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  1. Last year I had it at 2:1 to be one of Liuget, Kerrigan, Ayers, Houston, and Wilkerson as of 4/20. I expect to do better and sooner this year.
  2. I love this horsesh*t. Like willingness to settle cheap is some kind of virtue. Turn the other cheek too often and you get a toenail through it.
  3. I'm just having a difficult time getting my head around the idea of a fan who can't evaluate quarterbacks but is nonetheless qualified to hold forth at ridiculous length about the offensive coordinator's performance. Sounds like an interesting character.
  4. Of course the losers are sticking together. This team is the ******* island of misfit toys.
  5. By being more concerned about Sanchez's feelings than about sending a horrible message to everybody else by steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the fact that the quarterback just plain can't play?
  6. I don't have any recollection of Dilfer as a prospect. Did some homework, though, but I never got as far as all this. Take a wild guess why.
  7. Limewire? Good god man. Live in the now. Bittorrent + the Pirate Bay.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIbRgVQMjbQ&feature=related
  9. It turns out not to be as much fun as you were expecting. Though I guess being right about something negative about the Jets would be a rather more novel experience for you.
  10. When you say 'no one else,' you mean besides whom?
  11. Of course Woody is fed up with his mouth. He overpromises and underdelivers. You really think guys as rich as Woody just chalk that up to personality and chuckle at Rex being Rex? Of ******* course not.
  12. No. Woody's not going to have Tannenbaum fire Rex only to get fired himself and it'll take some time to get the new GM lined up.
  13. Because of the extension we can keep Schottenheimer without promoting him if we make a head coaching change. Fire Tannenbaum, fire Rex, cut Sanchez, promote Pettine, and hire whatever GM can deliver the best quarterback. Pretty quick fix as total rebuilds go.
  14. I think the apparent weird power imbalance has more to do with the fact that it's starting to look like Schottenheimer will be here after Rex is gone.
  15. There are also people who insist that we still can't really be sure whether the financial crisis was caused by the existence of an unregulated market for securities that exist exclusively for gambling purposes or improvident borrowing. I don't understand why people who are wrong about everything get to decide when it's time for other people to be right.
  16. I can't believe there's still somebody who'd care if Sanchez got his head knocked off.
  17. Which means he's obviously going to the Lakers. Nets will resign Humphries eventually. Evans apparently thinks he can get full MLE off somebody. We're a knee away from abject calamity here.
  18. Murphy, Przybilla, Kenyon, Dampier, Evans. And those are the good options. Getting ugly.
  19. 2011 Wins Produced (per 48) Gasol 14.81 (.234) Bynum 8.78 (.281) Kidd 11.77 (.213) Odom 11.63 (.212) Humphries 10.92 (.254) Lopez -.18 (-.003) Fields 12.52 (.237) Chandler 11.52 (.268) I don't see how Howard doesn't ultimately get dealt to the Lakers. They're getting their depth in order with McRoberts and Murphy, Pau keeps telling everybody who'll listen that as far as he knows he's still on the block, and the basic salary framework is pretty clean. There's room to give LA a little something extra, obviously Anderson would be ideal but dunno if Orlando's gonna go for that, but I'd think they'd be entitled to something more for shipping both Gasol and Bynum and taking back Turkoglu's contract. Nets supposedly passed on Nene because they thought they had a deal before the Magic broke off talks but I just don't have any idea how that's possible. They don't have assets. Neither does Dallas. We have the assets but can't realistically take on any of their contracts until we can extend-and-trade Fields and put together enough expirings to match on Duhon and QRich or something.
  20. So much for that. Obviously. Bargains for the biannual are getting worse, not better. Might as well just sign Shawne now before we screw this up any further. Davis is going to be out two months and if anybody offers him more than the minimum they can have him.
  21. Conflicting reports on whether the Knicks are talking to Reggie Williams now. Probably not since now that I think about it that would be a really good signing. Maybe worth it even at the expense of Shawne. Solid TS% and WP48 and earned his shot playing SSOL at VMI. Seems like legit upside.
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