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  1. The problem is, not so much the # of formations, though I would like to see a few more, but rather, that the formation basically dictates the play that's coming. I sat there and was able to guess run or pass with near flawless accuracy today.

    I figure I have slightly more football knowledge than Herm, but he must know something to be able to figure that out.

    That was my point as well, although I inartfully stated it.

    The formations they use reveals what play they're going to use, which is not a good thing.

  2. Honestly from the Jets perspective this is the most concerning thing. I've seen highlights of the noodle arm, most of his TD's were on wide open throws that I can make (like the TD today)

    Henning and Sparano are totally confusing opposing defenses right now and Chad is reaping the benefits..

    on edit: And Mike you know I think Chad is an Ok starting QB so while this reads as a diss of Chad, it isn't meant to be. The main point is that Henne is likely to start next year, but Sparano will still be there potentially making trouble for us.

    Sparano and his staff are maximizing talent, Mangini and his are not.

  3. It's really a disaster, as soon as the ball leaves his hands, it looks like a mistake so often.

    I don't know what it is... because whether or not he 'knows' the offense, he should 'know the colors' and not throw the ball right at the team in red and white, which is exactly what happened.

    Hopefully they have a good film session about this.

  4. The lack of formation variety-play call has been a concern for me as well. It gives the defense an advantage.

    I don't mind having so few formations, but I wished they called more, different plays from these formations. Heck, if I remember correctly, the SB champion Cowboys had only 2 formations, but they called a variety of different plays out of them.

    Favre has been here long enough to do that.

  5. These are all personal attacks and I expect them to be dealt with appropriately. I'm serious, my wittle feelings are hurt and the Jets even won today. Also, what kind of moronic superstitious feeble minded children believe something like whoever starts a game thread has an influence on the outcome of the game. You people need to grow the **** up and get laid. Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad.

    Alive for another weekend to start unofficial official game threads and hold the fate of the Jets fandom in his hands via the bad karma of starting the unofficial official game thread.

  6. No worries. I'm sure you'll straighten up and root right from here on out.

    It's not just the Chiefs. That mess last week makes it worse. A pattern has developed. Winning ugly is okay, but add it to the Raiders loss and it magifies the problems. They had room for error against both the teams. Against the Raiders they used it all up and then some and against the Chiefs they tried pretty hard to give it away, but had just enough. Against better teams they won't be able to overcome so many mistakes.

    I agree with the overall sentiment, but there is so many different variables that go into winning or losing a football game that we can't look at what the Jets did against the Raiders and Chiefs and automatically predict what they would do against better teams.

    The Jets are playing a better team next week and they can very well win that game. Mini-Schott may devise a better game plan, Favre may make better decisions, and the Pass defense may use better technique.

  7. Agreed..

    Our two biggest issues on this team are

    Favre & Pass defense

    Atleast one of them needs to get fixed real soon..


    The three biggest issues on the team are:

    Favre, Pass defense, and offensive game plan

    The last 2 weeks, the offensive game plan has been poor. Mini-Schott is doing a poor job in game awareness. He nearly got Favre killed to open up against the Raiders when he failed to adjust to the Raider's counter of using the blitz against the spread, then he uses no playaction at all. Today, it was the pass heavy approach and the spread on 3& short.

    Luckilly, these 3 things are correctible in my book.

  8. On Leon, luck (for the Jets) does play a part.

    If Jones was in instead of Leon at the end of the 2nd, it would probably been a 30 yard run and no TD.

    On the flipside, if Leon had been in instead of Jones on Jones 2 long runs against the Raiders, Leon would have had 2 TDs which would have resulted in a Jets victory.

    You can never predict when the Jets Oline is going to open up the Red Sea, you just hope Leon is the RB on those occassions because he's the only one on the team who can take it to the house on that play.

  9. The last INT was awful.

    But it wasn't even Favre's worst throw or worst decision. On a third and one in the third quarter, Favre threw deep to Cotchery in double coverage when had he looked to his left, he would have seen Jones release wide open into the flat with 30 yards of daylight in front of him.

    Most of the blame for today's performance is on Favre, not the coaching staff.


  10. I haven't seen this discussed elsewhere, but the best of Herm (keeping a bad team competitive) was undermined by the worst of Herm (ultra conservative play calling in key spots).

    The plays in question was the Chiefs 2nd to last drive. The Jets just punted and the Chiefs had the lead and the chance to ice the game.

    What did Herm do? Three telegraphed runs. That's vintage Herm.

    If Herm wasn't Herm, the Jets would never have gotten the ball back in all likelihood.

  11. there is no such thing as a bad win

    Agree 100%

    Plus, I thought it was great that after the team was deflated with 5 minutes left after the Pick 6, the team came back, got 3-and-out and Favre led a game winning TD drive. I can't remember the last time the Jets did that.

    Plus, thank the football gods for Herm. On the Chief's 2nd to last drive, did anyone expect them to do anything but 3 straight runs?

    Herm is always conservative. That was the chance to win the game for them, but Herm used his patented play-not-to-lose approach.

  12. Oh, and to add, if with all their issues, the Jets are still in better shape right now that the Chargers and Jags who many of the professional prognosticators claimed were SB contenders.

  13. Maybe, but at their current pace they should be 9-7 or 10-6. Yet somehow the sky is still falling. I can believe 11-10 wins, but the 8-10 win improvement some people were predicting on here was a bit much. It was like Jets versions of DW10

    The Jets were 2-3 in 1998 and ended up 12-4. Anything is possible.

    The Jets didn't commit to $140 million this offseason and trade for Favre to be 9-7 or 10-6. The FO dreamed big and I bet they still think they can.

    The players have to play better and the coaches have to coach better here on out because the players have not done a good enough job and neither has the coaches. Luckilly, they are 4-3.

    Even with that, guess what? The Jets play the 5-2 division winner next week and with a victory, the Jets and Bills will be tied. The division is still in a toss up mode.

  14. Oh please. Go back and read all the posts before Week 1. 95% of all fans on this site (including myself) were expecting 10-12 wins with a big playoff run.

    It's called coping mechanism and revisionist history.

    A lot of people thought this team was going to be 10-6 to 12-4, but now that they've strugged in recent weeks, some of them come up with revisionist excuses based on what happened last year.

  15. Think we can trade a 40 year old Favre for a 32 year old Pennington?

    Uhm, no.

    Do people realize that Chad Pennington took the majority of snaps in 64 games in a Jets uniform. The Jets record in those games? 32 wins and 32 loses.

    It's staggering how a player who got paid more money than any Jet in franchise history and rewarded the team with 1 full healthy season and just as many wins as loses could remain entrenched in fans' minds.

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