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  1. And the picture gives me a great idea as to where said hug might be staged. Christ is that a bad angle.
  2. Not saying we can't dust off some of the old blowouts, of course. Just not this one. Because it's boring.
  3. Somebody didn't get the memo.
  4. No problem. No potshots. You need JI to get read so there was only one way you were ever gonna go on this. It's totally reasonable and I don't blame you at all.
  5. Wait. One more? I just saw the three. Ship.
  6. Wait 'til you see what the big mind can do.
  7. It's at least as likely as anybody actually wanting to read facile football observations drowned in hamfisted postmod affectations.
  8. Guess we know who the other new mod is now.
  9. Then how's he supposed to score points with the selection committee?
  10. 'Filled?' No wonder. I got banned because the ****ing hacks couldn't come up with their own material. And of course the notion that I take marching orders from EY is beyond hysterical.
  11. He's campaigning for mod. I'm sure they're all duly impressed.
  12. SAR fills the entire front page with OT threads. A mod tells him to knock it off. He doesn't. The mod bans him. Sooth overrules the mod, lifts the ban, and says it's okay for certain posters to spam. I post 'Free Yellin' as spalin@alaska.gov one time in response to one of Ham's blog entries. I am banned indefinitely. The mods all confer and decide this is an appropriate resolution. Sure, JI is all about the community. I think I just have a different community in mind than you and Ham and Sooth do.
  13. It's not that people thought they were more important than they are, it's that JI thought it was more important than it is.
  14. I heard we got a new quarterback. Favor or something. Can anybody confirm?
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