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  1. The 19 players are:

    1. Jetsfan80 - Senator Joe Keene Jr. (Seventh Kalvary Leader, 1 time kill-proof): Arrested D7

    2. A.J. - Pirate Jenny (Town Deputy Investigator): Dead N5 

    3. Jetscode1 - Red Scare (Town Bomb): Dead D1

    4. Barry McCockinner - Bian of Trieu Industries (Seeker): Dead N6

    5. Pac

    6. AVM - Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator): Dead N3

    7. HessStation

    8. Teh Bumble

    9. Arsis

    10. DPR - Sister Night/Angela Abar (Town Seeker, 1 time kill-proof): Dead D5

    11. JiF - Doctor Manhattan/Calvin Abar (Town King): Disappeared N6

    12. CTM - Captain Judd Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Seeker,1 time investigation avoidance): Arrested D4

    13. Dandie Andie Doodle - Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest): Arrested D3

    14. Drums - Tulsa Police Officer (Townie): Dead N7

    15. Nynaeve

    16. Stark  - Seventh Kalvary Soldier (Scum Goon): Arrested D2

    17. The Crusher - Agent Petey (Town Watcher): Killed N1

    18. Jvill 51 - Jane Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Assistant Seeker): Dead N7

    19. Smashmouth

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    She had already lost her husband and had victory snatched from her when that mysterious person destroyed the tachyon canon and prevented the Seventh Kalvary from stealing Doctor Manhattan’s powers.  Now, her leader was arrested and she was all alone. There was another enemy out there, but she couldn’t bother with them.  She had to kill to stay alive.

    She needed to target one of the TPD, the last of the leadership. She pulled out her nine millimetre and snuck up on the unsuspecting officer. She pulled the trigger. But the officer quickly spun around and the bullet reflected and struck her in the forehead, killing her instantly.

    JVill, Jane Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Assistant Seeker), is dead.



    Although the Seventh Kalvary has been vanquished, there still remains a threat to the Citizens of Tulsa.

    With 6 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 4 to arrest

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    It’s difficult being a regular cop for the Tulsa Police Department. They have to wear a mask to hide your identity and then they have to work with the real crazies, like Sister Night, Looking Glass, Pirate Jenny and Red Scare.  Only Looking Glass remains.


    They try to hold their beat and stay alive, searching for the last member of the Seventh Kalvary. This one regular cop was sure who the last Seventh Kalvary member was. Doctor Manhattan said his name. The officer would love to find him, but he wouldn’t get a chance.

    Hooded Justice grabbed the officer and beat him to a pulp, before disappearing into the shadows.

    Drums, Tulsa Police Officer (Townie) is Dead



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  4. Tulsa Police Department Headquarters…

    The members of the TPD and their allies made their way to the bleachers in the briefing room of the TPD Headquarters. There was a huge sigh of relief that they were even there to decide on who to arrest next. Because if it wasn’t for that guardian angel who stopped the Seventh Kalvary from stealing Doctor Manhattan’s powers, they’d all be dead.


    As he did the day before, Looking Glass stepped up to the podium. But before he could speak, Drums, wearing a Lion-O mask, yelled out, “Are we just going to ignore what JiF told us?”

    “No one listens to JiF,” Pac, in his Fonzi mask, said.

    “But he was Doctor Manhattan!” Drums said. “He knows, like, everything!”

    “He was?” Hess, wearing a Dolemite mask, asked. “Seriously?”

    “Pay attention!” Nyn, in her Buffy mask, said.

    “Don’t listen to Drums,” Smash, in his Al Swearengen mask, said. “He’s likely scum, but I know that 80 is scum. Arrest him!”

    JF80, wearing a timber wolf mask, looked around, confused. “Me? I’m a nobody. I’m not Seventh Kalvary.”

    The signatures piled up and, finally, Pac snatch the warrant to put the final signature.  He had, at last, done it. Been the last signature on a warrant. He had missed so many opportunities, but now he did it.

    Pac made sure there was none of that weird stuff the last two days. He held the warrant up to his face to make sure it didn’t disappear.  He saw JF80 and said, “You have the right to remain silent. You have the—”

    “Whatever,” JF80 said, "I give up."

    Jetsfan80, Senator Joe Keene Jr. (Seventh Kalvary Leader, 1 time kill-proof), has been arrested and sent to the county jail while awaiting trial.



    Remember, if no Night Action is desired, please PM me that.

    Once I have received all night action notifications I will open Day 8.

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