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  1. Meaning this is the second time he's made Winslow expendable, which is all sorts of awesome because screw that guy.
  2. The infuriating thing to me is how we missed on these particular guys. There is simply no way that Jordan White got cleared by our medical staff. I have a better chance of sneaking an alarm clock and a pack of road flares through TSA. Robert T. Griffin? More like Sean T. Deegan. Ganaway, same. Enough with the fat people for god's sake. And Allen plays a position that doesn't exist in the NFL. Might as well take a bandit end from Clemson. Oh. Right. Sapp. What's Tannenbaum's next move, land war in Asia?
  3. Also, it's a good record, but I think you're kind of throwing around the genius label.
  4. Dixon instead of Harrison is kind of a surprise.
  5. Much better. Here comes the hit count.
  6. **** you and your rules for everybody else, pig.
  7. Jesus was a transvestite.
  8. Yes. The rock song about vikings is cheesy because of the arrangement.
  9. It's not dirty pool if it's what everybody wants. Cimini is right for a change. Of course Schottenheimer would make a lateral move before coming back. After a while everybody just gets sick of talking about something that's essentially cosmetic anyway. I mean, look at the prodigal retard in New England. Leaves, sets Denver's offense back about seventy years, gets his job back effective stat. Or Haley and Sparano going frankenstein. This sh*t just would not make sense if coaching and 'systems' and such worked how people think they do.
  10. I like how you compare Holmes to Greg Jennings, Roddy White, and Reggie Wayne and then tell him to go test the market. We may be looking at the next Josh McDaniels here.
  11. Also, I don't know why anybody wants to blow a first-rounder on a running back. In terms of personnel it's basically the only position where we have a plan, and it's a good plan.
  12. The idea of surplus value is why it's generally a bad idea to draft a running back in the first round. The difference between a blue chip tackle and a second-rounder is huge. The difference between a blue chip halfback and a UDFA is pretty small.
  13. I'm fine with drafting an offensive lineman in the first round. The biggest holes are quarterback and receiver, but we're not replacing Sanchez with a rookie and we've only drafted a receiver in the first round once since Keyshawn, we need to up the talent level on offense, and that leaves the line. Specific merit to a guy like DeCastro (I like Glenn too; DeCastro is physically in the mold of the group we put together during the Mangini years, while Glenn has the size Rex seems to prefer and can definitely play tackle too) is pulling and blowing stuff up on the second level which were actually our biggest weaknesses this year as far as the line goes. There really aren't all that many other ways to go in terms of our drafting tendencies. Maybe Poe tests out, maybe there's a linebacker that doesn't give us Gholston flashbacks. Maybe Rex looks at Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham and decides he knows how to pick tight ends. In terms of one guy, today, DeCastro's as good a guess as any.
  14. Fat lot of good your precious cloud is gonna do you when skynet takes over.
  15. I'm only not retracting this because if I did he'd probably die in a gardening accident.
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