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  1. Do you really need to defend the call to say that it's patently insufficient basis for somebody who doesn't really seem to have any idea what an offense entails or how playcalling works to expound on how little anybody else knows?
  2. First pick is going to be OL/DL barring unforeseen circumstances like Cromartie gets cut or something. LB/RB with the first two picks is just terrible.
  3. Don't be sad. Throwing Schottenheimer under the bus only buys him a year. A year that logistics dictated we were probably gonna have to eat anyway.
  4. I have raw materials too. I'm smart and intellectually curious, I read super fast, and I can argue a hole in a brick wall. And if I'd only gone to law school for one year none of that would mean dick. There's no big mystery here. Lewin works because there's no time for catch-up in the NFL. Sanchez started for one year; that doesn't mean it's going to take him longer to get up to speed, it means he never will. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning work around the clock, year in and year out, just to stay great. Sanchez has the same amount of time to get competent, get great, and stay great. How was that ever supposed to work?
  5. Dumb and bad at throwing? No, I don't imagine you can.
  6. You might want to get that checked out.
  7. Specifically Byung Hyun Kim.
  8. That's why he'd be a perfect fit. McNabb's too fat to run the two-minute drill and that's all Sanchez can do.
  9. Sanchez must have coke in his jock. This is absurd.
  10. Aten

    Bart Scott

    Isn't this point sort of self-defeating? We sign Ray instead and Harris is the one taking on guards all day and he breaks down early just like Scott and Hartwell and everybody else who's had that job.
  11. Early, late, whatever. If Dontari Poe runs 5.1 there's not a whole lot to talk about.
  12. Not on the rankings you gave it wasn't.
  13. Top half talent one year, top half offense two years.
  14. Hufnagel was fired near the end of the 2006 season when the Giants put up the 7th-highest offensive DVOA. The offense was significantly worse in 2007 (18th).
  15. yeah..... this CBNY thing you're doing..... just screams populist
  16. When I went to the game here last year it was pretty terrible. If we'd extended Holmes before that we'd have lost for sure because he was the only one who was even trying at that point. Cotchery (the gimp play notwithstanding) and Edwards had just plain given up and it was Haynesworth-rolling-around-on-the-ground obvious. Now Holmes and Plax are dogging it. I don't know how we're supposed to get receivers to lay out for this guy when they know full well that if it takes longer than a second and a half for the ball to come out it's going the other way anyway.
  17. I guess I did too, then, because I didn't see any particular reason to infer that 2012 in the OP referred to the calendar year and not the season. Way to stick to your guns though. I'm sure this'll go great.
  18. Though I'm not able to intelligently discuss the relative gayness of TomShane and JiF, I sure would like to know how your dumb a$$ evidently has been dubbed the resident nerd.
  19. lol @ invoking 'what the professionals say.' Frankly I give more credence to your fan's opinion. Regardless of whether these guys are former professional players, coaches, whatever, that isn't what they are now. They're professional content providers. They go up there and word vomit empty cliches to kill time. None of this is actual shop talk. Not even when they get rid of the anchor, lose the jackets and ties, and sit in a circle with their elbows on their knees. You ever catch that one? The networks both rolled out basically identical updates on the Retired Pros Just Sitting Around Talking About The Game show this season. NFLN is always hacky but with ESPN this stuff is shades of Olbermann in a bomber jacket. As fans go I have little doubt that an EY production would at minimum be a little less insulting to my intelligence. 'What the professionals say' about the quality of coaching Sanchez has received is the demonstrated market for Schottenheimer's services. He has been kept on by the Jets through a head coaching change and subsequently extended, with persistent interest from the rest of the league, specifically and tellingly including both of the other two teams in our division not coached by Bill Belichick and both of the other two teams that drafted starting quarterbacks in the first round in 2009. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter all that much who the offensive coordinator is. From 'play design' -- I always picture Schottenheimer furiously scribbling on a chalkboard like Damon in Good Will Hunting when I hear that -- to in-game calls to the teaching points you mentioned earlier, this stuff is all a matter of best practices, and not even the least competent NFL coach is oblivious to things that seem obvious to morons on couches.
  20. Aten

    We suck

    On a conceptual level I really can't think of a more idiotic endeavor than starting a thread on a message board to go reactionary on imagined I-told-you-soers.
  21. If I didn't know anything about football and the Jets and had to go purely based on the contents of this thread, I'd be forced to conclude that Brian Schottenheimer is the imaginary friend of the world's dumbest five-year old.
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