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  1. Gruden won a SB because his idiot former OC didn't change the offensive play calls.
  2. This a 1000 times over. Mangini made the same mistake here. These guys are misguided to think that the "Belichick way" wins ball games. No it doesn't. Scheme and talent does. Colin Cowherd made a good point in a video posted in another thread. Belichick is a genius and geniuses make horrible mentors. Instead, mentees end up trying to mimic the genius rather than learning what makes that person great and how that greatness can translate into their own work. No amount of rules are going to make a team good.
  3. I'm in the camp of not taking a S at 6 and criticized the pick, but Darnold makes where Adams was drafted irrelevant. So long as Adams is good, it doesn't matter where he's picked with a franchise QB. Jets could draft a P in the 1st rounder next year if he's good and it wouldn't matter. It's all about accumulating complementary pieces to make Darnold's life easier. He has 3 such pieces on D at the 3 levels. He needs more on O.
  4. SMC

    No nick names

    No even, Sam I Am?
  5. This makes McDermott look incompetent. Why spend the whole preseason evaluating QBs, then give Peterman only 1 half of football to change your mind? Didn't you know he sucked? I do believe that Darnold's situation played a role. No, this isn't fan conceit. A sports commentator mentioned this. Seeing Darnold play would put pressure on other FOs to make their own 1st QB play. We'll see the same from the Browns and Cards in the coming weeks.
  6. SMC

    Are the Jets...

    You just described a 9-7 season and a 10-6 season
  7. SMC

    Darron Lee

    Lee finally realized he can take advantage of the fact that QBs can't see him because he's so small.
  8. SMC

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    I don't know who "Hilary" is. Besides, what does politics have do with you confusing Mowens, who broadcasts a completely different sport, with Doris Burke, one of the best broadcasters in all of sports? She also just received an award from the Pro Basketball HOF. As CTM said, Mowens sucks, because she sucks. It has nothing to do with being a women. Burke is great, Mowen stinks.
  9. SMC

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    This post is moronic and it isn't even Doris Burke. And, no, they don't sound alike. Mowens sucks, but Burke is great.
  10. SMC

    Khalil Mack

    Khalil Mack is ridiculous. But this shouldn't be about the Jets. The Jets were in no position to make that trade of 2 1st rounders. The Bears had already drafted their franchise QB & he had a year under his belt. The Jets are still a bad team. Mack on a bad team would just be wasting his talents. Ultimately, this should be about the Raiders. They were insane to trade him. They should've just paid him the money he wanted.
  11. The black looks awful and the Celtics black alts are hideous. Jets colors are green and white. They could change design, but should keep those colors. The problem is the crappy green hue the unis have now. They're flat, and dull and look like vomited peas. The color should be metallic green. Jets are made of metal. Let the green shimmer like the below:
  12. SMC

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    With Bird, it can't be viewed as simply a "slump." His rookie year could be a mirage. In his first 157 ABs, he batted .261, but in his next 406 ABs he's only batting .194. In hindsight, his rookie year wasn't that good. It just gave you the illusion that the best was yet to come. It hasn't and likely won't come. Judge has started swinging so he'll be back by the end of the year. Chapman is more worrisome because he dealt with the bad knee all year and then no longer could.
  13. It is a fascinating question. Russell sucked, but he met the basic competency level to start. Hackenberg is essentially the equivalent of a hockey player who can't skate.

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