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  1. Sorry work has been crazy and I'm not usually available at nights. Suppose bit off more than I can chew. Nice job on the JiF lynch. I'm going to vote the person I still think has gone completely ignored with scum play. She was obsessed with getting me lynched instead of smash or JiF, so IMO trying to protect her scum bud JiF. Vote: Leelou
  2. The big deal is I don't want to get the finger for setting up a ninja hammer and being wrong.
  3. Being #3 opens me up to having a ninja hammer dropped. Not doing it unless the people I read town on agree with me on it. Again, scummy as hell to press me in that direction. Why do you want it so bad, so you can drop the hammer quick?
  4. The only scum hunting you've done HEY THOUGHTS ON VIC Scum reads for me are: Smash Arsis You I don't want to vote smash because I don't want to be the one who loses the game for the town by setting up for a quick ninja hammer. Your obsession with me while trying to steer the town away from the cop result is what makes me feel that way about you. You had a quick vote for me to start the day, then have JiF say Smash is scum and never moved your vote over to Smash even though you say you did vote for him previously. Sure that's fine when your scum buddy isn't in trouble. That would be a perfect distancing post. Logical scum play here is to stay off the train and draw attention elsewhere.
  5. I just love how being cute gets you off of being considered as scum. You've done nothing but tunnel in on me and now want me to vote. After you chose to ignore making a choice between Smash and JiF and pushing the train else where. I'm sticking by my guns, I trust two people and with the game hanging on the next lynch I'd rather do it in sync with people I have town reads on.
  6. I don't have anything to reveal. At this point we are going to lose the game by lynching me. Going in another direction while we have JiF claiming cop and Smash playing spastically is ridiculous. Like throwing a slant on 1st down on the goal line to try and win the SB. If anything it feels like a scum move to yell HEY DON'T LOOK OVER THERE and try and move the train in the other direction. At this stage the only person I feel 100% certain is town (outside of AVM) is JC even though he's voting me. I'm down with going wherever those two go.
  7. Come back and catch up in the post game. Good to hear from you too bro! Baseball is Mom's idea I'd rather have them playing lacrosse during the springs/summers
  8. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEL Leelou- Noted It's like I sensed a great emo in the force and was compelled to come back to JN. The ape finally shows his true colors.
  9. My apologies for my absence. Monday's are my busiest day of the week at the office, as well as after work I help coach my sons baseball team. On top of HW and stuff I crash at like 9 pm. I'm not sure what Leelou's obsession with me has been over the past few days, just feels like tunneling. JiF claims cop, Smash flips out. I can't tell if it's fake outrage or smash being townie smash. JiF does tend to have a flair for the dramatic but I'm not fully discounting his claim. so we have 7 alive total- is going no lynch an option? Scum is going to kill town, so I think it would bring to light a clearer view of who is definitely scum and make scum hunting easier from there on out. Thoughts?
  10. My love for all things lifting and the iron came from crossfit in a sense. I'll keep it brief but basically I was like this crossfit sh*t seems a bit insane let me read, got educated on the matter and actually do programming/training people as a part time job. From 50 year old women to people who want to do crossfit competitively. As someone who is still involved in the crossfit world I'll say this: it's ******* retarded. There's so much wrong with the base thought process i could go ******* NOVELA mode. It's exploded and you can get tons of irresponsible people to run local gyms and put out absolute sh*t programming. For example a local gym in NJ stopped posting their workouts online publicly because they were getting so much hate publicly. Guess what? People still join and go to that gym. RJF said it pretty simply. Some weights, a rack, and how you eat is going to get you what you want. If you want some help or whatever shoot me a PM, I can point you to some good websites or resources to read. OR let's carry this over to the other workout thread and I'll post kind of what I do.
  11. That being said Wombat usually has a good read on Leelou and he flipped town so I'm gonna run with his read. JC I NEVER feel good about, his post count is usually low so I can't trust how I'm feeling on him. Right now I would go Arsis or Smash. Smash has played in a manner I'm having a hardtime to get a read on. He's not nearly as paranoid when scum as I can recall- Jif can you elaborate your vote on that one a bit more? Arsis is new to me, so I'm not sure if I'm trying to read into his moves too much or if he's scum.
  12. Been away all weekend. The 3 boys keep me busy and was mothers day. Hope everyone got to enjoy it with their moms. TFW AVM thinks I'm scum
  13. Nothing on Leelou? I rarely have a read on wbat, which is why i'm feeling 50/50 on him.
  14. Ok these are my thoughts - I really don't like how Leelou and Arsis played today. Piggy backed off the initial Lizzie claim, fine. Then an unvote/vote to lizzie for no reason from Leelou and Arsis. Eventually settled in on wombat for LL - Lizzie plays like a whiny bitch. This is the pace of the game dealwithit.gif - Smash throwing accusations at everyone gimme lel. This means this level of paranoia probably means town. - Wombat did try buddying up to me day 1, i'm 50/50 on him Unvote Vote Leelou
  15. lel let's see how this plays out Vote: Smash
  18. Was fatty boom batty. 190# @ 5'6. In my time at JN I got all the way down to 143# and was ripped but weak. So then started eating and lifting like a man and I sit at 170-175 most of the year. Also depends on activity level. I wouldn't tell a desk jockey who works out 3x a week and does a few weights and cardio to eat rice if that makes sense. Different strokes different folks.
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