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  1. Anyone else find it curious that less than a week after Michael Sam comes out that a guy who has been unsigned for a season and a half is suddenly employed so that he can become the first openly gay athlete in a major US sports league?
  2. It's a more noble reason to keep a goat on one's property than you can claim.
  3. Audiophiles prefer the warmer sound without digital sampling.
  4. Lol if you seriously think there's a non-zero chance he comes to Brooklyn.
  5. Let's not let your team's current place in the standings fool you... They're in far worse long-term shape that the Knicks and won't even sniff an ECF before rebooting in 2017. Maybe Prokhorov can use some of the money he funneled from the Sochi games to invest in a bionic foot for Brooke Shields this offseason.
  6. The other key thing is being able to drive a conversation, which is something in which I excel - mostly due to being a cocky a$$hole. I'd be terrible in any type of sales position as I'm not enough of a dick (or the right type of dick) to easily close people, but I know how to read the situation, when to interject my thoughts, and most importantly during the social part of the interview, avoid dead air by bantering about non-controversial topics without coming across as a blabber mouth. I've conducted a fair number of interviews and a lack of confidence is the first thing that stands out to me.
  7. I'm highly adept at feigning friendliness and showing interest in what others have to say.
  8. Certainly the book has yet to be written on Wilson, but I was just commenting on the mere fact that he's been a viable starter - regardless of his supporting cast - lessens the stigma against sub-6' QB's to some degree.
  9. This was one of those "who you know, not what you know" opportunities. I still had to ace two full days of interviewing from both a technical and fit standpoint, but it really underscored the importance of networking and staying in touch with as many former colleagues as possible - at least the ones you think could be useful to you in the future. I would have never known about the position otherwise, as they generally fill the few openings they have through referrals without needing to resort to headhunters. Best of luck on having your contract renewed or landing somewhere else favorable.
  10. One text message saved us from an R-rated episode of MythBusters...
  11. Yes, he was fantastic at blocking the ball from being nestled between his arms and body on many critical 3rd downs.
  12. I don't see Anthony going anywhere that's not a big media market, so that limits his potential destinations. One of those teams, the Lakers, will have the cap space to add him his offseason, with everyone not named Kobe coming off the books. Chicago is in play, but Melo isn't exactly a fit for their coach or style of play. I can't think of a team that he'd be dying to play for that will have the cap space in 2015, but not next year. The positive for the Knicks is he does split after this season is that they will be an absolutely putrid team and will have their own #1 in 2015, which should be a reasonably high lottery selection. The unfortunate thing is that this years draft is light years better than it will be in 2015... watch Denver end up with a top-5 pick from the lottery-bound Knicks and end up with a Wiggins/Parker/Randle/Exum/Embiid, while the Knicks lose the guy they received in exchange for that pick (and a whole bunch more).
  13. I don't think I've yelled more profanity at a human being (to whom I wasn't related) than this sh*tbag.
  14. If I thought you were capable of not being a schmuck, I'd FedEx you a pastrami from Katz's right now.
  15. I wouldn't waste a top-5 pick on this sh*thead, but I doubt 1/4" is going to matter much, as people are more willing to overlook height in an athletic QB, given Russell Wilson's play as a pro and the fact that Manziel also has freakishly big hands (queue peen joke) for a guy under 6'.
  16. ...now I really hope he proves you wrong and it somehow involves you having to drink pee.
  17. Thanks... it's one of those "not leaving until they throw me out on my ass" type jobs. I hope that THJ isn't one of those players whose game will be exposed the more time he spends on the court. I think that, as Knicks fans, we have a tendency to annoint guys - especially our draft picks - as the second coming so quickly, because we only pick in the 1st Rd once every other year (thank you, Ted Stepien) and have had miserable success doing so. I mean, have the Knicks drafted a player that made an ASG while still with the team since Ewing?
  18. I'll make an effort to post semi-regularly to appease my legion of fans...
  19. Was legit hoping that the Knicks would send JR Smith to the Sixers in exchange for Kevin Grow before the deadline...
  20. If you want to make Geno legitimately uncomfortable, sign Kerry Collins and give him a case of PBR.
  21. I just bought tickets a few days ago to take my son to a game and the only reason to watch this team play is out for the year. Looks like he might have his first "embarassed by drunk, beligerent dad" moment.
  22. Switched jobs last May and actually have to accomplish more in the office than compiling rep points on JN... between the kids, gym, playing hoops, and a general disdain for the state of my sports teams, I haven't felt compelled to post much of late. The timing with RJF was a coincidence and not a form of protest. My interest has been rekindled somewhat with the combine coming up and if there are any absolutes involved, it will be the Jets once again failing to draft an offensive skill position player of any value.
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