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  1. The 19 players are:

    1) Jetsfan80

    2) A.J.

    3) Jetscode1 - Red Scare (Town Bomb): Dead D1

    4) Barry McCockinner

    5) Pac

    6) AVM - Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator): Dead N3

    7) HessStation

    8) Dicetosser

    9) Arsis

    10) DPR

    11) JiF

    12) CTM

    13) Dandie Andie Doodle - Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest): Arrested D3

    14) Drums

    15) Nynaeve

    16) Stark  - Seventh Kalvary Soldier (Scum Goon): Arrested D2

    17) The Crusher - Agent Petey (Town Watcher): Killed N1

    18) Jvill 51

    19) Smashmouth

  2. DAY 4 BEGINS …

    A new day has dawned in Tulsa and the TPD have been hard at work through the night searching desperately for the Seventh Kalvary. They arrested one Seventh Kalvary member, but they needed more.


    They interviewed people, roughed up a few of them to get information. Sister Night, Looking Glass and the other police officers heard some interesting stories. They heard again about the Hooded Justice imposter. He caught a well-dressed man and beat him to a pulp and right when he was going to deliver the killing blow, the victim slipped out of his jacket and ran away. One person said that someone had been shot at, but that person jumped out of the way just in time. Both the shooter and the would-be victim ran off.

    There was another story, which was especially odd. It was of a diminutive person, man or woman, who had the same strength as the Hooded Justice imposter, and this tiny person pummeled a woman and left her body in an alley.

    The police went to the alley and they were shocked with what they found. No one liked her, she was an interloper, but she was their task force leader in this battle against the Seventh Kalvary. But she’s now gone.

    AVM, Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator), is dead


    With 14 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 8 to arrest

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    That wasn’t even her real name. Her last name was Juspeczyk, from her mother, the original Silk Spectre. She later learned that her teammate, The Comedian—Eddie Blake—who was also a government operative, was her father. They were members of the famed crimebusters The Watchmen, until costumed vigilantes were outlawed. Then fellow teammate Ozymandias—Adrian Veidt—faked an alien invasion of New York City—killing millions—to trick nations into world peace.

    She tried to continue with the crimebusting, but was caught by the FBI and given a choice. Join the FBI or go to prison. Laurie did the only sensible thing. She joined the FBI, and, not ironically, took her late father’s last name.

    She spent most of her time with the FBI tracking down costumed vigilantes. Then she was sent to Tulsa to help the locals fight a domestic terrorist group. What an insane assignment. What made it worse were the rumors that Doctor Manhattan was hiding in Tulsa. Whatever alias he had taken now, he would always be Jon to her—Jonathan Osterman. Yes, he was still a man. But she had no idea where he was.

    The search for the domestic terrorist group, the Seventh Kalvary, had proved costly. She already lost her partner Agent Petey. They caught one of the Seventh Kalvary, but there were more out there. And her investigations kept coming up empty.

    But she never thought her own life was in danger. The Seventh Kalvary wouldn’t dare kill an FBI agent. They’ve taken out Tulsa PD in the White Night, but they weren’t that bold. But were there other threats out there she should have been thinking of?


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  4. Tulsa Police Department Headquarters…

    The members of the TPD and their allies made their way to the bleachers in the briefing room of the TPD Headquarters. They were feeling good about themselves, having caught a Seventh Kalvary Goon in Stark the day before and there were no deaths during the night.


    Special Agent Laurie Blake went to the podium. “We can’t get cocky,” she said. We have a lot of work to do. There’s still Seventh Kalvary out there.  We have some suspects."

    “We should arrest CTM,” an officer shouted.

    CTM, in his Trey Anastasio mask, threw up his hands, “Not this sh*t again.”

    Another officer said, “Drums is Seventh Kalvary!”

    Drums, in his Lion-O mask, shook his head, “No way, I’m not one of them.”

    A hungover DPR again led the charge like he did the day before, “I’ll sign the warrant for Dandie!”

    The signatures happened in rapid fashion. Smash, in his Al Swearengen mask, was the seventh person to sign.

    Hess, in a Dolemite mask, was the eighth to sign, but immediately regretted it. “I don’t think I should have done that.”

    Dandie, with his monkey mask, knew he was toast, so he ran.

    “What the hell, man?” Hess said and chased after him, “You still are one signature shy! You might not get that last one because we all know that Pac is unreliable in doing the final signature.”

    Hess grabbed Dandie by the shoulder, but Dandie slipped out of his police uniform to reveal that he was wearing a silver spandex suit.

    “Eww, that’s nasty,” Nyn said, in her Buffy the Vampire Slayer mask.

    Dandie couldn’t get away. He was tackled by the officers at the doorway and given his Miranda warning.

    Dandie Andie Doodle, Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest), has been arrested and sent to the county jail while awaiting trial



    Remember, if no Night Action is desired, please PM me that.

    Once I have received all night action notifications I will open Day 4.

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