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  1. You do realize that tweet was a sarcastic response to a fan saying Darnold should be replaced, right?
  2. SMC

    2019 Yankees

    Right after Cashman foolishly failed to meet Keuchal's asking price, the starting pitching has fell apart on this road trip
  3. SMC

    2019 Yankees

    Absolutely. Again, it's just money. Luxury tax threshold has already been re-set. Yanks have needed starting pitching for a number of years and repeatedly Cashman has balked because of money. If money is such an issue, try to trade Stanton. They're fortunate to have Judge, Sanchez and Torres on cheap deals
  4. SMC

    2019 Yankees

    Frankly, big blunder by Cashman in not signing Keuchel. It only costs them money. Every other starter will cost assets. The rotation is a ticking time bomb and they're trying to win the WS. You don't go cheap on that. Really bad by Cashman and I hope it doesn't bite them later in the year.
  5. SMC

    2019 Yankees

    Yanks odds on favorite to sign Keuchel, which is a no-brainer. Yanks' rotation is 8th in MLB, but is hanging together by a string with so many health question marks. If they sign Keuchel, I don't think that takes them out of the running for making a trade for a front-line pitcher.
  6. Manish is a tool, but he does have a point. An interim GM should not be making structural changes to the FO staff. That should be up to the permanent GM that will be hired. This is like someone staying over your house for a weekend and calling in contractors to do renovations.
  7. SMC

    2019 Yankees

    What a remarkable season thus far. Boone deserves a lot of credit keeping them going through all the injuries and now the stars are carrying them again while more reinforcements are on the way. As an aside, is there a more perplexing star athlete in NY than Gary Sanchez? How could he be so good this year & prior to last year and so putrid last year?
  8. They should've just hired McCarthy in the first place
  9. McCarthy is still available for the head coaching position. Just sayin'
  10. Mangold is only 35 (still young enough for an OLineman), Given the Jets C situation, they should try to bring him back
  11. What are the odds of Gase resigning before the NFL opener?
  12. The irony is, it was believed that Macc didn't want McCarthy because he was concerned how it would impact his job, but Macc is getting shivved right out the gate. Jets should've hired McCarthy. There'd be less drama.
  13. This remains one of the biggest mysteries in sports. Many teams had Hack rated as an UDFA. What did the Jets scouts say? Did Macc overrule them or were they in agreement? If the latter, are those scouts still employed by the Jets? What was Macc's assessment? How could he have been so wrong? You cant get a pick so high so wrong and there be no consequences. Media hasn't dug hard enough on this.
  14. If Gase lets Macc off the hook, Macc will only get stronger, just like a superhero movie villain.
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