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  1. Why laugh? That would be a good hire for KC. Rex had his issue as HC, but he was a good DC. That's what he's made for.
  2. That's going to get lost in all this. How do you screw this up as a LB?
  3. Well, this is like an NFL Exorcism. Brady gets to play against the Rams whom he cheated out of a SB 17 yrs ago.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. They literally allowed GOAT to convert 3 straight 3rd & 10s to lose on their own homefield
  5. GOAT got the ball first in OT. Game over
  6. How do you line up offsides?
  7. Me too. That was a good looking fan uniform. The only potential change would be the symbol on the helmet, going from the Jets word mark to the Jet plan symbol, which would run diagonal like the spear on the Florida State helmet (one of the best helmets in football at any level IMO)
  8. This. The logos are removable and taken off whenever they need to touch-up the helmet. The stripe is painted on. The video simply means the helmets are going to be painted over.
  9. I'd take Williams or Ford instead.
  10. When the Jets were doing the obligatory background check on Gase, they jokingly asked him, "where are the bodies buried?" Gase got nervous because he thought they meant literally.
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