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  1. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    It really does seem like that for Gray. In this free-swinging era he should be dominating with his stuff. He's not a hard thrower but you don't need to be one today to win. Players can hit 99 mph. The off speed stuff is the killer.
  2. SMC

    What an awful trade for the raptors...

    Toronto had to make that trade because they're going to blow it up soon. Don't understand the criticism of Toronto. It was the Spurs who didn't get enough. DD is a classic regular season player and the 1st is top 20 protected. And Kawhi can't just sit out the season. He'll be fined everyday and lose all his salary.
  3. Knox and Robinson steamrolled the Princess & Matt, LOL Judging a prospect solely on collegiate production is asinine. It's all about pro translatable skills. These players are prospects and that's how teams analyse these players. Yes, Knox advanced college metrics weren't go, but that does not tell you whether he has pro translatable skills, which he clearly does. And, at 6'9" with a size 18 shoe he's likely to grow even more.
  4. SMC

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    I'm in And one of my favorite movies of all time
  5. Puzzling? LOL. You really only occasionally follow bball.
  6. SMC

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    There are few things truer in life than The Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle
  7. Leading up to the draft, my top 3 became Porter, Knox and Mikal Bridges. When Sexton got picked by Cavs I was immediately excited that Knicks would get Porter, then immediately terrified of his back. When Knox was selected I was relieved and happy. Mikal is the safer pick with a higher floor but Knox has a higher ceiling. He's also only 18 so there is time to grow.
  8. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Wang was a really good pitcher then and a sprained angle caused his career to spiral. Crazy.
  9. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I agree. I'd save those 2 in case Madison Bumgarner becomes available.
  10. Have to disagree with those in this thread about Belichick vs. Brady. Belickick isn't the golden goose, Brady is. Brady is why they won that last ring against the Falcons. He's the GOAT and Belichick without Brady is George Seifert with the Panthers. It gets so overlooked how much Brady bails out the team in games. The Patriots D benefots from opposing offenses being scared of always having to match Brady.
  11. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Mets can get blue chip prospects for deGrom, but they can't be stupid in this. He's 29 and an elbow strain away from his value tanking. Also, we have to be mindful of the other top pitching trades (BOS for Sales, CHC for Chapmen, CLE for Miller) and none of them involved 25 man roster players. Mets are not getting Torres or Andujar in any trade. They can get top position player prospects (which they desparately need) in Fraizer, Florial, etc.
  12. SMC

    2018 Mets thread

    I heard the stat last night and it blew me away--deGrom has pitched 16 games in which he gave up 1 ER and the Mets have lost the game. That's mind boggling. They need to revamp the scouting department on position players. It's such a catch 22, they don't have the offense to help this plus pitching staff, but don't have the minor leaguers to trade for help
  13. You don't need LBs when you play nickel all the time /jk
  14. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Big blow to the Yanks as Jordan Montgomery needs Tommy John surgery