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  1. I understand the concern about Gholston being a workout warrior, but he did have the resume to back it up. It wasn't like DRob who became the 4th overall strictly by what he did at the Combine. My order was Long, DMC, Gholston. Long has not looked good either.
  2. Yep. The thing is, there's no "character issues" with these 2 which would raise major red flags. So they'll have time to develop without them sabotaging their own careers.
  3. I was a Gholston fan going into the draft and still am. It's early in my book to pass judgment and it may very well be that he is being misused. But the thing is, we have to start questioning whether Mangini is misusing a lot of players. Does anyone think Favre is being used properly? Or how about Keller? Or how about Leon? Heck, why is Eric Smith on the field so he can be a step late on every pass play in his vacinity?
  4. Interesting debate and I tend to lean in favor of the argument that Herm neglects an OLine, BUT, I think that was more Bradway's doing than Herm's. I don't think Herm had much imput on player retention or selection with the Jets. Heck, he couldn't even get the godfather of his son to sign with the team. That said, I think Herm is a buffoon who had a chance to be a good HC but let his early success with Parcell's players make him believe his methods were successful method. But besides that, the guy has hardly ever had a freakin' healthy QB. It's striking how nearly every year his backup sees significant time.
  5. Have to agree with that. Heck, Alabama would have been a better place for a surgery with their hospitals. New York too. Infections are no joke. Still wild that Kellen Winslow got a staff infection in his balls.
  6. That's very true. When you're married, you don't need to "learn" to hate the one you live with because the hate comes naturally. Working through the hate is the big thing. The problem lies, amongst other things, with how a man and a woman enter marriage with completely different mindsets. The man enters marriage hoping that the woman he's marrying is the same person she was on their wedding day. The woman, however, hopes that the man she's marrying becomes the man she dreams of marring rather than the man she's actually marrying on their wedding day. I got married 6 years ago. I'm a little wiser, more even tempered, but, essentially, I'm the same exact man I was on my wedding day. My wife, on the other hand, is nothing like the woman I married 6 years ago. That's just the way things are.
  7. Man, you really have a thing for Penny Flame. How tall is she, by the way?
  8. And, let me add: Mangini & his coaching staff has been together for 3 years. Pretty unheard of for the Jets to be together that long without coordinator or HC change. They are 17-22. Mangini has not proved that he is a competent HC and time is running out. Mangini was hired purely on potential because his resume was so meager. But there's really no potential left and he has to actually produce.
  9. You make good points, MM. My main issue with the coaching staff's game plan is at the beginning and end of game offensively. The beginning of the game with the spread offense looked gimicky (1 run 10 passes) and netted meager yards. So unless the staff wanted to increase Favre's completion percentage it was a woeful plan. Plus, it nearly got Favre killed because Mini-Schott was slow to react to Ryan's counter by blitzing. For the end of the game, the coaching staff is at fault for not using playaction to take advantage of the Raiders aggressiveness and use of 8 men in the box. That's not the players' fault or Favre's fault. That was Mangini and Mini-Schott's fault. The coaching staff had no answer for what the Raiders were doing defensively in OT. In fact, on the game winning drive, the Raiders used playaction to gain a big play. The Raiders took advantage of the Jets aggressiveness, but the Jets did not do the same. Who's fault is that? Again, the game is tied for OT so any turnovers, bad play calling, mistakes, etc. are a wash. So the coaching staff had a chance to give their team the best chance at victory and Mangini & co. failed miserably.
  10. Every time I scroll quickly down the page and pass goldemdomer2290's name, I see the word "goldmember"
  11. So are all the abductees time traveling?
  12. Honestly, He-Man wasn't really gay to me, but Prince Adam surely was. I just wished that they had done a cartoon like the mini-comic books that came with the He-Man figures. Now that was a cool story. Skeletor controlled Eternia with 1 half the sword of power, He-man was just a regular barbarian who stumbled upon Castle Greyskull and the witch gave him the armor and the other half of the sword of power so he could fight Skeletor and liberate Eternia.
  13. Vicious' signature looks better on this site, I don't know why.
  14. Am I the only one wondering why this flamer has a Spy Kids poster?
  15. That's not saying much. Prince Adam was more masculine than Lion-o.
  16. No, she wouldn't look better as a brunette (but the actress on ER would). Cheetara is the ****!!!! I'm impressed that you remembered!
  17. Too bad he's a matador on key passing downs though.
  18. He should be pissed. It's hard to believe that Favre would stay on the phone for 90 minutes, let alone with Millen and the Lions inept coaching staff. Heck, if he wanted to talk to an inept coaching staff, all he has to do is walk down the hall.
  19. Keeping the glasses on? That is definately inappropriate.
  20. Watching that video with a british narrator makes it either seem more important or more like a Monty Python movie.
  21. She is definately hot. She plays a nurse on ER (with blonde hair, but she looks way better as a brunette).
  22. Excellent point, JMJ. Sutton had been getting killed the last 2 years although he was handicapped by having 3 of his most important defensive positions being manned by players illsuited for the role (NT, MLB & OLB). The defense is playing well (when they put the effort) and the offense is playing by themselves without any care about what the defense is doing. Finally, Mangini and Mini-Schott are getting the heat. I was happy with yesterday's Daily News backpage: "Wake Up, Man!" about Mangini.
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