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  1. Exactly. I'm wondering throughout the last 2 games, "Is Mini-Schott paying attention to what the defense is doing?" OT is a perfect example. The Raiders are overpursuing the run, have 8 men in the box, and the Jets run it 8 of 14 snaps in OT and not once calling a play action. I can't remember the last time I was so angry at a play call after Jones was stuffed for a 2 yard loss on the Jets final drive. Raiders were hell bent on stopping the run on that play and any OC with a rudimentary sense of what the defense was doing would have called a playaction pass. Under those circumstances, I wouldn't have been surprised if Favre (even with a supposedly weakened arm) would have thrown a long TD to Cotchery like he did against Miami. So, excellent observation, EY. It simply seems like the OC is not paying attention to what the defense is doing. Thus, ultimately, it may have been just words when Mangini in his initial press conference that he was going to maximize his team's strengths and maximize the opponent's weaknesses.
  2. I say "Yes." And I still think they could do it this year. They just need to cut down on mistakes and have Mangini design a good game plan AND make good decision in the game. Because, right now, Mangini is Herm Edwards without the motivational speaking and the barbeque sauce.
  3. What bothered the heck out of me was in yesterday's paper Mangini was quoted as saying he was happy with the offense's approach in overtime. It is one thing to be emotionless (the idea is that you don't want people to panic so the HC is the steadying influence), but there is another thing to have a disconnect to reality. What's troubling is that this is not the first time we've seen this. We saw this with the personnel front and how they mismanaged going into 2007 with Vilma & DRob and then had to sell low on both players this past offseason. Mangini misjudged the talent on the team last year and Mangini seems to have misjudged what his team can and cannot do this year. We have the idiot Cimini writing today that Favre's arm may be hurting for the reason why the Jets didn't challenge the defense in OT with them showing 8 in the box. Heck, why don't question whether it was simply bad coaching. Favre's arm could be falling off, but he could still playaction. Not once did they do that in OT. The Jets Achilles' heal is their coaching. Their coaching has lost 2 games for the players this year. Let's hope that doesn't happen again PLUS let's hope the coaching staff actually wins a game for them this year.
  4. The thing is, we can lament the state of the Jets (still 3-3 with a chance at the division), but look at what has happened to the Cowboys in relation to expectation. They were considered to be the best team in the NFC to start the season, and now they are in crisis mode every week. They've lost their QB, this is a bad locker room (according to reports) and the defense and offense are not playing up to their abilities. Who would have thought before the season that after 7 games, the Boys would be in worse shape than the Jets?
  5. SMC


    Of course not. Great new avatar, by the way.
  6. True, that is the downside. I like the sock in the mouth idea, though.
  7. Damn, I was thinking the same thing. Velma is the choice. Plus, when you're finished and building up energy for the next round, she'll be able to carry on a good conversation.
  8. SMC

    i am sorry

    Thanks! The pic is old (he was 1 yrs old then now he's 3), but I've gotten so used to it I don't want to change it. This is how he looks now:
  9. Who would have been a more interesting lay, Daphne or Velma?
  10. SMC

    i am sorry

    You're great GG, and I love the avatar.
  11. Yes, I'm a dumbass for not realizing you were "the" Bill Parcells poster. I always wondered what happened to you. I'm here and staying. Everyone I conversed with on JI on a regular basis is here now (except for Rutgers), so there's no reason to go back. I wasn't banned or forced to leave. Just left for personal reasons and followed my cyber-friends here.
  12. The purge of the Pats fans was kinda cool. Unfortunately for the Jets, they failed to purge their resident Pats fan, Eric Mangini, the embetted Patriot.
  13. If MACPAC is avoiding drama, you know its DRAMA.
  14. It still trips me out that Kanye is only 5'7".
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    Of course not. Great to see him here.
  16. SMC


    Inappropriate? No?!!?
  17. Great video, thanks for posting it. It is fascinating not only the stories of the sightings, but the fact that the British government catalogued and archived the reports.
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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