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  1. Uhm, no. Do people realize that Chad Pennington took the majority of snaps in 64 games in a Jets uniform. The Jets record in those games? 32 wins and 32 loses. It's staggering how a player who got paid more money than any Jet in franchise history and rewarded the team with 1 full healthy season and just as many wins as loses could remain entrenched in fans' minds.
  2. SMC

    A W is a W..

    Sorry, but I thought the first quoted post of yours was referring to Jet fan's attitude since Night Stalker wrote that the Chiefs was a team that the Jets should have easily defeated. Obviously, whether Night Stalker underestimated the Chiefs is irrelevant.
  3. Chad was the old girlfriend in high school that you thought was kinda cute, but then gained 50 lbs between the ages of 18 and 22, but you still, for some crazy reason, thought she was cute.
  4. SMC

    A W is a W..

    I agree that Favre should have thrown it to Jones in the flat on that play.
  5. SMC

    A W is a W..

    If it was, why was the WR double covered? It obviously wasn't the last thing the Chiefs D was expecting.
  6. SMC

    A W is a W..

    Who's ventining? I was just commenting on your claim that a fan's outlook or attitude has some tangental affect on the outcome of a game.
  7. SMC

    A W is a W..

    FYI, a fan's attitude does not affect whether his or her favorite team wins. Unless, of course, it affects the space-time continuum where everything has to be in a set order for events to proceed. For instance, if you had gone to the bathroom during the last Jet drive, they wouldn't have scored the game winning TD. By staying on the couch, you kept the space-time continuum on the course of a Jet victory.
  8. Why are people writing about Chad? Let it go people. Chad is gone and is on the 3-4 Fins.
  9. SMC

    A W is a W..

    A win is definitely the most important. Favre made big mistakes today, but would still upsets me is that Mini-Schott has no game sense. It's ridiculous that Mini-Schott called so many spread offense/shotgun on 3rd & short. Even Dierdorf questioned it. Plus, the 3rd & 1 bomb was idiotic. You do that on 2nd down, not 3rd. Especially after the Chiefs just finished marching down the field.
  10. Of course a missed FG changes things when Mini Schott played for a FG on that drive.
  11. Of course, Mangini is going to make brilliant halftime adjustments ... Oh wait ...
  12. Thigpen is outplaying Favre. Herman Edwards is outcoaching Mangini. Unfreakinbelievable.
  13. This morning, I believed that the Jets had the worst coached team in the division. I was wrong. They have the worst coached team in the AFC.
  14. This team is a joke. What the **** was Sutton calling on this drive?
  15. No. Unless you know who left you negative rep. Annonymous negative rep is BS.
  16. I voted Michael Myers, although my true favorite is not listed: the Alien from the original Alien.
  17. There is no way I would have paid to see Zombie do Halloween. That movie is the Gone With the Wind of horror flics. Makes no sense to do a remake (and I saw Zombie's flick) and it still didn't make sense to do a remake. The Friday the 13th series was cheesy fun so a remake may actually improve the films. From what I've read, this film is not a remake of the 1st film, but is actually a combined remake of all the first 3 films roled into a single movie. It's cool to see Jason not plodding around, but, instead, moving with fierce quickness.
  18. Horrible story. God bless to JH & the rest of her family.
  19. LOL. I still have the full Voltron robot from when I was a kid. It's in a box in my parent's house (I kept it in great condition). When my son gets older (15) I'll present to to him: "Here son, this is your legacy."
  20. Plus, you really have to wonder about the mindset of Gargamel. He's a ****in' grown man and he's wasting all his time trying to take out rodent sized blue people? WTF
  21. It would, but they'd never get it right. They'd try to bring Voltron to Earth which is idiotic. If they sticked with the original story as a foundation, it would be fantastic. It should be space explores crashlanding on the planet Argos overrun by an evil king. The only way to liberate the people is to find the ancient lion robots hidden throughout the planet, reunited them and form Voltron--Defender of the Universe!!!
  22. That's an insane faux-trailor. That's an amazing job. EDIT: I take it back. The ******* can't spell. And the tag lines are cheesy. But still, the initial emotion was utter coolness.
  23. Smizzy says Night crew because there is no Morning Crew thread. If it was, your 4 AM post would fit there. The reason why it fits in the LNC thread is that 4 AM is closer "night" (night ends at 3:59 AM) than "day" which starts at 8 AM.
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