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  1. One of the best JN we had from an intellectual level was Doggin's Red Scare game. It was set in the 1950s and the town had to find hidden Commies. The kicker was that there was no scum, and the town won once they realized there was no scum. I'd love to do a game like that, but that seems like a one-time twist
  2. Don't bother inviting me back for another game, POS
  3. LOL, **** you all. Bye. I'm Marty Byrde, dipsh*ts. You accuse me of speed lynching but then speed lynch me. Thanks for inviting me to the game, BarryMod. But, again, **** you all. I'm out. Don't bother with the Dead Thread. Bunch of assholes
  4. No, I don't. It's premature for me to have reads this early, so I like to feel things out and count the numbers.
  5. Great game set up, DPR. Monday was 1 month since my father died from COVID19 and I'm grateful that I had the distraction of playing in a Pac & DPR game and modding my own after a long haitus. There was a 24 hour online vigil spanning yesterday and today called #NamingTheLost, where volunteers read the names of tens of thousands we've lost to COVID19, including my father's name, Americo Cordero. His name was read at the 1:22:30 mark in the first 6 hr segment:
  6. WHAT??? I'm not part of the Mafia team!!!!!!!!!!!!
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