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  1. Seriously, the D is stinking it up today
  2. Jets are lucky the Dolphins receivers cant catch a ball if their lives depended on it
  3. i hate Schotty. Rex should fire him on the spot
  4. This whole offense is horrible. 2 yard rushes, dropped balls, offensive line that will eventually get Sanchez killed ,etc etc etc.
  5. A TD on this drive will be the nail in the coffin.
  6. I want to say Thank You to Joe. I showed up with my buddies to the tailgate and i was told it was sold out. When i mentioned i who i was, he said he couldnt refuse me. We had a great time at a great tailgate party. ( Max, i missed you by 20 minutes)
  7. we need a poll on who the worst poster is. Visa Jet or Blackout
  8. Ellis should have been re-signed. The D-Line is 1 injury away from disaster. Kroul-Gilbert instead of Ellis. WTF
  9. Messi is the best soccer player in the world!!!
  10. 1-1 so far. Rooney tied the game on a great goal
  11. I knew Max would never make me win. He's too cheap to ship to Canada
  12. Falcon, what is you opinion of Italian-Canadians?
  13. I think he's just pissed because the Jets drafted a muslim
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