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  1. in stores sept 09 ***** it gonna be hot got jholiday on tha album dawg it gonna be on BET
  2. dawg u gotta cop my album it gonna be real hip hop ya dig
  3. curtis>kanye and curtis a snitch he aint gay
  4. dude gay http://forums.projectcovo.com/showthread.php?t=1149651&page=3 that y no 1 playin that **** in tha club cuz it goes in a gay club
  5. smiz it aint kobe that song wack kanye aint hood i aint eva gonna put him on my album
  6. no doubt that goes hard in tha club mrs officer bangin to ya dig
  7. **** homie wayne from tha hood he make hood songs ya dig
  8. we brinin home tha chip fo sho
  9. this cat is gay dude keep frontin what goon makin a track like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVZX-W3vo9I homeboy is neyos bust it baby ya dig
  10. it called swag that all ya gotta have swagger holla
  11. yea homeboy that was gonna be a hit but it wack now check out fo my new song on itunes jan 19 it call gettin down jholiday on tha hook its gonna be club banger
  12. man ya gotta get that money umma keep tossin money till my arm get soar
  13. who r you im tha realest goon on here ya feel me
  14. y did yall ban that pimp kobe24jets can yall from ji and jn unban homeboy
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