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  1. I agree with the notion that if Rhodes is in fact an elite status player, then the coach excuse shouldn't apply. Elite players are inherently elite, regardless of scheme. BUT, as written elsewhere so eloquently: Mangini and his staff are creative in their misuse of players. Mangini's claim that he's going to put his players in the post position to succeed was a falacy.
  2. Very true. Plus, in ultimate hindsight, maybe getting rid of Vilma was not a good idea. I've thinking for a while that with the defense the way they play now, Vilma and Harris would be a better tandem in dealing with the underneath stuff. For me, I don't see a glaring problem in the secondary because I don't see them getting torched like conventional bad secondaries do. There's no 30, 40, 50+ yard bombs sodomizing the secondary game in and game out. Instead, we see the slow torture. The opposing QBs accumulate a lot of yards, but with a lot of completitions. That from the underneath stuff. Correct that and things will be different. The thing is, we're fans. Mangini is getting paid millions to figure this out and he has failed to do so. That's alarming.
  3. And that all goes to scheme. So I agree that Rhodes has some culpability, the scheme is the biggest culprit in my mind. They need to alter the scheme and make timely adjustments.
  4. First, let go of the Chad comparisons. It's crazy to say, "if Chad was here and did that ..." Well, guess what? Chad has a 1:1 TD:INT ratio as a Jet since his 2nd shoulder surgery, so it's not like he was INT free. His Miami TD:INT ratio is better than what he had with the Jets post surgery. But it's still only 7 TDs (compared to Favre's 15). Second, Favre was bad. As DD mentioned, if he executed, things would have been better early (although I don't know about a blow out). Third, Mangini does not deserve a pass when the offensive game plan was bad to begin with. We can blame the players on bad plays, but when the plays they're running don't fit the situation or opponent, then that's a problem regardless of what the players do. Last, the Jets won, thank the football gods. I just hope (fleeting hope, unfortunately) that Mangini finally ****ing realizes that his game plans have not been the best. I fear that he thinks that he's put together great gameplans, but his players have failed to execute. It can't be forgotten that the Jets faced 2 of the worse rush defenses the last 2 weeks and the Jets were pass happy in those 2 games.
  5. I agree to a certain extent, but I believe the scheme is the biggest culprit. The underneath stuff seems open all day. That has led to the opponents' big 3rd down conversions. Is that Rhodes' fault? Is that the CBs fault? I used to think it was solely the LBs fault on the open on the underneath stuff, but it had to be more to them simply not being there. I can't really remember any missed tackles or the safety failing to help. It may happen, but its not glaring. It's either the LBs aren't there or the DBs are a step behind. That may go back to scheme or it could go to technique. Either way, that goes back to coaching.
  6. Fin fans are very amusing. It's also the height of hilarity for them to be defending Chad now when they wanted him cut after week 2 and criticized him to no end when he was a Jets QB.
  7. Yeah, because the Jets were sweating it till the end.
  8. And Mangini in his postgame press conference said that was the reason they didn't run more. But you have to wonder, against such a horrible run defense, is Baker and Bubba being out that much of a factor?
  9. You know what that means right? The Jets offensive game plan for the game will be to run the ball and try some deep passes.
  10. That's my fear as well. I would think that 4-12 after his first season would be a wakeup call. Herm had 2 good seasons in a row plus a playoff victory under his belt before he thought his method was a success. It just troubles me that Mangini thinks Belichick's methods are the reason Belichick is successful and all you have to do is copy those methods and be successful.
  11. Excellent point and that's the best thing about 4-3. The Jets don't have to "turn it around" just to get in playoff contention, they already are despite playing crappy. Right now, there are only 7 teams in the AFC with winning records and while the Titans are 6-0, the second best record is 5-2 (1 game better than the Jets).
  12. I think the problem is a dumb call or two dumb calls that's the issue on these drives in question. A perfect example is at the end of the 1st half. Chiefs are 3-10 with 1:30 left after Leon's TD. Sutton calls that silly "confused" defense play and the Chiefs run for the 1st down and more. That led to the tying TD. The Jets have the chance to get the ball back with 3 TOs and are already up 14-7. Play a normal nickle or dime package there and they get stopped.
  13. This is a passage from Canizzarro's article today: It's apparent to me that Mini-Schott and Mangini don't have a clue right now. I hope they find one for the rest of the season.
  14. There in lies the problem. Mini-Schott thinks he is making the defense guess, but they know exactly what's going to happen. That was one of the big things that pissed me off about the pick 6. 3rd & 2 and Favre is in the shotgun/spread. The defense knows what's coming. If Favre was under center the Chiefs would have had to play for run and the pass.
  15. Fins fans are hilarious. Their team hasn't won a title for nearly as long as the Jets and they squandered having one of the greatest QBs of all time for his entire career and they always seem to crow and the pittance of success.
  16. I noticed that about Favre as well. I think he was also shellshocked about the pick 6 because it was such an easy play. Stuckey over the middle for 4 yards on a timing pattern, no biggie. Just to guess, on his 2 other INTs, I bet he thought there was a chance at an INT but thought the risk was worth it. On this one, I bet he thought there was no way it could get picked.
  17. Damn, you said it better than I could. It's like being back at school. You didn't study for an exam and got a B. You're at a crossroads, do you study hard for the next one so you can get an A or be satisfied with slacking and getting a B?
  18. Singletary can do that since he has the ring and bust in Canton. But I have to agree that he went overboard in his treatment of Davis. Bench him, but causing a scene on the sideline and sending him to the showers does nothing to win over a disfunctional team. Singletary is an interim HC. Unless the players get fired up quick and start winning games, he won't get the interim taken off and find a real HC job. That said, Mangini needs to show emotion because the automoton nonsense doesn't work.
  19. And to add, would people rather be the 3-4 Jags (2-1 div., 3-4 conf.) or 3-5 Chargers (1-1 div. 3-3 conf.) rather than the Jets 4-3 (1-1 div. 3-3 conf.)?
  20. My "perspective" is this. The Jets have played poorly for much of this season and are still 4-3. That's a positive for me. Because, honestly, I would not want the Jets to be 2-5 and have been playing "well" and just gotten tough breaks. If the Jets improve their play and how they gameplan/coach the game, then they should be able to have a winning season, rather than simply squeek out 9-7 record.
  21. Exactly! I think Herm had a chance, early on, to develop into a good HC. His early success ruined him and gave him a false sense that his "method" works. So rather than trying to improve as a HC he became set in his ways. Herm has been burned in the past for just what happened yesterday but he still does it.
  22. He might be hitting the pain killers again after all the pounding he's taken in these 3 weeks. But seriously, the Jets played 3 bad teams in a row and those teams have knocked the **** out of Favre in those games. That was obviously the game plan. I don't think Favre is physically and mentally right at the moment.
  23. After their first 39 games as HCs, this is Mangini and Herm's record: Mangini: 18-21 (.461), 0-1 postseason Herm: 21-18 (.538), 1-2 postseason Just sayin'
  24. Lucky for the Jets, they were not playing some other coach in the league. The Jets are one of the poorer coached teams in the NFL. Sad, but true.
  25. Excellent point. That was at the end of the second half after Leon's TD run. The Jets had the chance to get the ball back with 1:30 and 3 TOs. That was just another example of Herm's staff outcoaching the Jets' staff. And, for the critics, Jason Whitlock agrees 100% with my point which started this thread (there's another thread on this): http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64502
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