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  1. Still isn't solved????

    Originally Posted by New York Mick viewpost.gif

    When I post at 4am should it be in here or in the late nite thread? Just wondering, it's all getting hard to figure out.

    ???? Now what?????

    2:59 AM is the lastest time a "late nite thread" post can be posted and be considered "late night."

  2. Yes. I do think there's kind of a gray area from 2:01-2:59 because 'two [something]' still sounds okay even though 'two' doesn't.

    True, beause "2:30 at Night" sounds okay.

    So the true cuttoff would be 3 AM because "3 at Night" and "3:30 at Night" doesn't sound right.

  3. Thank you, a brief moment of interwebz genius. Hopefully this will help my "rep" lol.

    Hate to break it to ya, Vicious, but it's likely all down hill from here.

    I know the feeling. Once I thoroughly embarrassed Cooler King in his Anti-Favre thread, I knew my impactful days at the other place were numbered.

  4. I don't know that there's a generally accepted cutoff, but I think it's probably around three. Four is definitely too late because at that point you can cause legitimate confusion between AM and PM by saying 'four at night.'

    "4 at Night" does sound idiotic.

    I think 2 AM is the cutoff.

    You can say, "1:59 at Night" and it will sound okay, but "2 at Night" sounds odd.

  5. Unless she's naked (which increases the odds for a wake-up hump), sleep on the couch. It's not worth the struggle to miss out on much needed Zzz's.

    Gotta disagree with that. If he's going to do that, he might as well kick her out and send her on the way home because she's going to read both situations as being the same, that is REJECTION.

    If this is a 1 and done deal, then he can go the couch route or even the door route. But if he wants to see her again, then suck it up, and share the bed with her because she obvious craves faux-intimacy.

  6. Ohhhh so that's what you guys had always been referring to, thanks for the explanation. So which 9 of you played, other than ragu, you, SMC?

    And why did the game stop, let me guess locked?

    CTM explained it, but it's a perfect offseason game because it's really time consuming.

    1 game lasted 2 weeks. The reason it takes so long is with 17 players and the only way the townies can communicate is in the game thread, all the players act out their thought processes in the thread. That's how 1000 posts happen in the game thread.

    It really can't be played during the season because of the need for active participation by players in order for it to be entertaining.

  7. It's ok, you must not be Italian and/or live in NJ/NY, that's all.

    I'm not Italian, but I do live in NY.

    The thing is, I love all Italian food except lasagna. Seriously, I've gone to Italian restuarants and I've told others to pick something from the entre list and I'll eat it and like it (which I do), except for lasagna.

  8. So much hate given out from a man who receives so much love.

    It never gets old making fun of the chubby-lovin JiF gets, but it's not that bad.

    When I was a teenager I had it worse. Rather than fat girls in love with me, it was either pre-pubescent girls or old women (senior citizen age). I **** you not.

    So my options were either (1) end up in jail, or (2) bengay.

  9. If it doesn't mimic Belicheat exactly it doesn't win the football games


    This "Single White Coach" routine by Mangini of Belichick is sickening right now. You have to first and foremost win freakin' football games.

    What Mangini is doing right now is as if CTM said, "I have the exact same paints Di Vinci used and the same exact board he painted on, now I can paint the Mona Lisa!!!"

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