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  1. Why does Dallas want to do the sign and trade now when they didn't before? I assume the player is just Balkman or Rautins so is it just that they want the exemption now since the 2012 FA started flying off the market and there's not going to be anything to use the cap space they already had on?
  2. The fact that something isn't susceptible to precise measurement doesn't make it a matter of opinion. Maybe Rodgers is playing better than any quarterback ever has before. Maybe he isn't. But there's a right answer. Bro.
  3. Chandler closes lots of doors. He's fine, he certainly meets our biggest need, but honestly, how does being locked in to a core of Amare/Carmelo/Chandler for 50M a year end anywhere but Isiahtown?
  4. I don't think it's that the deal was so bad for the Hornets so much as that it was so brazenly cannibalistic for the Lakers. Stern knows as well as anybody else that trying to stop the big markets from barreling small markets with expiring stars is ultimately futile, but letting L.A. convert Gasol and Odom into Paul and massive cap relief is just beyond the pale.
  5. Dallas doesn't want Billups. Also, Knicks were going to flip Turiaf for one of the trade exceptions the Lakers were to receive in the Paul deal but that's dead now obviously.
  6. There's a better chance of Jackie Chiles getting Albert Haynesworth a contract from the Texas Rangers.
  7. That wasn't going to happen anyway. If we're shooting our amnesty on Billups to sign Chandler instead of saving it as ersatz insurance on Amare we must think we've got Nash in the pocket for next year.
  8. Deal dead. Pretty sure it was a sham from go. Even if the Hornets didn't have an explicit assurance from the league that the trade would get killed, it was so stupid bad they had to know Stern would step in and save them from themselves. This was plainly done just to appease Paul but it's so transparent I'm sure his people see right through it.
  9. We're not the worst! We're not the worst! We're not the worst!
  10. Well, yeah, I don't think there's a whole lot of doubt that if Manning is cleared and can be had at any price it's a no-brainer, but at this point I consider him to be a current NFL player to about the same extent as Favre.
  11. Also, I'm with bitonti on this anyway. The chalk line here is Manning never plays again. I don't think the stem cell fiasco is being given due attention because Manning/Luck is a better story, but this is a huge deal. There's less restriction on experimental procedures in Europe but even there doctors generally only do stuff like that in the face of failure of what they refer to by contrast as 'evidence-based' medicine. The Colts aren't passing on Luck and Manning's not going to take the risk for a new team. It's hard to see this ending any other way.
  12. Technically, that can only be construed as calling him dumb if one concedes that Sanchez is bad. I did say it was a better debate.
  13. That's only a marginally better debate than this one is.
  14. I'm not looking this up so I'll probably be the only one to get it wrong, but I think it's Moore. I remember that the Jets and Colts both worked him out but I know at least one of ours was in Jersey.
  15. Well, to be perfectly honest, yes. Haley's answer certainly makes it seem as though he remembers that draft about as well as you do.
  16. No, Colonel Sanders, you're wrong, Haley is wrong, you don't remember that draft, the Steelers didn't trade up, and our next two picks were Ellis and Abraham, not Chad. Don't do your research, continue to insist you're right anyway.
  17. On what planet was Plax ever almost a Jet in 2000? Haley is talking nonsense. Parcells blew a ton of draft picks and this is obviously hindsight but there really just isn't any way he was going to pass on Ellis or Abraham and if Plax is even on the board at that point somebody trades into 14 as soon as we make our picks. We'd have had to trade up anyway, and 18+27 conveniently comes out to 7 on the chart. Bottom line on Plax and virtually anybody else who came out that year, we really wanted him, we'd have had him.
  18. At this point I find it more encouraging when they're idiots. At least that way you can disregard the possibility that he strung a dozen words together and tricked Rex into giving him a job. Like Sanchez.
  19. Smart Football is a great site that does a very good job breaking down the nuts and bolts. You will find this to be interesting and informative. Or it will make you angry. http://smartfootball.blogspot.com/2009/07/nfl-offense-what-is-it-why-does-every.html
  20. This is like watching a Christopher Guest movie about football.
  21. These arguments always come down to the dudes who know everything just completely refusing to explain their position. I keep hoping to be enlightened.
  22. You understand that not getting the first down isn't the worst thing that can happen there, right?
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