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    Monday Night Miracle
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    Doug Brien
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    In spirt....
  1. What is everyone's plans for the Saturday night before. I am living in Pittsburgh, not going to the game but would love to actually hang out with Jets fans this weekend. If there is anything going on let me know. Also I might be able to help if people have questions about where or what to do.
  2. Should It Be Illegal For A Job To Require You To Speak Spanish?

    I understand your frustration but you are asking for a law that imposes on individual business owners rights. If you don't like that you can't get get hired because you can't speak Spanish than you need to do something about. This isn't an issue the government should get involved in.
  3. Should It Be Illegal For A Job To Require You To Speak Spanish?

    FWIW I am all for using only English for all official government business, an official language for the US. To me though that is a separate issue. Whether or not English is the official language, it should still be legal for employers to require their employees speak Spanish or whatever language the employers choose.
  4. Should It Be Illegal For A Job To Require You To Speak Spanish?

    Should it be illegal for a job to require you to speak English?
  5. Should It Be Illegal For A Job To Require You To Speak Spanish?

    I vote no. If my business is going to suffer because a worker can't speak Spanish than I am going to only hire someone that can speak Spanish. To me I see no difference between requiring the ability to speak Spanish and requiring the ability to use Word. It's a skill.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Jumbo Elliot staring wide-eyed at the scoreboard after that touchdown reception against the fish on MNF? The one right after this happened.
  7. Who's got Facebook?

    can you set your facebook status via text message yet or do you still have to go through mobile web?

    WOW! Best college basketball game I have ever seen!
  9. What do you order at McDonalds?

    Southern Chicken Sandwhich, actually like it better than the chick fil a version. Also 10 piece nugget combo on occasion.
  10. More Annoying: Stutterers or Deaf People?

    The Deaf
  11. Word Association

    Wonder Woman
  12. Man melts snow on house with a blow torch

    Is this supposed to represent the Jets season? Make a risky move, probably goes well for a little while, but end up getting burned in the end?
  13. Batman/Gotham : JOHNNY DEPP MUST HAVE SAID NO!

    Its real, I found a copy of the new poster....
  14. Batman/Gotham : JOHNNY DEPP MUST HAVE SAID NO!

    Am I the only one really not sold on Eddie Murphy?