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  1. The highlight of that entire game was getting the 15 yard excessive celebration penalty. I was going crazy, yelling at the refs to give them 30 yards haha. Nice to see the players that excited over winning, something you just don't see as much in sports these days.
  2. Anyone else find it a little off putting that our defensive coordinator is telling the defense, "don't collapse"?
  3. Well, I'm officially dumber after reading that garbage. Are they 4 years old?
  4. Such a joke haha. And Kaeding didn't look 'sad'? I thought the guy should be put on suicide watch. What game was he watching??
  5. Yeah and we won both of those games... So what's the big deal?
  6. Well he was definitely pissed at something, maybe himself though.
  7. did anyone even go to the first down marker on that play?
  8. this team is such a ****ing joke. I'm not watching this.
  9. Relax, I'm just busting balls. The Jets are gonna suck it up the rest of the year anyway, it doesn't matter what I root for.
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