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  1. Never trust anyone who misspells his own name
  2. This is not the first time this question has been asked on JN
  3. Workout Warriors should terrify every GM. That they're falling over themselves for Metcalf because of combine numbers is alarming. I'm not a "stay away" guy, but a team that drafts him in 1st has to do serious due diligence to justify it because no one teaches anymore in NFL to develop raw prospects.
  4. SMC

    Murray measurements

    Actually, an article explained that Murray, if drafted in top 10 will make more money upfront than he would by playing MLB. Murray got a $4.5m bonus from A's, but will make more than that guaranteed if he's drafted top 10. Plus, Murray would have to go through arbitration eligible years in MLB before he can get a big payday. Long term, Murray could make more money in MLB (longer careers), but for up-front money he'll make more in NFL as 1st rounder. So, no, giving up the bonus from the A's doesn't show "commitment" since he could be more financially awarded up-front in NFL
  5. SMC

    Kristaps Porzingas traded to Dallas Mavericks

    Knicks are awful
  6. SMC

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    First, that was a great tackle Second, glad it had a happy ending Third, not to get too legal, but if Pat the Patriot had been hurt, any lawsuit against Adams would have likely been dismissed. The mascot's injuries would have solely been for medical coverage and since the injury happened why the mascot was working, his injuries would've been covered by worker's compensation. Only when the cost of his injuries would be greater than worker's compensation coverage would the person causing the injury have to pay. That's essentially why football players can't sue each other for injuries suffered during a game.
  7. Why laugh? That would be a good hire for KC. Rex had his issue as HC, but he was a good DC. That's what he's made for.
  8. That's going to get lost in all this. How do you screw this up as a LB?
  9. Well, this is like an NFL Exorcism. Brady gets to play against the Rams whom he cheated out of a SB 17 yrs ago.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. They literally allowed GOAT to convert 3 straight 3rd & 10s to lose on their own homefield
  11. GOAT got the ball first in OT. Game over
  12. How do you line up offsides?
  13. Mahomes is still choking

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