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  1. Exactly. This is actually good press for the Jets. It's another reason why I think this came from a team source. BY. THE. WAY. This story also gives the Jets cover if they don't sign Cousins because they can say they were willing to do whatever it takes to get him, but he simply said no.
  2. Don't get the ax to grind point. Nobody is putting out a false story on this. The thing is, even when it's the agent, the agent is basing it on intel he has learned. So if the agent leaked this, it means he heard through the grapevine that the Jets will do everything it takes to sign his client. Ultimately, offering full guarantee is dumb, but having a team leak it to show fealty to a player is not. Lastly, being the over attached girlfriend is not a bad thing for a team because money talks. It's always about money and players knowing that money is absolute with a certain team gives the player security in the negotiation process.
  3. Mark Cuban gets it

    Incidentally, Cuban got fined $600,000 for this statement by the NBA right after news dropped that his organization was a sexual harassment farm. So finding support in anything Cuban says right now is not a good thing.
  4. But also note there's a bit of an unwritten rule here. The agent wants the highest offer, but doesn't want to burn bridges with teams. He also doesn't want to bluff his way out of a deal because he'll get a bad rep quick among players. So an agent isn't going to going to make crazy statements in his negotiate with teams. He'll stretch, but will stay in the ballpark. It's a matter of self preservation.
  5. Note, it could also be the Jets. Because of the tampering rules the Jets can't yet negotiate with Cousins camp. Yes, an agent would want to increase demand but a team might want to make it unequivocal to a player in demand that they'll do anything to get him. All players are a bit narcissistic. They want to be loved and appreciated by teams and one way they believe that is through money. If Cousins is open to the Jets (and by all reports he is) then knowing that the Jets will break the bank for him gives him extra incentive to consider them.
  6. I don't think 6 yrs was the length of the deal the article was talking about for fully guaranteed. I believe it was 3 or 4 yr. A more interesting question is the new stories about a not fully guaranteed deal, but a balloon payment in 2018 of $60 mil. That's an interesting poll question. No way I'd say yes to a fully guaranteed $180 mil deal, but I'd say to a deal with $60 mil up front and lower cap hit later on.
  7. Spot on. AND he put a TL;DR section in his post! That should be a feature in all Sperm-esque posts.
  8. Oh jeesh, are you becoming like Matt? LOL. Dolan has interfered once in the last 5 yrs and it was to fire Phil the crazy man. Hornacek only has 1 year left after this year. Perry has to make a decision on him. Either let him coach as a lame duck, extend him, or hire someone else. Nothing to do with Dolan or Mills. If anything, Mills would want to push his old college teammate Blatt.
  9. Macc is like Norman Osborn in the original Spider-man movie looking in the mirror, but arguing over how much higher he should offer Cousins.
  10. No confusion at all on how to accurately assess the decision to pay a QB. I understand the market. You don't. Plus, your evaluation is a moving target, depending on your whims. Record matters for some, while eye tests for others. As already mentioned, starting QBs don't get $18-22 mil per in this market anymore. Garappolo just got $27.5 mil per after only 5 starts. Alex Smith just got $23.5 from the Skins. Thus, in this market, Cousins would command at least $25-30 mil per. That's reality. You, on the other hand, can continue your ravings in the fantasy world of your own creation on NFL contracts.
  11. Incidentally, Stafford has a 2-8, 1-2, 4-12, 7-9 and 7-9 records on his resume. His overall record is 60-65.
  12. Wait, is it stats, win-loss records, or eyes that matter to you? It's confusing.
  13. Nonsense? WTF are you talking about? You said he started 8 times in a season and went 1-7, which he he didn't. I was the one who pointed out that he started those games between 2 seasons in 2013 and 14. Learn how to read. Yes, he was 1-7 in those 2 season as a backup and injury replacement. He has since had a winning record. Again, you've ignored the fact that Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Big Ben and Drew Brees have all had losing records in a season. Instead, you want to point to what Cousins did as a backup. You're the only one spewing nonsense.
  14. If Rosen or Darnold is there at 3, Colts are trading out. I'd put money on it.