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  1. That is truly great to hear and we can all hope to achieve what you have. But you bring up the "k" word, which is the game changer. That is "kids." Fatherhood is the greatest thing in the world for me. I've never had a better time in my life. Marriage without kids? That's a different story. What makes marriage life enjoyable/bareable is my son. You, Max, have trippled the pleasure (I want 3 as well, but my wife has had a hard time with just 1). I simply know (and am honest with myself) that if I didn't have my son I wouldn't be married right now. So to EY, marriage life is great so long as you have kids.
  2. Winning football games is the easiest way to end the drama. G.O.B. refers to the 2007-2008 time period. What is the Jets record in that span? 7-15 (.318 winning percentage). If the Jets become a winning football team again the drama will become irrelevant.
  3. It could be worse, you could be Greg Buttle. That idiot Buttle bet Ray Lucas on SNY that he'd shave his head if Gholston didn't lead the team in sacks this year.
  4. Who else in that draft had the same size/strength/speed/quickness that Gholston posseses plus his resume at Ohio State? If you don't think he was a unique talent in that draft, I don't know what to say. People can complain about being a workout warrior, or lack of desire, etc. You're the first person I've seen question his talent.
  5. I don't think stretching the field is a problem with the WRs in order to justify spending the 6th overall on a WR. A team can find the "stretch the field" ability at WR in any round. A team uses the 6th overall on a unique talent for that draft, something Jackson isn't. Gholson is a unique talent for that draft. So is DMC.
  6. Although I'm an AL fan and like the Rays Cinderella story, I'm rooting for the Phils because of the city of brotherly love. They haven't won a title there in any sport in over 2 decades. That's crazy. TB has already won a recent title with the Bucs, and Florida has had championships with the Heat and Marlins. Let Philadelphia finally celebrate.
  7. There has to be an important reason why he was put on earth with that talent, but I don't know for what yet.
  8. Great to see you here doggin! It would be cool for you to start some Mafia games here during the offseason.
  9. If you study Spider-Woman's face, there is no way she could look out of that mask with the way the "spider eyes" are situated.
  10. Now you've charged me with a mission. I have to write a post under some topic where the transformer smiley would be appropriate. I know JoeWilly tried, but now I must do it. I'm up for the challenge. By the way, my 20 yr old niece-in-law had a deep discussion after we watched the Transformers movie together where she suggested that every movie should have a transformer in it. Thus, we proceeded to talk for some time about what would be the perfect scene for when the transformer would pop up in certain movies.
  11. I love that he has the NWA/WCW championship belt on.
  12. That get's overlooked. Gholston is big time behind the learning curve. I don't think, at this point in time, any definitive statements can be made about a non-problem child highly drafted rookie. Great to see ya', bit!
  13. I got to admit, I like the transformer smiley.
  14. That's some crazy ****. If the bird, you know, could have reasoned things out, I bet his final moments would have been something like: BIRD: "Man, who put this big spider web in here?" [struggles a bit]. "**** this, I can get out of this, I'm a bird for chrissake." [Looks up] "Holy **** that's a big mother****in' spider." [spider slowly descends on a strand of web toward the bird] "Back off man! I'm a ****in bird, mother****er. Back off! Ahhhhhhh" [as spider sticks his fangs into the bird's skull]"
  15. In all honesty, Vicious, you call her your "wife" and are insanely happy (from your end) because she is not your real wife. Why do you think she's talking about wedding plans? You could have 6 kids with her and she'd still not act like a "wife" as I described until you are married. Once you're married, the woman you are insanely happy with and adore will disapear forever. Just an FYI.
  16. +1 Also, forget about the no BJs, be prepared sex twice a year. I'm looking to get the third in before the holidays.
  17. I understand the Baker falling down was big and stuff like that happens (although I fault Baker somewhat for shuffling his feet because he should have been stationary with Favre moving out of the pocket). BUT I do have to criticize the coaching on that play, but for one limited reason: play personnel decision. It should have been Keller rather than Baker on that route. Not saying that Keller would not have fallen there (although he may have remained stationary there, we'd never know), but it would have had a greater "big play" potential with Keller because Baker had daylight to the endzone there. Baker is not agile enough or quick enough to score there, but Keller is and would have. What did they use a 1st rounder on Keller and not use him in that situation?
  18. Yep, but thank the football gods for the extra cap space. With all that is happening, it seems that the prefix "mis" needs to be added to the word management in the term "Jets Management"
  19. LOL. That's an excellent way to describe it.
  20. I really hate "system" HCs. They get early success and think their "system" works, while completely disregarding the multiple of variables as to why they were successful in the first place. Coaches like to recreate what they had in the past and it hardly ever works. It's not just in the NFL, it's also in the NBA (not so much in the NHL & MLB). Mike D'Antoni is trying to recreate the Suns although they don't have the players. That's idiotic. That's why I think in both the NFL & NBA, Pat Riley was top 3 best "coaches" I ever saw because he changed as a coach based on the talent he had.
  21. Whatever happened to Mangenius, right? It's crazy. His whole thing was to be better prepared, more daring, and smarter than Herm and after 3 years, he's proved that he's not. Sad, very sad.
  22. True. The neglect is having no plan to replace the studs that were leaving. When it happens in 2 places and the 1 common denominator is Herm, Herm's culpability is hard to ignore.
  23. The irony is that after the draft, KC was getting high praise for their haul (I too thought they did a good job), but the thing is, with drafts like that, it is using the NEXT HC and GM that reaps the benefit because the HC and GM that select them usually get fired with the growing pains.
  24. Peterson is like a 100 years old, you really think Herm has as much pull on him? The Chiefs OLine was on the precipice of disaster BEFORE Herm got there if I'm not mistaken. Remember, before Herm signed, they were going to lose 2 stud OLinemen. That changed everything. That said, I don't think Herm is blameless, just that I don't think he has the pull with the GM that you guys think he does.
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