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  1. Great game set up, DPR. Monday was 1 month since my father died from COVID19 and I'm grateful that I had the distraction of playing in a Pac & DPR game and modding my own after a long haitus. There was a 24 hour online vigil spanning yesterday and today called #NamingTheLost, where volunteers read the names of tens of thousands we've lost to COVID19, including my father's name, Americo Cordero. His name was read at the 1:22:30 mark in the first 6 hr segment:
  2. WHAT??? I'm not part of the Mafia team!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, he deflected the results to himself to get a false result on the real target.
  4. JiF is gone to Arkam, so I can't vote him
  5. Because I don't know if Crusher is scum
  6. To the contrary. Vote Arsis. You follow JiF straight to a scum victory. Masterful move by JiF to fake out scummates.
  7. Not necessarily. Do you believe that JiF would so easily out his scummates? Or do you think he would attempt misdirection to cause the town to vote for others in order to help his scummates win? Think of it. With 8 players, there are potentially 2 scummates left which makes it 6 +2. JiF causes two town lynches in a row, that makes it 4 +2 BUT, with 2 scum night kills, that ends it up being 2+2 in 2 days, for a scum win. JiF made a masterful play as scum to cause the scum to win. You follow his lead and town loses.

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