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  1. Good. Have you been watching the games? We look decent. Hodges is a good QB, glad he transfered from Wake Forest. We would have won 10 games with him last year...

  2. Hey CJ...Nice sig. :)

  3. Hey, I will double check for you. Not sure about the 90's style throwback. I'll let you know.

  4. Mmmmm. I always have fire. Nice.

  5. your sig is golden! ha!

  6. Sick sig. That center is 6-4, 300 lbs. and Jenkins tossed him like a rag-doll.

  7. I love your story. My mother moved here when she was 3. She only spoke Italian at home and when she entered kindergarden, she had the same problems as you but learned through the TV. She works for a school now and has the same feelings as you. Too funny.

  8. Nice! I had a G-400 custom (with humbucker pickups). The G-400 is a great guitar for the money. Great choice.

  9. lol. Another good word of advice...you could get an awesome pre-owned guitar...like a fender american strat or even that same one for a lower price. Keep searching.

  10. Thanks. Good luck with the guitar.

  11. I know, right?

  12. hey there. how are you?

  13. It's in Jax...I'll be there tomorrow AM, I'm leaving there tomorrow night (late), then leaving for Boca tomorrow morning...

  14. Tomorrow...just for the day.

  15. I'm doing an ESPN radio show in JAX, bitchhhhhh

  16. So...what are you doing tomorrow?? lol

  17. Italians are good in bed too...

  18. sorry i missed you last weekend. :( come back?

  19. i literally just figured out that we are the same age.

  20. :) i hope that's truly a compliment. thanks. so are you happy about the sanchez trade?
  21. scoop-getter? it sounds...sexual?

  22. Wait, nevermind. Ditz moment.

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