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  1. The "we" Favre was referring to was the Pats. He was saying what he thinks the Pat players are saying, that is, the Pat players are saying "we [as in the Pats] own the division." Sorry to burst the bubble, but I saw the interview 3 times. He was deferential to the Pats.
  2. No, not seriously. Jbro misheard. In his postgame press conference, Favre said the PATS own the division.
  3. 0-3 in the division is murder for the Bills. It will be extremely tough to make the playoffs because they just pissed away the division today.
  4. Now that Clemens is coming in, how many dropped passes will there be?
  5. The Jets should play the NFC West every week.
  6. Good to see Mangold out there. Great play by both Rhodes and Poteat.
  7. Even if Mangini benched Favre he was NOT going to bench Mangold. The starting OLine usually plays for most of the game because the HC would not want to get the backup QB killed with a backup OLine against the starting Defense.
  8. No, but it may be indicative of the defense going to sleep like it did against the Cards to start the half. It's irrelevant now since the Rams scored the FG. I think Clemens should play now.
  9. Bulger's out (for "shakeup" reasons likely), but that would mean that Favre is out as well IMO.
  10. GET THE MOTHER **** OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEELY 55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Damn, that ball came out of Favre's hands so fast I didn't know that Keller caught it.
  12. If they kick the FG here they'll be out of Feely's range.
  13. LOL Feely will be missing 25 yarders. Favre will be throwing pick 6s on perfect passes that bounce off receivers' hands. Jones will have a 2 yard per carry average.
  14. 46 yarder by Feely. This is complete bull****!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 49 yarder by Feeley is good?!!? WTF???
  16. It's just that I think, for all practical purposes, the Jets can win the division by beating the Pats on Thursday (last 2 division games are at the Meadowlands). That's a hug game. The Jets have the talent. Favre's INTs and Mangini/Mini-Schott's decision making is the main question in my book.
  17. Anthony Becht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Ask me that question again after Thursday's game. Legitness (love that word!) only applies if they beat the Pats on Thursday. (Note, I think the "team" is legit, I still wonder about Mangini--win Thursday and he'll be legit) 7-3 going against the Titans in Tennessee is a must IMO.
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