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    Official Vote Count:

    Jvill 51 (6) - Drums, Stark, Arsis, Hess, 80, Nyn

    Smash (2) - Pac, JIF

    80 (1) - Barry

    Arsis (1) - Dice

    JIF (1) - AVM

    Drums (1) - Dandie

    With 17 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 9 to arrest 

    MOD NOTE:  I decided to do this as a pure substitution, so the vote count remains the same. Of course, you can now vote as you like

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  2. 2 minutes ago, CTM said:

    Hess is a simpleton, I expect such a reaction from him. You should know better, for instance I just discovered the Samsung family hub will not work well with my nest smart home. Now I'm looking at GE with a Keurig built in but I really kinda want that tablet thing as it looks like a cool toy. I'm waiting on pricing and availability for both and researching how the frick it's possible samsung and Google dont play together in 2020

    So all this research is to find a fridge that really isn't a fridge. Again, I wouldn't bother with all that useless gadgetry and simply get a top model fridge.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, CTM said:

    discovered my refrigerator is dead and have to deal with food, and probably pick a new fridge and figure out where to buy since it's almost 13 years old ..  I'm going to be mia for awhile ..

    PC Richards is saying they'll deliver appliances in 24 hours.  They deliver it to your doorstep but you have to bring it in the house and install.  They'll take away old fridge if left outside.  You and the misses can take care of that.

    BTW, my washer died the 1st week of quarantine and PC Richards sent a repairmen to fix, but it was 2 weeks later.

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  4. DAY 2 BEGINS …

    A new day has dawned in Tulsa and the TPD have been hard at work through the night searching desperately for the Seventh Kalvary.


    They interviewed people, roughed up a few to get information. The strangest one was that someone dressed up like the famed Hooded Justice went straight at a dude with a bevy of haymakers that would surely kill a man, but nothing happened. The would-be victim simply walked away into the shadows. Of course, this couldn’t be the real Hooded Justice, a founder of the first super hero team, The Minute Men, who disappeared decades ago. He’d be an old man by now. Perhaps this masked vigilante was inspired by hit documentary American Hero Story.

    The police got another tip of a dead body in a warehouse. Sister Night, Looking Glass and the other police officers went to take a look. Perhaps it was the individual who had been attacked by the Hooded Justice imposter.

    But as they approached, the police were filled with dread. They had already lost one of their colleagues, The Red Scare. It wasn’t one of their own, but someone working with them. He wore a giant old-time wrestler costume, which was now tossed about and a smaller man laid on the ground. 

    There were footsteps all around the dead body and as they followed them it appeared that the dead man had been walking after someone, looking for where his target was going, but that search was ended by a bullet to the head.

    The Crusher, Agent Petey (Town Watcher) is dead.



    With 17 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 9 to arrest


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