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  1. This joke of a franchise just blew their cap space on mediocre-at-best players and even then, the worst offseason move will be passing on Dennis Smith, Jr.
  2. Shaq himself talks about it in the special. I'd tell you to EAD, but that'd be like telling you to go breathe. I can't be bothered to address your other response, as it was without substance.
  3. Thanks for the inside info that was all provided in the 30 for 30 that everyone posting in here watched as well.
  4. 1,7. Remains to be seen how flopping would affect Jordan's game 2. If Magic has to cover Curry, he's getting the worst of this matchup. I'm no fanboy by any means, but against Magic, Curry would be able to get off his shot at will. The thing that people are failing to factor in here is that a 3 is worth 50% more points than a 2. Assuming scoring in the paint and from the charity stripe to be a wash, a team of guys that can shoot even 50% from midrange is going to lose to a team that can shoot around 40% from downtown. 3. Garnett/Duncan could certainly hold their own. How many e
  5. Was Durant an intentional snub, or an oversight? Replace Parker with Kidd. Feels wrong to leave off Iverson, but his game wasn't well-suited to being on a team of stars.
  6. Herein lies the answer to why this team couldn't win... their 3PT shooting is atrocious. You have 3 PG's on the bench, none of whom have any shooting range. You need Reggie in there for that reason alone.
  7. I really wish I remembered where I hosted the rest of these... and here I was thinking they'd never be relevant again...
  8. Let me guess, you played short-season Single-A minor league baseball?
  9. Are you honestly suggesting that a Finals that saw the first ever comeback from a 3-1 deficit and a Game 7 that was tied with a minute to play wasn't at all captivating?
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