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  1. I'm not so sure about that.... his "battles" with jetsrule were pretty entertaining, in a wow-the-future-looks-really-bleak sort of way.
  2. There's a very simple explanation... you guys are morons. It'd be more fun to watch you publicly struggle, but make sure that you're editing your avatar and not your profile picture.... EDIT: Helps to refresh the page before replying and avoid looking like a tool.
  3. No, it really didn't... it's nice to be able to search for all posts by a specific poster (or yourself), within a specific forum, etc.
  4. By "those", are you referring to nostrils?
  5. You mean short guys can't get lap dances in Tampa?
  6. That is teh suck. I impulse post sometimes. You can always edit the post and remove what you typed.
  7. Self-deprecating humor? OK, who's impersonating SBIII?
  8. Agreed. I don't want to discuss that debacle. I'll get up for next week's game when I start prepping for the tailgate.
  9. No, that would be the loss of your only troll material - Chad and the Pats dominance.
  10. Heh, well played, although I think the actual word used was "keyboard"... though I may be mistaken.
  11. Wait, so you intentionally put up that picture below your name?
  12. Stop... didn't you read? The money he makes from the site is a pittance. He doesn't need the hits.
  13. This will take your fake jersey detection skills to a whole new level....
  14. Let's be fair... Ham looked stupid waaaaay before EY made a single post about that whole situation.
  15. So, you're saying that you're not an al Qaeda operative?
  16. I like to think that he is an Internet persona created strictly for the enjoyment of others, but knowing better, I too weep...
  17. You need to try harder. Consider this forum a clean slate.
  18. I think Paulie's real motivation is that he can't bear to leave behind his 27k post count.
  19. Once I read that Klecko was threatening legal action if his likeness is used on JI, I knew I had to sign up over here to enjoy further AKF hilarity.
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