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  1. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Severino is quietly, really, really good It was fun seeing Torres up there finally, even though he left a basketball team on the bases today. LOL. Him and Andujar in the lineup is exciting. Drury got Wally Pip'd. Wade simply blew his chance. Judge & Sanchez struggled in their first tries but came on strong in their second stints. Wade stunk his second time around.
  2. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Favre does. I'm not a Mayfield fan and Rosen is my choice at 3, but what Favre had and other great QBs have (even with the "aw shucks" personality) is the ability to process information on the field quickly. That, coupled with a rocket arm, made Favre a HOF. Mayfield also has that ability, per scouts. That, coupled with the strong arm, would indicate success. College production and completion percentage is secondary. That ability to process and throw is the key. Rosen also has that so that's why I'd chose Rosen.
  3. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Jets need to sign that cop. He's a hell of a tackler.
  4. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    News reports based on scout interviews of watching Allen play. There was one really critical assessment pointing out how Allen struggled pointing out the blitzer on plays in order to adjust protections. Allen doesn't have a problem with "accuracy" per se. He can pinpoint his throws and hit a receiver in stride when he's locked in. His problem is slowly processing the play as it develops, leading him to miss throws when he has to make split second decisions.
  5. What's hilarious about this type of reaction is that it's all premised on two Jets-centric things: 1) The fans utter lack of faith in Macc's ability to evaluate a QB prospect, and 2) The fans utter lack of faith in Bowles and the coaching's staff's ability to develop a QB prospect. If the Jets had a competent QB evaluator and competent coaching staff with an ability to develop QBs, then at 3 Josh Allen would be a no brainer. You'd be high-fiving in the draft war room after you handed in that card. But because of the Jets internal issues Allen is an incredibly risky selection.
  6. Not to be dense here, but how is the denominator 96 when there are only 32 NFL teams?
  7. Allen has a hard time processing information quickly. That's why he struggles with the blitz and it is a red flag. He has to sit and work with the coaches in that. There is no other option.
  8. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Mayfield has eidetic memory (photographic memory). It's not necessarily intellect as it is the ability to process and relate information. It's been talked about, most recently in the SI article, that because of that, Mayfield can process information quicker on the field and make quicker decisions. Allen, on the flipside, has a difficult time processing information, which is a red flag. I'd take Rosen over Mayfield if I had the choice, but his ability to quickly process information is his best attribute as a prospect and gives hope to his success in the NFL. Lastly, the AIQ is not a per se intelligence test. It relates to sports only and the ability to process information on the field/court. That is why Mayfield excelled at it.
  9. New Unis?

    I'm not keen on the uni concepts, but I do like that helmet. That would be cool. No words, just a symbol.
  10. The main problem is that "failed" QB, i.e., the one who doesn't take the reigns, will not be worth the 4th overall pick (especially the 1st overall pick) in the following draft. Yes, they might get a 1st rounder for the QB battle loser, but they won't get a 1st rounder as good as the one they have now.
  11. It would be epically stupid because it means the GM used either the 1st or 4th overall pick on a player he absolutely knew would never start for his team.
  12. Happy Birthday, 80!

    Happy Birthday, 80!!!!
  13. He really has a chance to draft 2 stars, and he doesn't have the balls to pull the trigger. Absurd. He'd get penny on the dollar in trading the 1st and 4th.
  14. I believe it was anticipated. It looks clear that the Giants are taking Barkley (like I predicted and gass bags like Miss Loneyhearts scoffed at), which means that Jets will have a choice of 3 of the top 4 QBs. Elway may not be infatuated with the Jets sloppy seconds at QB. Plus, if the Giants take Barkley, that means Elway won't even have a shot at Chubb so all he's left with 2 of the top QBs, which he probably doesn't like. In that instance, trade the 5th pick. Who actually gets screwed in this in Indy because if the Giants took a QB, that means Indy had an outside shot at Chubb. Now, they'll at best get the G or CB, which are both high for 6th in this draft.