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  1. Not yet. I wanna see where this goes first.
  2. This one's really stretching his fifteen minutes out.
  3. Reggie Evans for mini-MLE and Alonzo Gee for the minimum?
  4. Wilkerson is pretty good but Wilson's the biggest surprise by far. He was incredibly bad last year.
  5. McRoberts for two years at 2.5 per would have been perfect. We're probably going to end up with Shawne for that which is comparatively terrible. Maybe everybody will totally forget about Kris Humphries or something. I'd be looking to address depth behind Chandler and Amare instead of screwing around with interchangeable pieces in the backcourt like the Knicks are doing. Douglas and Fields are better than Bibby, Barea, Crawford, Davis, etc.
  6. Now Denver's about to get Fernandez for nothing. Maybe things will get interesting between now and Friday but I think we're dicking around with players who aren't worth it and blowing all sorts of opportunities.
  7. If it bothers everybody don't write it. The johnny badass routine is really embarrassing.
  8. They're not trading Douglas or Fields for Crawford. I didn't think he'd sign for the 2.5, but if that's the deal McRoberts got then we ought to be holding out for better.
  9. Wow. The Lakers just swiped McRoberts for the room exception. We'd better be sitting on something better than Baron/Crawford/Shawne.
  10. This clown Amendola is a one-man monkey show. I can't figure out what the angle is here but I'm pretty sure he's just dumb and crazy. They may do Sandusky for the Kennedy assassination by the time this goes to trial.
  11. I think it's more like a two-year window with Chandler/Fields/Carmelo/Amare/Nash. Time is on LeBron's side and nobody else is really all that good. Figure year four of the max deals is spent blowing everything up.
  12. All you hear about Sanchez is potential this and patience that but they won't give Rex a year to teach a Ngata clone how to play.
  13. Technically, isn't the left-leaning position here that the kid's decision to break the rules shouldn't have consequences and the touchdown should stand?
  14. He's better in the lane than Camby is. He's not as good a backside shotblocker but that's Amare's job anyway.
  15. It's funny that you think Stern is pushing a small market philosophy as against the players. I'm sure that's exactly how it's meant to look. But what he's really doing, even as he blocks Chris Paul to the Lakers, is advancing the big markets' agenda at the expense of the small. This is because taking a hard line on Paul is ultimately predicated on the assumption that the max contract system works to the small market's benefit when it just obviously doesn't.
  16. I told you. Now they're saying the demand was Bledsoe and another pick on top of the Gordon/Kaman/Aminu/Minnesota 1 offer. What a disaster. They are never gonna do better than Gordon and that pick. Bledsoe isn't even good. Nor is the extra pick all that likely to be either. Stern's out of his mind.
  17. Aten


    Honestly, if you ixnay on the esusjay, the closest parallel I can think of is in 2006 when the Chiefs stole a weak AFC West because Damon Huard randomly went three months without turning the ball over. The only person in the entire world who got hysterical over what this did and did not say about Damon Huard as a quarterback and as a person was Chan, and he's a ******* moron anyway.
  18. We need to get Williams signed right now. I think Shumpert is going to see a lot of playing time because he can guard the position which keeps Fields on the floor. Jeffries can't be the first big up too. The offense will just die.
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