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  1. Did you try checking the specs on the endline for the rotary girder?
  2. We were on the phone with Ducasse. I'll take their word for Greene. Only Rexism I see implicated here is making retard draft picks then gloating about them.
  3. Jets apparently had a first-round grade on Greene though. It's downright scary what these ****heads think a first-round draft pick looks like. A quarterback with sixteen starts, a big ten running back, and some dude fresh off the actual boat.
  4. I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. And it had the ******* internet. This isn't arcane, unknowable stuff. The actual information is out there. You only settle for the fake stuff they make in Bristol because you're lazy. All this strategery crap you think you know was made up to fill airtime. And even though I'm clearly banging my head against a wall here, one last time. Yes, the play is one read and dead, but it's an easy read because the corners are playing seven yards deep and bail at the snap, which means odd coverage, which means the throw goes to the flat. The design of the play worked. McKnight was wide open. The reason the route breaks off short of the first-down line is because the defenders are sitting on a throw at the marker. That's why it works. McKnight goes to the sticks, it's a lot more likely McCourty gets back to break up the pass than it is that he tackles him if the play is run as it was.
  5. How about you really just don't have any idea what you're talking about. Some variation of everybody run a curl has been in every NFL playbook for about fifty years, it's a very common call in similar situations, and the route depth is supposed to be a little short of the sticks. There's nothing unusual about the design or call. Sanchez just blew the read. Sometimes things are as simple as they look. The entire notion of armchair offensive coordinator performance evaluation is certainly as stupid as it sounds.
  6. How do you say 'cognitive dissonance' in Mexican?
  7. No deep safety, no deep safety, derp derp derpderp. Please stop with the jargon because you are the suck at it. When people talk about whether or not there is 'a' deep safety, they're talking about man coverage. On this play, the Patriots are playing zone with four underneath and the strong safety and corners playing over the top in thirds.
  8. It's not a progression read. It's either/or. The throw is to the flat against odd coverage, to the seam against even coverage. Sanchez starts out looking left because he likes to throw head fakes, not because the play was going that way. McCourty has to break back and is going to hit McKnight, not squarely, about a yard from the sticks. That's going to convert more often than not. You guys keep saying deeper routes like nobody ever thought of that before. It's third down. You send the receivers deeper, the windows get tighter, and the quarterback's an idiot, so what do you suppose happens then?
  9. Maybe McCourty makes the tackle, maybe he doesn't. That's not a dig. Patriots are in cover-3. This is a horrendously conceived thread.
  10. //grasps at straw, tears rotator cuff Jets fans are the best/worst.
  11. Somebody posted this already. There's nothing wrong with the call. It's an easy first down if Sanchez doesn't blow a simple read.
  12. Translation: Schottenheimer can no more run an offense with an old bad quarterback than he can with a young bad one. This is real simple. The offense is bad because the players are bad at playing football. Same problem as always. Mangold was hurt, Ferguson's having a lousy year, Holmes visibly just plain doesn't give a sh*t, and everybody else is just garbage, most importantly and conspicuously Sanchez. Yet somehow this merry band of misfits and retards is sitting at 13th in offensive DVOA right now. We've obviously established that there's only so far this offense is going to go with Schottenheimer and no talent, but I haven't really seen anything to indicate that he couldn't run an offense given access to things like a quarterback and playmakers.
  13. Yes, actually. That is absolutely what I believe happened. Of the possible explanations -- mass miscommunication, mass conspiracy, or single lapse in the game of telephone -- the last is eminently the most plausible until a lot more is known. McQueary is the choke point, he acted in a calculated manner upon seeing what he saw so it is totally reasonable to expect that his account to Paterno was equally calculated, and the ineffectual follow-up, while still unforgivable, is a lot easier to understand if you assume what Paterno was told wasn't rape but more along the lines of creepy uncle you don't leave alone with the kids stuff.
  14. I'd like Sanchez if I was a Patriots fan too.
  15. I don't know why I even bother. You were saying he couldn't be fired. Now you're talking about whether he committed a crime. These are separate issues.
  16. That's not a reason why they 'can't' fire him. That's your guess as to why they haven't yet. There's some applicable code of conduct; I dunno what it is specifically, whether GAs are part of some CB unit or whatever, but there was definitely some kind of affirmative obligation for McQueary as the only staff on scene witnessing a sex crime in progress to do something beyond running it up the flagpole to his superiors.
  17. I think the McQueary part is what really speaks to the state of our morals. The dude walked in on a child rape and made a business decision. Sandusky is just sick. What he did is totally unrelatable for any normal person, but you can put yourself in McQueary's shoes. Certainly none of us would do what he did where the crime he witnessed was so monstrous and the risk that his meal ticket would get taken away for doing something about it was so remote, but what happens when the line gets blurry? And what the hell is wrong with Pops McQueary? My father would reach through the phone and beat me to death if I found myself in that situation and decided the play was to call daddy instead of doing something about it.
  18. It's actually quite breathtaking when it's on fire.
  19. The problem with Sanchez isn't that he's inconsistent. It's that he sucks deep, sucks outside the numbers, and makes lots of huge mistakes.
  20. Sanchez is the worst average quarterback I have ever seen.
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