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  1. Yeah, but how's this going to work exactly? The Clippers are already offering Gordon and the pick and New Orleans apparently wants Bledsoe too. Paul isn't going to re-up or even agree not to opt out if all they're left with is Griffin and Jordan.
  2. Aten


    I don't know why there are so many more people who feel the need to remark that they don't understand and/or agree with the Tebow hate than there are people who actually hate Tebow.
  3. This one is kinda ghetto but, yeah, it basically says what you expect. http://82games.com/nbadraftpicks.htm
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  5. There have to be rules against it. I mean, NBA teams are so goddamned stupid they can't even be allowed to trade their first-round pick in consecutive years, I'm sure they're protected against finding more creative ways to screw up.
  7. Right. If only we had gone with the 76-point game plan instead of the 17-point game plan.
  8. This is all bullsh*t narrative. The defense got beat by a great quarterback. Sanchez did nothing against an awful defense.
  9. That those would be the last points we'd score and that they wouldn't be enough.
  10. Sanchez completed 56% of his passes, threw a pick, and led us to zero points in the second half. But since we had a lead at one point that somehow means he played great and the defense blew it.
  11. Your argument doesn't need to be exaggerated because it's already outlandish. Whenever somebody says that a guy 'played well enough to win,' the one thing you know for sure is that he lost.
  12. Does Bibby actually do anything besides spot up now or does this mean Shawne's gone to Jersey for sure?
  13. Here's that, by the way. http://www.jetsinsider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1972598
  14. If that's the mature way of saying it I think I'll stick with the insults.
  15. Seems as though they've come up with a better one already. So now Demps looks like a retard, of course, and Sterns comes off better than he should like all he did was drive a hard bargain, but still. That trade was terrible and the new and improved one is going to be terrible too.
  16. Bit much. Might have got me to swing at this one otherwise.
  17. I don't know. If what you're saying is that you didn't mean opinion literally in the first place and were basically giving him the Dude 'that's, like, your opinion, man' then yes. If not then no.
  18. Better is easy to operationalize. Everything the quarterback does can at least in theory be assigned an expected value expressed in wins. On any level we know the difference exists.
  19. Orlando demanded Bynum and Gasol. God only knows what they want off Jersey.
  20. Maybe. I'm sure you understand that acknowledging that the string ends with a single identifiable bulb concedes the point. So we've got that going for us. Realizing that an answer exists is certainly the first step toward figuring out what it is. The first thing we would have to do is define terms because 'currently' doesn't really establish a timeframe for reference. Even if you wanted to go for the highest degree of illusory subjectivity and say it's one play, and how can you differentiate between, say, Brady's 99-yard touchdown to Welker vs. Flutie's hail mary vs. the fake spike and so forth? I would look at win probability deltas here, meaning the degree to which the play changed the odds of the quarterback's team winning the game. Then you would want some kind of clock adjustment; you don't want it to be inordinately skewed by the game state because that adds a lot of noise but you also want to retain some of that leverage as a reward for clutchiness and whatnot. Finally of course you need to difference out all of the other factors that led to the success of the play, which obviously is nearly impossible to do in any sort of principled systemic way. Now that I've written this it occurs to me as though I've basically answered it as one would one of those Microsoft-type job interview questions, which in itself I think sort of illuminates the point.
  21. Really? I think that contextually this is the best move we've made since the ledger cleared in 2009. Amare was a necessary evil. We let Carmelo force his way onto the team as bait for somebody better and in doing so made it impossible to actually get said somebody. So here we are. Is there a better plan than Chandler (obviously I'd have preferred Nene but you get the idea) and Nash?
  22. Rodgers 2011:Brady 2007::hatred for wife:hatred for kids
  23. Picture a string of Christmas lights a hundred feet long that you are viewing from a hundred feet away. Each light represents some sample of quarterback performance along a continuum, left end being the worst, right end being the best. So if they were to flash the one for Sanchez 2011 and then the one from Rodgers 2011 you'll be able to clearly observe that the latter is to the right of the former. But if they flash the one for Rodgers and then the one from Brady 2007, they're both going to seem to be in the same place. That doesn't mean that their relative position is actually subject to debate. One is further right than the other. That's how a string works. That's how better works. It's just that such ultimately pointless distinctions are somewhat beyond our ability to perceive and measure and define.
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