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  1. jetsrules deserved no better. That picture is perfect.
  2. lol I will lead the game in post count and I will have a 500 word minimum per post.
  3. Im gonna be a combination of Vicious and DanX. Be prepared.
  4. When Doggin first mentioned the alt accounts I didn't realize exactly who they worked and I just thought it meant we all would make a second account. I was gonna make one and call myself ChanTheMaster, steal his avatar and sig and just be a general doosh to everyone. Would have been fun.
  5. That should be a problem for me. I should be easy to figure out.
  6. I have class in the morning and early afternoon on Mondays.
  7. To be fair no one has. Its been you Doggin and CTM going at it since the AVM lynch.
  8. If you guys thinks its the right move go for it. I am roleless but if you guys think we will get more information by lynching me than we would by lynching anybody else than fine by me.
  9. Oh calm yourself. I didn't check in here during the draft and I was busy at night. I am not conspiring in any way with Doggin.
  10. I thought we were waiting for Vicious so I kinda stopped checking in for a while.
  11. You grouped me with Doggin and Jets Things so you can go with one of them. Or Norway. Thats where I'm leaning right now just to what happens.
  12. Fair enough but there were also 5 other people on each list. Including Norway and the assumed cop Vic who had both AVM and Sharrow on their lists.
  13. You want to throw a "Trust me" in there two cause thats about all you got.
  14. What makes you think I'm the Sk? Still haven't seen a reason.
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