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  1. Yes, Dom Luszczyszyn writes analytics-focused articles and does it quite well, imo. However, I don't think you need analytics to determine that the Rangers had an awful off-season for a team with the makings of a great, young core. I've never seen a team make foolish, reactionary moves on this scale in response to a single incident.
  2. I've been a subscriber since around launch, because their NHL coverage is excellent.
  3. I was going through my saved logins and came across JN in the list, logging in for the first time in years... and was met with this sad news. RIP Savage69. It was nice, though, to see so many long-time members still active and paying their respects.
  4. This joke of a franchise just blew their cap space on mediocre-at-best players and even then, the worst offseason move will be passing on Dennis Smith, Jr.
  5. Shaq himself talks about it in the special. I'd tell you to EAD, but that'd be like telling you to go breathe. I can't be bothered to address your other response, as it was without substance.
  6. Thanks for the inside info that was all provided in the 30 for 30 that everyone posting in here watched as well.
  7. 1,7. Remains to be seen how flopping would affect Jordan's game 2. If Magic has to cover Curry, he's getting the worst of this matchup. I'm no fanboy by any means, but against Magic, Curry would be able to get off his shot at will. The thing that people are failing to factor in here is that a 3 is worth 50% more points than a 2. Assuming scoring in the paint and from the charity stripe to be a wash, a team of guys that can shoot even 50% from midrange is going to lose to a team that can shoot around 40% from downtown. 3. Garnett/Duncan could certainly hold their own. How many elite defensive centers did Olajuwon (my favorite player, btw) face each season? Let's not act like he was averaging 40+ a game against guys who were far worse defenders than Garnett (an all-time great defensive player, even though he's the biggest fake tough guy of all-time) and Duncan. 4. You're out of your mind. 5. Adjust and go small. Have Duncan, Garnett, or Pau play the 5 for stretches. 6. Dumb 8. This isn't Jack Sikma or Kiki Vandeweghe that Larry Legend would need to guard. Do you seriously think he'd have any prayer guarding the likes of LeBron? 9. Perhaps true, but his Jordan is the only guy who can guard him with his handle and release. Who is going to stop Kobe or LeBron then? 10. Probably true, but irrelevant The game has completely changed and the athleticism and 3-point shooting of the latter era would simply be too much for the 80's guys to handle.
  8. Was Durant an intentional snub, or an oversight? Replace Parker with Kidd. Feels wrong to leave off Iverson, but his game wasn't well-suited to being on a team of stars.
  9. Herein lies the answer to why this team couldn't win... their 3PT shooting is atrocious. You have 3 PG's on the bench, none of whom have any shooting range. You need Reggie in there for that reason alone.
  10. I really wish I remembered where I hosted the rest of these... and here I was thinking they'd never be relevant again...
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