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  1. Huge win and, yep, Philc, best win of season. Timmy was a monster. Plus, Timmy had this funny moment at the end of the game with the win secured
  2. Huge blow to Porter's future. Back surgery at 19 is no joke.
  3. This is cool. Frank taking in knowledge from Bruce Bowen before tonight's game. One thing though. Bowen was listed as 6'7" in his playing days, so either he shrunk or the listed 6'5" Ntilikina grew.
  4. Good order and breakdown. I voted Idzik and would flip him in your order with Hackenberg. Idzik has to be the top choice because he created a 2 year black hole in talent acquisition. It was as if the Jets were on a 2 year NCAA suspension and stripped of all their scholarships. Hackenberg is a major black-eye for Mack and it has infected his other decisions.
  5. Broncos make OC change.

    OC's are only as good as their starting QB (except if your Schitty, then you suck regardless). McCoy didn't have a chance in Denver with the QBs they chose.
  6. The 2017-2018 New York Rangers Thread

    Nice rebound by Rangers & Hank these last few weeks. After an absolutely dreadful start, they've climbed back to be only 3 points back in the division lead.
  7. Good analogy, but what saved Penny in the end was that he was willing to transform his game and come off the bench. We'll see if Rose can make that transition. It's the same in baseball with star pitchers who's game was predicated on throwing heat. The great ones survive because they adjust to the loss in velocity (Sabathia is a prime example). Others keep trying to be the same pitcher they were, and they soon are out of the majors.
  8. Awful blow for the Nets. Russell had his knee scoped and is out indefinitely. Also, it absolutely un-shocking news, Derrick Rose is out for 2 weeks.
  9. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    It's doubly remarkable because (1) 145 pitches in-and-of-itself is a lot of pitches and unheard of in today's game and (2) that Hawkins was extremely efficient in throwing only 145 pitches in 12 innings (that's only about 12 pitches per inning).
  10. I agree. Watch Knicks get blown out, but at least on paper, the Knicks are a bad matchup for Raptors because Raptors don't shoot a lot of 3s and 3 pt D is the Knicks Achilles' heel.