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  1. I wanted to make sure this has an unbeatable record in post count for a JN Mafia game.
  2. If I replaced you that's like LeBron being injured which would have meant a sure town loss
  3. I don't know the last time a previous game mod made it to endgame in the immediate next game. That takes great guile and stamina
  4. I was laughing to myself about your investigation choices. They were so bad they nearly got AJ lynched for it because no one would believe you would choose those. LOL
  5. I'm glad you didn't because it led to a perfect ending
  6. It was a win opportunity, not condition. If Pac and Arsis had holstered their kills, they couldve used it to win at endgame.
  7. BTW, I took heat from Dice in replacing him but it was difficult with the 12 hour difference & him being gone for multiple phases while the game approached critical mass. Looking Glass as the mirror was too an important role near endgame to be MIA. As such, for the sake of the game and the players I made the decision to replace him. It was the right move.
  8. JiF was the perfect Doctor Manhattan. There are many traits to use, but JiF zeroed in on his apathy, and it showed in the game. I'm surprised more players didn't realize early on he was Dr. M. I was really surprised at the 2d lynch. I thought the town would know for sure he was Dr. M after the first failed lynch. What would have been interesting is if you had been lynched earlier and saved yourself. How would that have impacted the town's treatment of JiF?
  9. Killing DPR N1 would have changed the course of the game. He had lost his vest. Wrinkle here that was important. Until DPR found JiF or died, JiF would not be visible to scum & 3P in their investigation. Instead, you would have received "Doctor Manhattan Search Failed" if you chose JiF before hand. To match the show, until Angela Abar takes out the inhibitor ring Cal Abar doesn't know he is Doctor Manhattan, but he is still impervious to damage.
  10. Absolutely. Smash was pivotal for the town win. But he had to die so that others could live
  11. A couple of things here on behind-the-scenes... 1st, I hope everyone gets chance to watch HBO's Watchmen. It's amazing. There is only going to be 1 season because the showrunner (who made Lost) doesn't think he can top it so he doesn't want to try and HBO doesn't want someone else to do it. 2nd, there was a lot of protections in the game because there was a lot of killing opportunity in the game 3rd, for set-up, there was 4 scum, 2 3rd party, 1 vig, 1 town free agent, and 12 townies. 3rd party had benefits and tradeoffs. To 3rd party benefit, they couldn't come up guilty on investigation. For that reason, I didn't give them a kill. The only kill would be an exchange with the vig, who would get a vest. The players with vests, or received a vest were DPR, Pac, 80, Arsis, and Smash (by trade). Those that could result in a kill were Seventh Kalvary, Trieu Industries 1-time, Smash as vig, JC via bomb, and Dice/Ape via deflection. Those that lost their vests were DPR, Arsis, 80, and Smash. Nyn prevented 3 kills, including the potential game winning kill. 4th, the Doctor Manhattan win opportunity was an expansion of what I used in my Wizard of Oz game a decade ago. Pac actually mentioned this in TI thread. This was a separate opportunity where both Seventh Kalvary and Trieu Industries can find Doctor Manhattan and kill him for an automatic win, no matter how many players were left. Think of this as the nuke in Call of Duty. All my games are created to last at least 4 day phases, so that is why I added the power transfer feature. I had to ensure that the game lasted that many days for player enjoyment.
  12. @Smashmouth, you definitely contributed to the town win with the JF80 lynch and the Barry kill. The issue was the endgame and the question of whether you would've killed Ape out of anger or killed the obvious 3rd party targets in Arsis and Pac. Also, because of your deal with Arsis, you had a blind-spot for him and likely wouldn't have killed Arsis. If you weren't the vig at that time (or if I made the role that your shots were used up), you making it to the end would have been beneficial. But, in endgame, against an opponent that doesn't have a kill, a vigilante is a detriment to the town. It's about the role that is the issue, not the player.
  13. @HessStation every game I do has minimal flavor and the scenes leave a lot of clues. That scene with the "alliance" and "backdoor deal" where TWO separate events. The alliance was Pac joining Arsis/Barry team. The backdoor deal was Smash and Arsis exchanging a kill and a vest.
  14. Sorry, @HessStation. I should have believed you, but that you didn't vote Arsis immediately the day of the Smash lynch was troublesome. I agree that the Smash lynch was necessary to remove the last remaining killer.
  15. That was Random.org's fault. I needed to have at least 1 VT. If there was going to be 20 players there would have been 2 VT regular police officers. It matched the mafia goon role. Too bad no one believed you. LOL
  16. I wrote the whole Doctor Manhattan death scene before I went to bed and concluded it with: GAME OVER!!! SEVENTH KALVARY WINS!!! THE WINNERS… Jetsfan80, Senator Joe Keene Jr. (Seventh Kalvary Leader, Night Killer, Scum Leader, 1 time kill-proof JVill, Jane Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Assistant Seeker) I was ready to post the scene the following morning. But then I saw your PM with the JiF protection and had to scramble to rewrite it. JiF didn't believe you were going to protect him either. But you were in the middle of a LeBron-esque performance
  17. Various QT Threads: SMC DT: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/dsVjyaK7gtPKn Seventh Kalvary: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/Giq9hAg4UfgKG Trieu Industries: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/kBhUwdzV25kcj
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