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  1. If you're looking for something to do you can go find me a picture of Vlad Ducasse sitting in a little chair eating a big sandwich.
  2. Not just that, but as you'll hopefully have noticed, what heavy lifting there is for the quarterback to do is all before the play, which seems like it would be helpful when the quarterback turns into a pumpkin when the ball is snapped.
  3. As long as we have Rex, Revis, and Cromartie, there's no way in the world Belichick is letting Welker go.
  4. I can't tell whether this is a commentary on the Jets' season or a review of Our Mexican Cousin.
  5. Sanchez shot that Pepsi Max commercial at Home Depot Center for god's sake. Door's wide open at this point.
  6. Production translates at the position, so you're not really going to see a whole lot of big school sleepers. I mean, you're talking about guys flying below their own teams' radars. Look for guys who put up great rate stats (TD/G, Y/A) in limited time, preferably with some sort of explanation for same besides that the numbers are just fluky.
  7. If there were any justice in the world, Rutgers/SJ would be like OSU/UM every year.
  8. I can reply to avatars without reading posts a good 85% of the time.
  9. The problem I have with the regime is that Tannenbaum and Ryan both seem to have been promoted beyond their competence. What additional value are we getting from having Tannenbaum as the general manager instead of the cap guy? Rex as head coach instead of defensive coordinator? ******* Bradway is still running personnel. Rex is maybe the biggest retard in-game to ever disgrace an NFL sideline, openly professes to have no idea what's going on with the offense (presumably specials too but I think we'd all just as soon he kept his fat a$$ out of Westhoff's way), and causes an uproar every time something comes out of, or goes into, his mouth. And this is before taking into account anything that constitutes an active ****up. We need four new guys, but three of them are the GM, the coach, and the quarterback. We also need a receiver. We don't have serious weaknesses in any area save those where you absolutely can't afford to have a serious weakness. My god I hate this team.
  10. We also would have accepted 'explode queen right derp 438 run at F8 cross option.'
  11. Blip blap Kerry Rhodes derpity doo. I speak stupid fluently. Albeit with an accent.
  12. I think you've got the sombrero on the wrong axis.
  13. As qualifications go that's somewhere between silver and bronze in the special olympics.
  14. It's a ridiculous comparison that portends nothing. The 2009 defense was historically great and regression was inevitable. Tried explaining that at the time, got shouted down by retards insisting that with another year in the system and personnel changes x, y, and z, there was nowhere to go but up.
  15. Dumb fan check-in thread > real fan check-in thread
  16. In the land of the blind, the eye test is about as effective as predicting the weather with bird entrails.
  17. Fine. It's not 'great.' It's #2 against the pass, #4 against the run, #1 and #2 against 1/2 wideouts, respectively (Cromartie's great, too, which ought to infuriate the number-haters to no end), and it once had a bad drive against Tebow. And whoever you're using the purportedly not great defense as a scapegoat for is probably terrible.
  18. Those who can't play talk. This totally smacks of the interview McElroy did with Cowherd last year where he was trashing Newton for stumbling when he was asked what his favorite play call was. Who's laughing now, nerd boy?
  19. http://footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef Might not be confusing, might not be scary, but it's definitely still great.
  20. Only if they keep paying him. So probably not.
  21. It makes sense if the previous take had been re: Santonio selfpics.
  22. Probably because the extent of what you know about Martz's offense is basically limited to the fact that it's always being referred to as vaguely complicated. Don't be that guy. Read this. http://smartfootball.blogspot.com/2005/12/st-louis-rams-shallow-cross-concepts.html
  23. If you remembered he was a junior you wouldn't be wasting time with all these words.
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