1. Nick Mangold vs. the world 2. Calvin Pace vs. Bryant McKinnie 3. Mark Sanchez vs. Brian Schottenheimer Mangold plays, and plays great, or we lose. Can't beat Baltimore with a suspect offensive line. Not sold on McKinnie's second act at all. Even if he wasn't as done as he looked in Minnesota, he's still a retard. Of course this is all moot if Schottenheimer keeps drawing up interceptions.
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