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  1. Official Vote Count: 80 (3) - Smash, JVill, Hess Drums (2) - Arsis, 80 JVill (2) - Drums, Pac With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  2. Official Vote Count: 80 (3) - Smash, JVill, Hess Drums (2) - Arsis, 80 JVill (1) - Drums With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  3. MOD NOTE: I saw that afterwards thanks to Deckerfan, Co-Mod Extraordinaire. Two reveals for day are used
  4. MOD NOTE: You really should read. Pac's reveal counted after DPR's death
  5. Official Vote Count: 80 (3) - Smash, JVill, Hess Drums (2) - Arsis, 80 JVill (1) - Drums With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  6. MOD NOTE: This statement by 80 constitutes a reveal. All reveals used up. I did not see this post before. No more reveals
  7. MOD NOTE: Because 80 neither revealed a character nor a role. I set a bright line in the rules for what constitutes a reveal so the players will have no question for what a reveal was.
  8. Official Vote Count: Drums (2) - Arsis, 80 80 (2) - Smash, JVill JVill (1) - Drums With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  9. Official Vote Count: Drums (2) - Arsis, 80 JVill (1) - Drums Arsis (1) - Jvill 80 (1) - Smash With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  10. MOD NOTE: Drums reveal is counted as the 1 used reveal
  11. MOD NOTE: That was not a role or character reveal, so it doesn't count.
  12. MOD NOTE: There is still one reveal remaining
  13. Official Vote Count: Drums (3) - Smash, Arsis, 80 JVill (1) - Drums Arsis (1) - Jvill With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  14. Official Vote Count: Drums (4) - Smash, Arsis, 80, Hess JVill (1) - Drums Arsis (1) - Jvill With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  15. MOD NOTE: One reveal used. One remaining for the day
  16. Official Vote Count: Drums (1) - Smash JVill (1) - Drums Arsis (1) - JVill With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  17. Official Vote Count: Drums (1) - Pac JVill (1) - Drums With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest
  18. The 19 players are: 1. Jetsfan80 2. A.J. - Pirate Jenny (Town Deputy Investigator): Dead N5 3. Jetscode1 - Red Scare (Town Bomb): Dead D1 4. Barry McCockinner - Bian of Trieu Industries (Seeker): Dead N6 5. Pac 6. AVM - Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator): Dead N3 7. HessStation 8. Dicetosser 9. Arsis 10. DPR - Sister Night/Angela Abar (Town Seeker, 1 time kill-proof): Dead D5 11. JiF - Doctor Manhattan/Calvin Abar (Town King): Disappeared N6 12. CTM - Captain Judd Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Seeker,1 time investigation avoidance): Arrested D4 13. Dandie Andie Doodle - Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest): Arrested D3 14. Drums 15. Nynaeve 16. Stark - Seventh Kalvary Soldier (Scum Goon): Arrested D2 17. The Crusher - Agent Petey (Town Watcher): Killed N1 18. Jvill 51 19. Smashmouth
  19. JON OSTERMAN For the first time, Doctor Manhattan felt exhausted. Exhausted by the insignificance of humanity. A live human body and a deceased human body have the same number of particles. Structurally there's no difference. Doctor Manhattan knew Jane Crawford was coming to kill him, but he did nothing to stop it. The Tulsa Police Department could have stopped it, but they didn’t. They were too caught up with their inane theories and deceived by Joe Keene, Jane Crawford, and the others. This was all meant to be. “We are all puppets,” he said to himself. “I'm just the puppet who can see the strings.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone took a shovel to the tachyon canon, smashing its gears. The blue light died and the room was cast in darkness. Doctor Manhattan stood up and gazed at his savior in disbelief. He knew his past, present, and future at all times and had seen his death at this moment, but did not see his salvation and the salvation of the City of Tulsa. The tachyon ray had blinded his foresight. He was pleasantly surprised and teleported away. JiF, Doctor Manhattan/Calvin Abar (Town King), has disappeared Day 7 Has Begun… With 9 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 5 to arrest Game continues as conventional mafia. The TPD and their allies must, by majority vote, arrest anyone they believe is an enemy of the City of Tulsa. They will be victorious when all the threats to the City are vanquished.
  20. TRUE GENIUS Bian was just a child, but she was an old soul. She was the clone of the genius Lady Trieu’s mother. But Bian looked at Lady Trieu as her own mother, and she’d do anything for Lady Trieu. As her mother commanded, Bian searched far and wide for Doctor Manhattan in order to fulfill her mother’s plan to steel his powers. Her mother had created a tachyon canyon to use on him, but they had to find him first. Finally, Doctor Manhattan had revealed himself and now Bian sought to confirm his identity. But before she could do that, Hooded Justice burst into Trieu Industries headquarters and beat Bian to a pulp. Barry McCockinner, Bian of Trieu Industries (Seeker) is dead. A horrified Lady Trieu ran to her fallen daughter and held her lifeless body in her arms. She cried for Bian because it was as if she had lost her mother again. As tears rolled down her eyes, her body jolted forward from the blow of a bullet. She wasn’t dead like her daughter because she wore protection beneath her dress. TO BE CONTINUED...
  21. JONATHAN OSTERMAN He was a real man, although it is hard to believe that now. He was an nuclear physicist and in love with fellow researcher, Janey Slater, until he was disintegrated in a botched experiment. But somehow he was reintegrated and took the name Doctor Manhattan. His relationship with Janey couldn’t last. The Greek myths have taught us that love between a god and a mortal was fleeting. Perhaps in an attempt to hold onto his humanity, he fell in love with Silk Spectre, Laurie Juspecyk, while teammates on The Watchmen. You knew that miracles by their definition are meaningless, only what can happen does happen. But love was a miracle, like turning air into gold. Then fellow teammate Ozymandias—Adrian Veidt—faked an alien invasion of New York City—killing millions—to trick nations into world peace. And Jon killed teammate Rorschach to keep it secret. But Jon was no longer Jon by now and he disappeared from earth. Then 10 years ago he returned to Earth and visited the U.S.’s 51st state, Vietnam. There he met police officer Angela Abar and, again, he fell in love. Not at that moment, but years later when she was trying to save him. Because Doctor Manhattan sees time—past, present, and future—simultaneously, that meant he always loved Angela, who became Sister Night. And he took the name Cal Abar. She was dead now, just like Laurie, but her death was at the hands of Adrian Veidt, the man who had killed millions. Adrian had always wanted Doctor Manhattan’s power, but he would not be able to get it now. Now, Doctor Manhattan will no longer fight it. He will not transfer his powers, because no one deserves it. He will let his power go to the Seventh Kalvary, who had created a tachyon canon from parts stolen from Trieu Industries to kill him and steal his powers. Lady Trieu and her daughter Bian were also looking for Doctor Manhattan, but they were too late. The Seventh Kalvary had found him first. He tried to warn the Tulsa Police about Joe Keene, Jr. and Jane Crawford, but no one listened. He warned them about Bian too, but that warning fell on death ears. TO BE CONTINUED…
  22. QUOTE FROM THE OPENING SCENE... Of greater peril, the Seventh Kavalry are aided by powerful people and have devised a devious plan of finding Doctor Manhattan, stealing his powers, and destroying the innocent people of Tulsa. If this happens, nothing will stand in their way to total domination. But the Seventh Kavalry are not alone in such a dastardly grab for unlimited power. TO BE CONTINUED...
  23. Tulsa Police Department Headquarters… The members of the TPD and their allies made their way to the bleachers in the briefing room of the TPD Headquarters. The mood was confusion, because they didn’t know what the hell was going on. They had caught two members of the Seventh Kalvary, but Special Agent Blake, Sister Night, and Pirate Jenny were dead. As he did the day before, Looking Glass stepped up to the podium. Before he could speak, Arsis, JF80, and Nyn shouted out, “Arrest, JiF! Arrest, JiF!, Arrest, JiF!” There wasn’t much discussion. There is a saying that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Six officers quickly signed the arrest warrant with Smash being the final signature. He snatched the warrant and strode over to JiF. JiF didn’t put up any resistance. He raised his wrists and said. “Cuff me.” “My pleasure,” Smash said. “And don’t think I’ve lost the arrest warrant. Because I have it right—” Smash wiped his hand up to show the warrant, but his hand was empty. Smash checked his pockets and couldn’t find the warrant. He scanned the floor looking for the arrest warrant, but it wasn’t there. “Damnit, where’s the warrant?” he asked. Everyone looked around, but the warrant was nowhere to be found. Smash stomped his foot and cursed to himself. He knew what that meant and walked away, dejected. There is no arrest today. SUBMIT NIGHT ACTIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Remember, if no Night Action is desired, please PM me that. Once I have received all night action notifications I will open Day 7
  24. Official Final Vote Count: JiF (6) - Arsis, 80, Nyn, Hess, Drums, Smash Arsis (1) - Jvill With 11 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 6 to arrest SCENE COMING...
  25. Official Vote Count: JiF (3) - Hess, Arsis, 80 With 11 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 6 to arrest
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